A Jesus Story

I had a dream of myself having a light conversation with Jesus while walking on an easy going Sunday morning. Off the top of my head I swiftly suggested that we go fishing, but Jesus declined because he had a duty in attending a mass to grace his followers with blessing to forgive them for their sins.

“Why remove their sins?”, I asked curiously.

“So that they will be consciously free from guilt, and ready to embrace heaven”, Jesus firmly replied.

“I mean, aren’t we all supposed to have sin for us to work on in the search to know ourselves?”, I reasoned

“By excising sins you are depriving the people of the experience they needed from their journey of life. Such an act is intervening in the design of divinity that concluded its fate prematurely. Will heaven not be loitering with unskilled, lazy, and complacent souls? Master, kindly enlighten me on where would be the evidence of this wisdom?”, I expounded.

Momentarily Jesus looked sharply right at me, took a deep breath, lifted his shoulders, then bolted. “The hell with them. Let’s go fishing!”, Jesus called out.

Those who still struggle in reconciling with the conscience, just you know Jesus went fishing.

Monocle of Life’s Anecdote

A friend once said to me that we are all prisoners of this world. I didn’t fully agree with him at that time, but I now think he isn’t wrong. Jesus, Buddha or even Ghandi are inmates who were giving their best shot in rolling the dice to get us out of jail free. All we need to do is repent. It’s that simple, but don’t leave the sincerity behind. Respected, revered and even regarded as heroes to many, preachers of the free got themselves shot, probably poisoned and hung on the cross for the cause they fervently believed in, and championed. That’s how it is if we want to be a hero, we need to be dramatic. Heroes die from death so tragic that their dramas are planted in our minds, repeated even for them to be remembered for a long, long time. The pain, and distance heroes endured in order to convince us of the pathway to a reality free from the gravity of our sins speaks plainly of their intention in the betterment of mankind is genuinely sincere. Somehow, we played along to the righteous tune, but only pretending to accept that this prison world isn’t paradise. Strangely, there is still doubt even with the sacrifices our heroes made for us.

And so, stuck in this planetary gravitation that literally glued us to the floor we immersed ourselves in its natural glory of multi-colored trees, vegetation, vast blue oceans, artistic skies and snowy mountains. Caressing the surfaces of our skin with the wind, rain, and warmth of the Sun to tease our senses. Surely, a paradise where the sway of temptation is uncontrollably irresistible. But never mind, the prison warden reveals pretenders are heading to the gallows when death frames paradise into a memory, and the lingering silence is finally broken to bear the doubt of the illusion.

Transcending Forgiveness

Pope Francis made a speech on “forgiveness” sometime in December, 2020. Append below is the content of his speech followed by a commentary.

The desire to forgive is a fundamental feature of our being in seeking reparation once trust is broken. What exactly are we hoping to repair? Guilt.

Guilt is not something that can be fixed as easily as replacing a flat tyre with a spare of a car. Shakespeare scripted in MacBeth to illustrate life is never a one sided affair when guilt plays in the shadow for which without forgiveness dismisses life as short, and unrewarding.

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” – W. Shakespeare

Guilt has the characteristic property of being obscure emerging from secretly breaking our faith in God. In all practices of goodness, forgiveness is believed to reveal guilt from the shadow, and restore life’s aspect to its meaning.

Family, Place of Forgiveness by Pope Francisco

  1. There is no perfect family.
  1. We do not have perfect parents, you are not perfect yourself. We do not marry a perfect person or we do not have perfect children.
  1. We have complaints from each other. We can not live together without offending one another.
  1. We are constantly disappointed. Yes, for so many reasons at different times we are disappointed by one another.
  1. There is no healthy marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the medicine of family joy, and happiness.
  1. Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival. No matter the offence, or who is the offender. Without forgiveness, the family becomes an arena of conflict, and a fortress of evil.
  1. Without forgiveness, the family becomes sick, and unhealthy.
  1. Forgiveness is the asepsis of the soul, the purification of the spirit and the liberation of the heart. No sin is too big to be forgiven. He who does not forgive does not have peace in his soul  and can not have communion with God.
  1. Unforgiving is Evil and a poison that intoxicates and kills the one who refuses to forgive.
  1. Keeping the heartache of unforgiving in your heart is a self-destructive gesture. It’s autophagy.
  1. Those who do not forgive are physically, emotionally and spiritually ill. And they will suffer in two ways.

For this reason, the family must be a place of life and not a place of death; a place of forgiveness, a place of paradise and not a place of hell; A healing territory and not a disease; an internship of forgiveness and not guilt. Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow has brought sadness; of healing where sorrow has caused disease.

A family is a place of support and not of gossip and slander of one another. It must be a place of welcome not a place of rejection. Shame to those who plant evil about others. We are family and not enemies.

When anyone is going through a challenge all they need is support.


The Pope appeals to exercise our God given wisdom not to judge our offender that caused our pain, and expect no favors from the offender to undo the hurt. In resentment is the absence of broader thinking, and understanding that would invalidate the belief in God as the omniscient, and architect of our lives.

“But should you look upon your fellow man and see a blemish, it is your own imperfection that your are encountering – you are being shown what it is that you must correct within yourself” – Baal Shem Tov

Sin is personal. It’s meant to be managed by one who owns it. The crucifixion of Jesus draws two essential acts of true intentions. First is the mortal suffering that witnessed a broken man struggling to carry his cross. Christians interpret this as a self sacrifice of unconditional compassion to annul sins of the many who ridiculed him, even Judas the betrayer. The act of suffering is a demonstration of compassion giving a second chance for the blind to see the error of their ways. Second is the refusal that witnessed Jesus decline Joseph of Arithmathea who wanted to help carry his cross. Here, Jesus clearly stood by his principle playing the hand of God in revealing his faith that cannot be exchanged in favor of a broken man. Hence forth, the crucifixion of Jesus witnessed a transition taking the form of a man to eternal spirit.

“Carry your own cross” is an aphorism spoken as a barometer to measure our hypocrisy in managing our ignorance. Pledging God as a proponent to our life’s equation is like tying God to us, and offender with a rope. The association with our offender is not a coincidence. It’s an arrangement. If God is believed to be our life orchestrator, then having resentment directed at our offender means cutting that rope between God, and us. That makes us hypocrites. Hypocrisy is not a simple lie. It’s made from layer upon layer of lies. Its prevalence plots the downfall of mankind. Therefore, defending the probity of our belief in God as our redeemer is essential to spiritual growth. Jesus didn’t circumvent the ordeal that would otherwise confound, and compromised his spiritual relationship with God. Jesus averted hypocrisy by making no excuses, and walked the talk to make certain nothing can be taken from this contextual stand point of his crucifixion other than the unyielding belief to redemption.

The spoken “forgiveness” by the Pontiff transcends when we understand, and accept the crosses we, and our offender both carry are sins of the same guilt. So, when we berate our offender, be sure to reflect the same thought upon ourselves with God in mind. We might be surprised to discover a similar trait in ourselves. Realising the cause and effect, we draw from humility to pardon ourselves. Humility is a personal quality made with God. The Pope also pointed out that the communion with God will be a struggle without a forgiving heart. Here, I’d like to think Heaven is a concept house with its inviting warmth rated by our capacity to forgive. The change that we want to bring to the world as the way Jesus did, starts with the person in the mirror.

Living with Opposites

“Presence has no requirements. When we’re rooted in Presence, we’re no longer swayed by the changing circumstances of our lives” – Eckhart Tolle

Here is a statement made by Eckhart that I’ve picked up on Twitter. One must be careful on picking Eckhart’s brain especially when inserting own thoughts. What I am about to write in reference to Eckhart’s quote is based solely on my personal observation as well as opinions that are not intended to influence anyone who thought otherwise. “Presence” described by Eckhart is not referring to any kind of physical domain, or place rather a specific quality in awareness. “Presence” is a “point of return” where thoughts of the future, and past are retracted to a vantage point making emotional afflictions easy to pass off as an “observation”. On this plane, we don’t intervene with our thoughts.

Managing thoughts to validate a personal conviction will involve a flurry of exchange in duality. A single thought cannot serve its meaning without another to question it, as ego cannot realise itself without its opposing alter ego. Duality has long been studied since its postulation by the mythical Greek god of Hermes Trismegistus over 3,000 years ago, revealing life’s feature as a confluence of various opposing forms, qualities and opinions.

Duality is a feature of our existence, but an attribute to our lives. Our individuality is built either on battles of opinions with others, or ourselves (voices in our head) in order to fulfil a conviction. This is evident from my observation positing the assumption that our existence is fabricated from an incidental clash of conscience. Much like the theory of “Big Bang” conceived by Professor Stephen Hawking, or the making of Eve a complete opposite in attribute to Adam so both could bask themselves in each other’s glory. Was there a break up in the cosmic singularity? Did God wake up with a headache, or a nightmare?

So, we stand witness to our own existence with the inherited quality spawned from the effect of a dichotomous reality, but meant to be forged in union. We are in every sense a reflection of the character that creation took in making itself, a mirror image of our creator’s disruptive disposition. Disruptive doesn’t necessarily mean destructive although it can be. Disruptive paves the way for new, or untested ideas to keep the principle of “being” relevant by preserving its continuity. “Being” is a “state of preference” which is always in the flow contrary to “existence” that has already taken form. “…we’re no longer swayed by the changing circumstances of our lives” is recognising the dichotomy that we battle with in which without it we won’t know the difference not to be swayed. “Presence” is the continuum where life is orchestrated at will as the subject precedes over object. So, here I state;

“The presence is a flow of continuity which has no outcome that you can imagine”

“Outcome” in “Presence” is meant to be a process without punctuation. You are correct to think that your current representation in the physical state, and affairs is the product of past choices. Life has a way of giving out that impression especially with the first. In “Presence”, product, or life’s circumstance is transforming in every heartbeat initiating the measurement of time.

Continuity is simply a flow. Whether your contradictions are motivated outwardly, or a personal one, the experience resembles the game of “tug of war” where two opposing teams locked on a pulling match tugging on a rope to force either side to cross over the centre line to garner a win. “Tugging” back, and forth is a process of self-reflection that braces our spiritual confidence. In actuality, we are tugging onto hope. The game sets you up nicely into a cycle of start, stop, start, stop. In every interval, you’d pause to reflect on the outcome. To be in “Presence” the rope must be dropped only because a handshake is due.

If duality holds true to our existential feature and functionality, then awareness traverses between the “point of arrival” and a “point of departure”. If awareness can find its way to the seat of a vantage point it also can unsit itself from it which brings the opposing notion of the “Big Crunch” to attention. Conceived by Professor Hawking himself, “Big Crunch” is a possibility in countering the “Big Bang”. But, I doubt the “Big Crunch” would happen in the fashion thought by Hawking. The reason that draws me away from the “Crunch” notion is in the timing. Not time, but timing. “Big Bang” is a synchronised phenomena in contrast to the Biblical story where God made a man first then came a woman, was not synchronicity much less made the world in seven days. Then, Man conveniently named each day Monday to Sunday. Did God know about numbers before Man? I am beginning to suspect that the Bible isn’t a collation of holy scripts written in the “word of God’. It was written by men who thought they knew God. No matter, words are secondary to the spirit of God, the essence in which the Bible cradles.

I am guessing that the “Crunch” is already happening as it did by simultaneous response to the “Bang”. The synchronicity sets time in motion timing every expression of life into existence. The Devil exists to recognise God, and evil to define His goodness. Without duality, we can’t possibly know our place. All this time we are the eyes of creation. It’s about time we look back by being in “Presence” to watch God at rest.

The Contract

“God is created by humans for the practice of devotion”, commented Sadhguru. 

“In India, there were 300 million Gods when the population was 300 million. When invaders arrived, the Indians became shy of creating new gods”

“When everyone is allowed to have their own gods, there is no war. When everyone is behind only one or two gods, people do silly things in the name of their gods” – Sadhguru

Worshipping one God, or many of any gods, the faiths share the same principle in embracing divinity. God has little to do with the construct of our faith which we take to question attempting to find reasons to defend our actions. Huh? Don’t worry, further clarification will surface in the round up of this write up. Onwardly, I am addressing humanity’s psychological construct with its self-afflicting nature. 

Sadhguru alluded to the culture of multiple gods worshipping that encouraged a positive state of affairs. Men who fought in wars to defend religious beliefs laid down their righteous virtues to contest (ie. the holier-than-thou approach). It’s not the objects of god that stood between men and war, it was the contract that they upheld with their virtual protector. The underlying cause for bloodshed was men on both sides of the divide cheated, and broke their own covenant of faith in which they believed was divine. The irony of pledging their faith to God, then backtracked to challenge  its legitimacy is the wavering stance of human feature. Grievance befalls upon men for their misdeeds to which most part of evil treads in the hypocrisy.

We could be forgiven for letting God go from one hand, but the other which held onto the contract would not be as forgiving. Dishonoring the contract of faith has wrath poised on attacking our fragile being. When we choose to think God is not watching, we violate the bond by cheating on our faith that we value with our trust. By a curious twist of fate, our contradictions are a detriment to the conscience which witnessed the desecration of the contract of faith.

Sadhguru reveals mens’ fascination with religious rituals as a profession of faith is in fact a recognition of love’s existence which some equate to God. Devotion is to be mindful of love’s existence, and by existing alone is self-serving. Love needs to be engaged into process to ignite the spirit of the living god within. Whether, or not you believe in God, or His existence is of no consequence because you who questioned it have spoken.

Flawless Flak – Episode 2: The Pebble Awakens

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” – Confucius (孔子, Kǒngzǐ)

…I have not quite finished writing the last article yet. Oddly, I find myself in need to regurgitate more. Not doing any justice to the pebble, I am compelled to give a more balanced view between the diamond, and pebble as neither can deny the other. What can I say, Confucius had more in mind than it seemed. The single keyword in his short phrase is “flaw” which subsequently differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary by which points the way to guide mankind to better prepare them self. To state “flaw”, is to recognise that everyone has one. To know it, is the awareness playing. To recognise flaw, and the desire to make amend is proof to the requisite of awareness as a gift to mankind.

Awareness by itself is not enough if there is anything to gain from. You need to exploit awareness by coupling with the desire, and action to effect change. The change will expose the flaw to see the ‘diamond’ in you. Or, would you rather choose to turn a blind eye, and not act, and remain ordinary like a ‘pebble’ amongst the infinitely many? To be aware of flaw is the first step in realizing that your worth is more than the ordinary, and that stupidity of the pebble is your motivator.

If you believe fundamentally that we are an entity of two (2) halves (ie. spirit, and physical), then it can only be true that destiny cannot be fulfilled by spiritual will alone. The physical part of you must act on the will to effect the change intended. “It takes two to tango”, taking awareness by the hand, and dance to the tune of your desire to realise it. No action means no life experience. No experience means no relationship with existence. No relationship means no life story. No story means no validation of your existence. Thus, like a pebble lying on the bottom of the river bed amongst the infinitely many with no future, no destiny.

Neale Donald Walsch said in his recent tweet, “You will return to Heaven whether you have loved God in the right way or not. There is no place else to go”. And I tweeted, “We better not return empty handed”.

Character flaws are deceptions. They are not the primary target to the cause of our “crusade”. Deceptions are undefeatable as they will survive under the perpetual protection of pride. Pride is the main target, and enemy within that we must defeat. Confucius saw that by mentioning the flawless pebble which makes the reference to man who sees himself too perfect to realise that he is only a “pebble”. Blinded by the shroud of pride. Infact, the pebble, and diamond are the same entity wherein the quality they each hold is separated only by ego.

The diamond is the wake of a convergence that unveils the expanse of awareness when existence looks back upon you as you are doing the same to have a better view of it from lowering the pride window. How little Confucius had say about something that has so much lingering meaning. He must have woken up from an epiphany. Yet, not devoid from a subtle conundrum hidden between the words is the inevitable role of pride. The unsaid is for man to contemplate in his search for answers. After two (2) long, and a rather exhausting write-up, I’ve come to this;

“Do the bidding of your spirit without pride protecting the deception of your flaw”

“Don’t allow emotion to stray. Nurture it with love to prevent build up, and invasion of character flaw. Without flaw to deceive you, cyclical mistakes will end, and heaven’s gate will open unto you”

“The distance between you, and God is a separation measured only by ego”

Flawless Flak

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” – Confucius (孔子, Kǒngzǐ)

Knowing a character flaw is in realising the afflictive nature thus causing us to hobble our way with the pain to progress. The emotional injury slows the process of a healthy engagement with existence in which we naturally desire. Indicative to the fact by acknowledging a trait that is flawed is a positive response to move closer to finding a way that will take us forward to embracing our existence with opened arms.

Equally important is that we stay consistent with our character, and remain true to ourselves. We can’t make the changes we desire to ourselves when we are not ready for it. When we are not prepared, and be ready for change, we are bound to face a head wind of resistance. In contradicting self is a form of deception which deceives not only ourselves, but others as well. Standing by who we are not, makes us a selfish hypocrite. Isn’t it better to freely coexist with the worthy flaw, rather to hide it as a lie to be unworthy instead? Flaw is a package deal. With, or without it is a matter of acceptance that makes it unique. After all, who can claim perfection, and free of any wrong doings.

The approach by teaching alone to alter a character habit is unlikely to be effective. “Brain washing” invites doubt. Like all organic forms, sustainable transformation is a process which involves nurturing. It needs the stewardship of meticulous guidance to sow the desired values into the mind. Like students need a guru, and children need parents. A positive transformation takes place with voluntary exchanges where understanding meets acceptance through witnessing the revelation in life’s events. We often asked about the purpose of life. Well, there it is. To seek the revelation, to raise awareness, to draw closer to oneness.

Today, we bear witness to the pillar of integrity of the Catholic Church shaken by sex scandals involving nuns, alter boys and paedophilic cardinals. I hope it stops there. Trouble was coming when scandals of children sexually abused by parishioners appeared on the news. Double trouble arrived when the Vatican knew, but covered them up. Realising the cover up is an act of transgression as well as an unfolding revelation, the Church finds itself reaching out for wisdom in the Lord’s prayer.

Despite the self inflicted predicament, and mounting pressure from the media in spreading the ‘dark’ unspoken secrets within the walls of the Vatican, the Church will survive the tumult. Trust will be restored, as well as the integrity that was once the institution’s center of excellence. Through the stewardship, the pontiff is mending the past errors. Standing by his loyalty to all Christians providing security, and confidence is the quality of stewardship. Unlike leadership which emphasizes rigidly on image. As the Church opens up to reveal their “perfect imperfection” (even John wrote a love song to appreciate life flaws), it will be mending their ways to draw the institution closer to the devotion that was once noble. Lest forget, the virtue of the Catholic Church cradles in the effort of an emperor uniting his people without a bible in hand, but by capturing the spirit in the stewardship of Christ. Unity is the acceptance of differences inspired by the pervading spirit to return into the common fold.

Fundamentally, lies keep people apart, and truth will bring them closer. Lies are toxic particularly when there is an engagement to deceive. To avoid exposure of the poison, do not engage others into the deception. Secrets kept in relationships have insidious feature. Keeping them by choice is meant to betray the engagement of trust to cause hurt. However, a secret without the engagement is not a lie simply because there is no invitation to participate. Therefore, it’s not a deception. This secret is classified as, “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. But, I am afraid there is no exemption of “NYOB” for the Catholic Church, because as we are aware Christians are devotees in common to the church’s cause. Hence, there is confirmation of engagement, and deception is at play.

Undeniably, the Catholic Church is a force with great influence. Establishing parishes across the globe in the movement to bring all peoples to unite in one belief. And in each parish designates a priest to deliver the traits of stewardship that the Church has in mind. In my reckoning, the outcome in exhibiting stewardship has been a poor success. The Vatican should address its subjects in all its churches to emphasize more on the man in the robe, rather the man of it to realise more of God, and not the Church.

So, the journey of healing begins where the Church has placed itself in an unaccustomed position, yet not that unfamiliar only that the table has turned. The teacher is now the student. In realising the administrative flaw in covering up the shame will draw the Church towards humble acceptance in the principle to serve as a subject in God, and not to abuse God’s power by being the subject of it. And, for the many who remained steadfast to the faith, and covenant with the Church and despite the shambles, will be rewarded with the recognition of a diamond with a flaw.

The “Divide”

Renown intellect Deepak Chopra recently made a short video broadcast on the internet. He spoke of the basis of existence is not existence, but the awareness of it. Awareness of existence gives birth to perceptions, and senses that manifest the reality of space, and time – the makeup of the universe as we know it.

Existence, and the awareness of it operate as one, but with a “divide” that has on one side a representation of a mind with definitive form, and the other without. In the analysis of what said, existence is a reflection of awareness which is orchestrated from the basis of potentiality to all possibilities of perception to support the definition of existence that is initially intended. This is arguably the foundation to our being. “Descendants” of Abraham would not concur. They believe in the entity of God as the source of life. A Taoist will have you convinced when thoughts are put in reverse, senses carrying all information will return to a point of origin known as emptiness, or nothing. That is to say, from nothing we came, to nothing we return. From dust we came, to dust we return. It’s all in the interpretation. Despite the differences in views and beliefs, there is one thing all can agree with, and that is the basis of existence began in a virtual realm.

If the basis of existence is awareness, where lies the basis of awareness? Are we intellectually capable enough to go further? If we can’t, do we submit our search to rest solely on acceptance, or faith in ‘there is no God, but Allah’, or without reservation in accepting “nothingness” as the point of origin of thought? Unlike the concept of awareness or God, nothingness supposedly carry no intention, no motivation, no ego and so no reason, nor excuse to bring itself into existence. Cradling from possibly a ‘divine’ inspiration, nothingness (as the word implies) has no motive. And, if words could describe it would likely be adulterated, and misinterpreted as no words made by man could describe the spirit of God. The “divide” has placed us in that position of intellectual limitation, unless the two (2) minds coalesced.

To start from nothing is to suggest the possibility of life’s chapters will one day conclude. Words will be erased from the pages of every book ever written on existence. All will cease to exist. This is hard to decipher, simply because contrary to the purpose, life’s construction is dressed up with stories to provide it support. Story that is constructed by conscience with intention to distil awareness of memories. Meaning to say, awareness, and existence correspond with one another to give each other purpose. Even though the posit of nothingness has its credit, but it’s hard to put a finger on as its implication alone lacks substance to support the argument on the fundamentals of existence that we still grapple to understand. So, nothingness is a paradox which is meant to be conceivably incomprehensible¿

I love to watch the superhero movies that Marvel produces. The storey is compelling with well written script. Super villain, Thanos in the ‘Avengers’ franchise halved the living population of the universe by snapping his fingers with six (6) infinity stones secured on a custom made gauntlet. The stones are a symbolic representation of the source of existence that materialized in once upon a time. Ancient Chinese martial arts too spoke, and taught of five basic (5) elements. By combining the five (5) elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water will bring harmony as opposed to the destructive outcome of the infinity stones of space, reality, time, mind, power and soul. Even if half of life in the universe vaporized by Thanos, the awareness of relationships that once existed is still connected tarrying in the minds of the living. Nothing is forgotten.

Coming to terms with what I had encountered three (3) years ago (which I wrote about last 14 articles ago, “Prayer – A Personal Experience, and Account”) that it’s clear, wisdom lies in acceptance. In our limitation, humbly calls to that compromise. Jolted by the dark, as well as the light, I am guided to embrace the representation of existence. Embracing is not about condoning to the deed of the bad, or even the good. It’s not about the power of human choices, nor about the destruction of bad, nor construction of good to brew self righteousness, and condescension. It’s not about conformity to the prerequisite of life’s status. It’s about accepting the balance of what was, is, then, and not to challenge it. In the state where the soul meets the eye, there is no distinction between what we think is correct, or incorrect. However, to exist means right given to serve the need of awareness, and provide answers to its cause. But, the right is not ours to reject.

Possibly Jesus’s final words of wisdom delivered to mankind, “resist not evil” is about embracing existence, and not to reject. It’s a validation to the wisdom of love for all things which is synonymous to Buddha’s walk the middle path to appreciate the balance in which existence offers. To be aware of existence means living constantly in every moment of its development validated by new births. This is what I am bringing home. It’s the presence state of mind in complete acceptance of the pursuit of awareness which gives birth to life’s context, and meaning.

Again, to exist is testament of the right given by awareness to attend to its need, and that Yahweh, God or Allah is awareness expressing itself. Deepak’s view on awareness is referencing the eternal soul that is not a subject to time, nor space. Essentially, we are beings with timeless souls – time travellers if you like. In that sense, all can agree that awareness is key to the manifestation of existence, and its perpetual development. It’s also recognised as the source of intelligence provoked by an awakening to unravel the enigma of awareness, and its reflection that run along the “divide”.

Judge Only Stand to be Judged

With the advent of Easter, and in the spirit of its celebration, this article which I am posting is a timely message. Recently, I’ve posted a comment in response to a blog which wrote about the celebrity college scandal that has just surfaced from the news. It was well written with good coverage of views from different angles, and I felt needed to share my thoughts on that as well. My comment was short, and precise but I’d like to expound further for my readers’ benefit.

First, I wish to discourage anyone who is already thinking of playing a role in the gossip of the celebrity’s misdemeanour. That is to say, pay no mind on the news reporting on cases like the recent celebrity college scam. The hype the media has created is tempting me to pass judgement on fellow human-beings in thinking I am better. Being overly critical of other people’s affairs is a troubling disposition. Personally, I don’t like to go there as it’s not my business. It’s a trap which lures me to protect, and cover up my ego.

Celebrities who are caught bending the rules are mothers, and they did what any responsible mother would do in their given capacity to provide the best for their children. Who are we to judge them on the moral platform? It’s complicated. But, they did take a shortcut that eventually met with a detour. That’s life’s way of implying something that is not quite right, and fair, and a correction is needed. If anything that comes out good from this transaction is more money for the college that can be put to good use that benefits students, and teachers.

Do good, we to enter heaven. Do the bad, we enter hell. That is the general belief. Can we determine what is good, or bad without knowing the intention of the person who has committed the act in question? Like Jesus who stood facing the crowd that judged him over Barabbas. Barabbas the murderer was freed, Jesus was sentenced to death. So, who enters heaven, and who enters hell when death knocks? We have Jesus, Barabbas and the crowd of freelance “judges” to match them to heaven, and hell. You may think Jesus steps into heaven, Barabbas has to pay his debt in hell, and the “judges” will be dancing in limbo. Let’s pause here for moment, and think about what you are thinking now. See what I’ve just made you do? I’ve persuaded you to pass judgement on others that you don’t even know. We are so quick to prejudice that it has become a habit of second nature. Public judgement is detrimental to that effect. I think it’s wise to observe the red line. Stay on your side unless you are invited over, or defend the right to your space when it has been violated. We need to respect the space of others that they deserve by allowing them with that space to grow as you have been given that same opportunity. If the affair of others does not concern you, learn to control the urge to pass judgment, and remain tight lip. In short and subtle, mind your own beeswax.

The idea of heaven, and hell lies in the conscience. We are beings of conscience. There is no way by force to free ourselves from this invisible bind that God has woven into the human canvas. We need to pay our “dues” for freedom. Where death will eventually take us, is a “place” only as good as our conscience that we have prepared ourselves for. It’s an intimate affair. No one knows better than you of yourself. That is why we can pass judgement only upon ourselves, and not by others.

The development of self-awareness is something that all must take part by making an effort to make it happen. Thought must be put into action if we want to live in a better circumstance. If everyone tunes in to love, and tune out differentiating them self with others, we would live with more honest pleasures, rather than succumbing to suspicious mind. So, is your conscience clear of guilt?

Thank you for tuning in. Happy Easter.

In Disunity to Unite in a New Order

As Earth completes its journey around the Sun, we witnessed another tumultuous year nearing to close the cycle, and then to make another. Schism at all levels of humanity, from people in politics to businesses to the streets clashing in opinions. Rebuke in the degree which have never been so forthright, and fervently taken to challenge. Despite the furore, one thing is certain where history repeats to indicate a new order that will established itself. Much like the study in financial economics to find the relationship between numbers which involves the process of collating, deciphering and adjusting to bring a balanced account in order to serve, and maintain social consensus. Despite the rising in dissent, humanity born of the spirit will ultimately return to it. In spirit is the source where the sense of belonging is brewing. This is love.

There is clear resemblance in nature between the external, and internal facets of existence to which our environment adopts to change much like how we live. I’ve come to understand the study in psychology that the frontal lobe of our brain is designed for reasoning where it’s responsible in effecting change, and the rear lobe is responsible for countering that change to return the mind to where it was accustomed. The fact that the rear lobe is much larger in size means it is the greater influencer. For example, should a shift is engaged to start a change in smoking, the mind tends to shift back from that departure. There will come a time when the departure from the norm will arrive at a new one. In this situation smoking is the new habit, and the cycle returns when a shift is engaged to stop smoking.

Change is everywhere, an unavoidable circumstance of life’s immutable law. It is the foundation to diversity, but Earth is no longer changing in a pace that is natural as man stands guilty to its rapid pollution. Somehow, the idea of what adverse effects that change can bring desperately binds man to address its entropic nature. A better working relationship between, man and his environment is urgently called upon in order to secure, and protect the foundation of continuity. The friendship of a symbiotic kind that both man, and his planet are destined to embrace. Friendship is established when the relationship matures. It takes a more than connectivity and understanding to create context, and meaning to our existential lives. When friendship of dependency is embraced, love will flow. Peace, and creativity will then unfold to fulfill meaningful a life.

Rhetorical innuendo with sentiment of grudge intended to divide the populous is a common tactic to ignite the fuel of dissent to spread the fire of violence. It seems there are powerful factions that want to see a divided world. Even though love is an inherent quality of Man, but there is a price to pay when we deviate from it. The price is our arrogance, and cost is the separation of our allegiance from the union. Much like an overstretched spring that will be hard to recoil, signifying the costly price that we end up paying.