The “Divide”

Renown intellect Deepak Chopra recently made a short video broadcast on the internet. He spoke of the basis of existence is not existence, but the awareness of it. Awareness of existence gives birth to perceptions, and senses that manifest the reality of space, and time – the makeup of the universe as we know it.

Existence, and the awareness of it operate as one, but with a “divide” that has on one side a representation of a mind with definitive form, and the other without. In the analysis of what said, existence is a reflection of awareness which is orchestrated from the basis of potentiality to all possibilities of perception to support the definition of existence that is initially intended. This is arguably the foundation to our being. “Descendants” of Abraham would not concur. They believe in the entity of God as the source of life. A Taoist will have you convinced when thoughts are put in reverse, senses carrying all information will return to a point of origin known as emptiness, or nothing. That is to say, from nothing we came, to nothing we return. From dust we came, to dust we return. It’s all in the interpretation. Despite the differences in views and beliefs, there is one thing all can agree with, and that is the basis of existence began in a virtual realm.

If the basis of existence is awareness, where lies the basis of awareness? Are we intellectually capable enough to go further? If we can’t, do we submit our search to rest solely on acceptance, or faith in ‘there is no God, but Allah’, or without reservation in accepting “nothingness” as the point of origin of thought? Unlike the concept of awareness or God, nothingness supposedly carry no intention, no motivation, no ego and so no reason, nor excuse to bring itself into existence. Cradling from possibly a ‘divine’ inspiration, nothingness (as the word implies) has no motive. And, if words could describe it would likely be adulterated, and misinterpreted as no words made by man could describe the spirit of God. The “divide” has placed us in that position of intellectual limitation, unless the two (2) minds coalesced.

To start from nothing is to suggest the possibility of life’s chapters will one day conclude. Words will be erased from the pages of every book ever written on existence. All will cease to exist. This is hard to decipher, simply because contrary to the purpose, life’s construction is dressed up with stories to provide it support. Story that is constructed by conscience with intention to distil awareness of memories. Meaning to say, awareness, and existence correspond with one another to give each other purpose. Even though the posit of nothingness has its credit, but it’s hard to put a finger on as its implication alone lacks substance to support the argument on the fundamentals of existence that we still grapple to understand. So, nothingness is a paradox which is meant to be conceivably incomprehensible¿

I love to watch the superhero movies that Marvel produces. The storey is compelling with well written script. Super villain, Thanos in the ‘Avengers’ franchise halved the living population of the universe by snapping his fingers with six (6) infinity stones secured on a custom made gauntlet. The stones are a symbolic representation of the source of existence that materialized in once upon a time. Ancient Chinese martial arts too spoke, and taught of five basic (5) elements. By combining the five (5) elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water will bring harmony as opposed to the destructive outcome of the infinity stones of space, reality, time, mind, power and soul. Even if half of life in the universe vaporized by Thanos, the awareness of relationships that once existed is still connected tarrying in the minds of the living. Nothing is forgotten.

Coming to terms with what I had encountered three (3) years ago (which I wrote about last 14 articles ago, “Prayer – A Personal Experience, and Account”) that it’s clear, wisdom lies in acceptance. In our limitation, humbly calls to that compromise. Jolted by the dark, as well as the light, I am guided to embrace the representation of existence. Embracing is not about condoning to the deed of the bad, or even the good. It’s not about the power of human choices, nor about the destruction of bad, nor construction of good to brew self righteousness, and condescension. It’s not about conformity to the prerequisite of life’s status. It’s about accepting the balance of what was, is, then, and not to challenge it. In the state where the soul meets the eye, there is no distinction between what we think is correct, or incorrect. However, to exist means right given to serve the need of awareness, and provide answers to its cause. But, the right is not ours to reject.

Possibly Jesus’s final words of wisdom delivered to mankind, “resist not evil” is about embracing existence, and not to reject. It’s a validation to the wisdom of love for all things which is synonymous to Buddha’s walk the middle path to appreciate the balance in which existence offers. To be aware of existence means living constantly in every moment of its development validated by new births. This is what I am bringing home. It’s the presence state of mind in complete acceptance of the pursuit of awareness which gives birth to life’s context, and meaning.

Again, to exist is testament of the right given by awareness to attend to its need, and that Yahweh, God or Allah is awareness expressing itself. Deepak’s view on awareness is referencing the eternal soul that is not a subject to time, nor space. Essentially, we are beings with timeless souls – time travellers if you like. In that sense, all can agree that awareness is key to the manifestation of existence, and its perpetual development. It’s also recognised as the source of intelligence provoked by an awakening to unravel the enigma of awareness, and its reflection that run along the “divide”.


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