Living in the Mind with a World of Fear

Don’t run from fear. Running is the reason for fear to give chase, and by avoiding it means allowing fear to wait on you as though someone stands at your door front not wanting to leave – Irritating at the very least. Let’s take this view point further by assuming the context of fear insinuating it to bullying. By nature, a ‘bully’ antagonizes its victim by opposing action, and the victim’s submission gives the ‘bully’ reason to dwell further in its cause of intimidation. If these circumstances of opposite persist means that you are consistently giving fear the recognition of its formidability allowing it to be trapped in the conscience, and stretched by your imagination.

Fear is an emotional response to the thought of losing the sense of control, or protection. It’s virtual, manifests from the conscience where space-time does not exist to control its form of existence. Mind response to restrain fear only proves desirous to its motive, making it even more possible to remind you of it. The mind is accustomed to taking the approach in quantifying the issues of emotion. Confrontation is a measured approach that the mind instinctively engages to neutralize the effects of fear. It applies resistance, “an eye for an eye”, and “a tooth for a tooth” as the saying goes. Fear is a whim, an imagination which cannot be quantitatively confined. So, emotion has no tangible form to confront with making the mindful effort likely to be a make-believe, or an illusion. As the element of fear is virtual, it’s best to adopt an approach which draws close to the heart in releasing fear from the conscience.

Spoken here is a call to effort in reconciling with the internal stumbling block. The ‘bully’ is an external facet acting as a catalyst to arouse a dormant emotion in the sub-conscious mind. It, or any other physical entity for that matter, has no substance. It’s not personal, though the action projects an intention that seemingly implies it. In fact, the ‘bully’ presents a purpose in your life which is to serve you the opportunity not to resolve any of your emotional content, but attend to it. The search within will opened doors.

We lived in a world surrounded by uncertainties. Uncertainties stir the suspicious mind which precipitates the fear within you. Undressing uncertainty is an initiative in search for the truth. When unknown becomes known, the mystery is solved. In the effort to unravel the mystery, and to neutralize the intimidating feeling are signs to show that you are initiating a constructive effort in ‘tuning’ with the natural elements of the environment. In doing so, you’re embracing without resistance the element of fear into your life liking to having a friend rather than enemy, because fear is looking to connect with you. Fear will never go away until you find out why it has surfaced to infect you.

Your action must provide substance with sincere initiative if anything is to be resolved. The intention must be pure, and honest. For instance, where do frustration, and anger come from? When your valued opinion is infringed you get flustered. Your thought and others are not sharing the same wave pattern. Some thoughts raced so far ahead leaving others scampering behind, and some just veered sideways. Beating yourself up about it does not resolve anything because rest within your conscience, you know that to succeed in anything there must be a collective move. Reconciling with your environment requires considerable amount of effort, tolerance and most of all – honesty.

“Fear is what makes us great”

Fear gets its invitation through intimidation. It comes, and goes like your shadow. In knowing that fear is a message to be heeded with adequate respect, an understanding can prevail. Accepting the significance of fear forges a new level of relationship where the emotion is going through a process of transformation. This process sets the foundation of two opposing minds, the environment and yours to coincide in resonance which will take you to places of greatness.

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