In Disunity to Unite in a New Order

As Earth completes its journey around the Sun, we witnessed another tumultuous year nearing to close the cycle, and then to make another. Schism at all levels of humanity, from people in politics to businesses to the streets clashing in opinions. Rebuke in the degree which have never been so forthright, and fervently taken to challenge. Despite the furore, one thing is certain where history repeats to indicate a new order that will established itself. Much like the study in financial economics to find the relationship between numbers which involves the process of collating, deciphering and adjusting to bring a balanced account in order to serve, and maintain social consensus. Despite the rising in dissent, humanity born of the spirit will ultimately return to it. In spirit is the source where the sense of belonging is brewing. This is love.

There is clear resemblance in nature between the external, and internal facets of existence to which our environment adopts to change much like how we live. I’ve come to understand the study in psychology that the frontal lobe of our brain is designed for reasoning where it’s responsible in effecting change, and the rear lobe is responsible for countering that change to return the mind to where it was accustomed. The fact that the rear lobe is much larger in size means it is the greater influencer. For example, should a shift is engaged to start a change in smoking, the mind tends to shift back from that departure. There will come a time when the departure from the norm will arrive at a new one. In this situation smoking is the new habit, and the cycle returns when a shift is engaged to stop smoking.

Change is everywhere, an unavoidable circumstance of life’s immutable law. It is the foundation to diversity, but Earth is no longer changing in a pace that is natural as man stands guilty to its rapid pollution. Somehow, the idea of what adverse effects that change can bring desperately binds man to address its entropic nature. A better working relationship between, man and his environment is urgently called upon in order to secure, and protect the foundation of continuity. The friendship of a symbiotic kind that both man, and his planet are destined to embrace. Friendship is established when the relationship matures. It takes a more than connectivity and understanding to create context, and meaning to our existential lives. When friendship of dependency is embraced, love will flow. Peace, and creativity will then unfold to fulfill meaningful a life.

Rhetorical innuendo with sentiment of grudge intended to divide the populous is a common tactic to ignite the fuel of dissent to spread the fire of violence. It seems there are powerful factions that want to see a divided world. Even though love is an inherent quality of Man, but there is a price to pay when we deviate from it. The price is our arrogance, and cost is the separation of our allegiance from the union. Much like an overstretched spring that will be hard to recoil, signifying the costly price that we end up paying.

Conscience, the Universal Producer and Director

Conscience can be pictured as a domain filled with infinite likelihood of pure thought. It’s the closest description of the faceless God that you and I are accustomed. It becomes aware when a litany of random thoughts are strung along by its own momentum. An inconceivable force shrouded with mystery which takes hold at any moment in making conscience realising its own presence. As this train of thought is set in motion, emotion erupts giving birth to a complete entity of souls with the motivation to establish recognition in creation. A state of realisation which requires assessment, and measurement that will become the foundation to the essence of time. As time is initiated from intention distilling a timeline, paths opened as guide for destiny to be written differentiating the notion of past, present and future which were once one of the same. The mysterious momentum travelling on the timeline connecting the past and present events paves way to the future ensuring continuity in an arbitrary, but orderly fashion giving birth to form and its ingenious design of revolving duality.

We are integral to the conscience which can allows us to put it to a test. Hold on to a thought, or put a brake on it. Anything? Now, let the brake go. Feel anything? Is it possible or even probable, the force which affect thoughts to transform sits amongst them? If so, wouldn’t be great to be able to cultivate and nurture that force? Why? To know thyself, or realising self to know the intention of the universal producer, and its skill in directing. The fact that you are able put a thought on hold, and let it go means that you’ve the capacity to play a role as an orchestrator to the already evolving existence.

Jesus recited a passage in his last rite which is reverberated today in an announcement kind of way by priests when conducting masses. It’s a statement rather than a prayer uttered during the eucharist segment;

“Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, forever and ever”

“Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit” – we conspire in solemn consultation with the collective conscience…

“…all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, forever and ever” – in giving birth to life with all its magnificence in continuity.

“Father” is used, and not “God” possibly to emphasize the role of a father, and the responsibilities he is entrusted which commands respect.

“Holy Spirit” is believed to be the inconceivable force that moves the conscience tying everything together to create form. The attribute of the spirit can be felt by an overwhelming presence which excites the emotion beyond comprehension.

“Through, “with”, “in” are terms to express that we are all parts of one.

The passage expresses the conscience that only in unity will bring glory to existence as Jesus made his return.

As you see, what has been delineated here is a process of consequence which fermented functionality from a dream state. The portrayal of the conscience discharging its intentions by a ‘thought carrying momentum’ centres on the process of life, or the spirit of things. That momentum is perpetually running carrying our psyche which will linger after death as it did before birth sowing the belief of life everlasting. The perception on living by the spirit makes sense. Likewise, directing our senses of our prayer to the flow of God’s conscience, or the representation of His spirit rather than the image.

As mentioned, conscience is a constant idling state whereby our mind cannot draw familiarity as we are not accustomed to it. A place where we’d find ourselves on unfamiliar ground with absolute stillness – no event, nothing, nada. I ponder why many ardent religious practitioners would hold truth to the thought of returning to the source. It has become a cliche of sort with the absence of further deliberation. Don’t they realised it’s a place where God is sleeping? Where is the fun in that? I can’t imagine anyone would want to experience boredom, after all the idea opposes the process in which is designed for us to play along with the evolving existence in the first place. Besides, there is still excitement, curiosity and amusement about the undiscovered mysteries of this world, and its diverse inhabitants.

I believe it requires diligent preparation in order to enter the door of God, and you will need to drop all “baggages” that have been accumulated before making your way in. The lack in incompatibility of the minds may cause a backlash as beyond that line where the mind of God resides, duality don’t exist. It’s the kind thought that would make anyone crawl into a hole, and hideaway even souls needed ticket passes to enter. Yet, as life progresses the layers of lamination will start to peel allowing light to set upon the shadows of the mind revealing more of the view. A sense of belonging will start to set in. Isn’t that all that matters?
After penning down these thoughts, you are free to crumple it up and throw it out the window (figuratively speaking), or take it as simply good reading.

Where’s the Worth of God? – A Soliloquy Unravelling the Emptiness

Often people asked about the underlying reason or purpose of life, which inadvertently allude to God’s ultimate intention of mankind. But, what if I say that God is also looking for the same thing, in search for the answer through His own creation in you? What would God’s reason be other than from a curious point of view by conjuring life only to discover a perpetuation of nagging mystery? If that is the case, as far as our rationale can take us by consistently pushing its boundaries, can we accept the unambiguous explanation of some sages’ in saying, “life’s purpose is to experience itself”? Afterall, isn’t God the all-encompassing ‘seer’ looking through our eyes and quietly making observations from them? A belief which is universally accepted by most religious practices. Somehow, in many aspects this paradox doesn’t seem so flawed because of it’s uncharacteristically simple and a indisputably straightforward!

I would draw reference to the many passages which Jesus made in his time. Always well analysed from all corners of view that even dissenters had little ground to contradict. To state a couple, “knock and the door shall be opened” and “ask and you shall receive”. Isn’t it obvious if you don’t initiate the act of “knocking” or “asking”, how would you expect any opportunities to come by? Technically, there is little spiritual content in these sayings, and we should not be mistaken that they were intended for a manifestation of miracles. However, they are simply words of wisdom to help us work on our personal development to get us closer to the great ‘seer’ in order to cultivate the sense of togetherness and belonging. In that, work is needed to transform wisdom into a spiritual epiphany.

From our innocence and humility, we asked about the wonders of our existence to our limited understanding and ignorance, we questioned life’s purpose. Arriving at this point, the door has opened as I’ve knocked and now I am asking, will I chance to see through the eyes of the great seer as He does with mine? Or, to be in solemn consultation in respectful silence with Him in search of answers to the purpose of our existence in oneness? If so, what purpose is God to me if both are looking for the same thing?

Disruption of Rationale

Recent events with the new Trump Administration has fired up a global response when the President executed an outright, and sudden revoke on travel visas from 7 mideast countries (ie. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). Considered as a preemptive measure to protect the country from probable terror attacks, instead found itself being attacked by its own measure. Executive order which circumvented normal channels showed the legal consultation, and coordination were poor in essence which ultimately drew revolt. The flak that it drew was consequential to the laws of physics in which not even the President of United States was exempted. All three principles of Newton were tested with one stroke of a pen. Tact wouldn’t hurt to avoid detection of any political undertone, unless public ratings have anything to do with it. Nonetheless, the constitutional law is intolerant to infringement of any component on human rights. If liberty is dismissed as a whim will reveal inconsistency in passing of the law that compromises the integrity of the judiciary system, the nation’s pride which stood for ages.

If I wanted to feel safe like Americans do who’ve rooted for President Trump to deliver his promise to make America safe, then peoples across the globe should also call their respective governments to follow Trump’s immigration, and travel ban order. However, that strategy is lacking certain quality of substance which is needed to take it to the next level of the rationale. What can the 90-day temporary travel ban accomplished? “Thinking”, and “knowing” about the comfort of being safe are two different realities. Terrorism is not an unfamiliar crime in our human history. However, the likelihood today of a terrorist living amongst us has never been so apparent because its work of influence and penetration are exceptionally obscure where border security has little effect in countering it. Terrorists today don’t need to cross borders.

Notion of terrorism should be played down by treating it like other crimes. The trouble with recycling, or repeating news on terror develops paranoia which only assures its continuation. President Trump has succeeded in his last campaign embedding fear into the hearts, and minds of his people to gain political leverage, and mileage. Even as I write, President Trump now is blaming the media for “under-reporting” militant incidences across Europe. The unsolicited public disclosure is anything but productive as it shows a lack in self-restraint, and maturity. Is sacrificing nation’s confidence worthwhile in gaining a sense of comfort? It’s times like this, we must stay calm, clever and bold.
The President spreads news of impending terror strikes upon the nation in a period of uncertainty is his way of taking advantage to effectively impose his ideas. The scare tactic is something which I take offence. Human beings possess sentient qualities so great that it’s a shame to see them stoop, and cower behind the veil of fear put there by others. Courage must be nurtured instead to open a path for the people to cultivate a constructive and meaningful life. Every individual has God’s given right to live his/her own destiny without being influenced, or taken the advantage of. Guidance is an acquired trait in leadership. It would be welcoming to see the President in his leadership guide his people to the path where the people can unite, learn and grow in maturity without the obstruction of the notion of fear. Terrorism is not a case of “their” problem, it’s ours. It’s everybody’s problem. A humanity’s problem, and that we must rise above the fear of it to stand tall.

Playing up the negativity of “Islamic extremism” is politicising the religion and connecting it to terror, the same as what Islamic fundamentalists are doing to conceal their political goal. Politicising religion allows the mind to drift from rational thinking. The irony is, religion becomes the target of ridicule rather than the intellect who embraces it. That link must be severed as religion has no conscience, except man. Religious terrorism is just another form of crime where man is responsible, not the religion. A criminal can reasoned his/her act to any influences may it be linked to a religious indoctrination, cultural or gender persecution. But, the act which precipitated from a failed rationale is what must be brought to judgement where the mind of the criminal is assessed, and the criminal is judged. However, the circumstance to which inspired the crime to be committed is not admissible.

Today, crimes of terror carry the same principle as of the past which is to unleash chaos to dismantle order. It can assume many guises of the nomenclature notably jihad, crusade, martyrdom, nationalism, fundamentalism etc. As the law of the land serves its cause with justice so must the President’s executive actions do the same to give the statute the respect in which it deserves. Whatever the cost, the law of man must prevail if order, peace and integrity are to be preserved, and for humanity to have a brighter future. If Jesus or Prophet Muhammad was living today, their approach to bring order would have been entirely different. The term crusade, and jihad would’ve taken a different form of interpretation which no longer require the neccessity of bloody battles. Rules of engagement can change in conflicts just as the law requires adjustments every now and then for the judiciary system to remain relevant in order to preserve the core principle of unity. For now, as fate has it ISIS and President Trump will live out their story.

Life’s experiences are always changing which helps us broaden our horizons with our constant evolving state of mind. Experience brings understanding, understanding brings acceptance, and acceptance brings self-realisation in union with existence. As you can see, it’s a journey which takes the awareness into a state of constant expansion, pushing the boundary of the mind each time perception shifts. When boundaries of minds overlap, a comprehension to a new reality is upon us. That is our destiny, and the destruction of our environment which has a mind of its own will eliminate the opportunities to experience a perfect cycle. Afterall, the view to the reality of the after-life is only as clear as the conscience which we’ve made here.

The Lineage of God

God awoke from His infinite calmness interrupted by a hiccup.

“What the devil was that!”, a hasty thought ran through God’s mind.

That instinct of a thought set in motion to a formation of an expanse anchored onto the cycle of time, and with all opposing qualities to His nature laid the foundation to existence of life.

Mother appeared before God in assurance to calm Him back to repose where He’d left a cosmos unfolding in the wake of His dream.

Moments later, God was rudely awakened by the horror of what He saw in His dream.

“Mercy…”, a solemn thought dashed passed God’s mind when He witnessed images from His dream where men drew swords against each other induced by will of self-righteous proclamation, senseless engagements in violence from a confused state of mind, all to a lost cause.

“What’s with fear that is so dire to Man in orchestrating chaos only to shake Me out of my peaceful slumber? It’s not the fault of any man to be a part of Me together in existence with my conscience”, God pondered. All that happened was an involuntary hiccup, and the thought of “devil” blurted out from His mind. But, that was enough to give definition to mankind what life’s hiccup meant. So, it became apparent to man that life’s hiccups carry God’s inadvertent devilish impression. The Devil must have raised the sense insecurity in Man by intensifying their fear.

“It’s only a dream”, Mother of God consoled.

“Yes, but my dream affects Me. I am now conscious of it. It no longer carries meaningless notions, but with intention pervading my conscience. I am responsible”, determined God.

“If you care so much, then respond you must to bring order to your conscience, and return to dream ecstasy”, counselled Mother.

As the unfolding existence was framed within God’s conscience meant that only He could view what man did, but Man couldn’t do the same. So, within God’s conscience He set out a plan to send these messages to Man;

The first message would imbue the minds and hearts of all men, women and child of His presence to seal Man’s belief in God that they are one part of each other.

The second message would make known to mankind of the embrace of co-existence by way of love, so Man would mature in wisdom to honour God’s wish in returning Him His solace.

The third, should all these messages fail to redeem Man from the travesty that they’ve committed, to prioritizing their desire first before God, then remorse would beset upon Man only to realise on the rebound the urge for peace by bowing before God in compliance. Peace would be returned to God’s inner sanctum.

Messages must involve messengers in human form so that Man could conceive, and believe what would be brought to their attention. The first message was assigned to Siddartha, second to Jesus, and Muhammad held the third card as God’s insurance. God sent forth these prominent souls to show cause and proof to mankind of God’s reality, and they would be the three stalwarts to protect, and preserve His ordinance which was to return peace to God’s mind.

Messenger No. 1

Siddartha revealed to mankind their existence was within the confine of God’s conscience, therefore His essence was embedded in every living soul. So, Man could take comfort in taking this line, and trace it back to the origin of soul’s birth.

Siddartha’s enlightenment was an engagement in union with God’s conscience. His innate ability to achieve self-enlightenment was an exemplar which would give hope to mankind in the understanding of the unlimited powers that had bestowed upon them. From Siddartha’s transcendence gave demonstration to Man which had faith altered its course. The belief in the existence of a supreme creator was never a doubt in the minds of the community where Siddartha grew up. Man’s belief now lies on believing in themself. Evidently, this was an accomplishment in Siddartha’s assignment to God, and God would be pleased. In his wisdom, Siddartha taught the precept of perseverance in compassion to develop clarity in the conscience in order to open a path to see through the eyes of God.

Messenger No. 2

When Jesus stepped into the scene, he knew all too well that living among the most persecuted people in human history would eventually see blood drawn from his own. Jesus had the greatest order of challenge to the assignment that he was destined to complete – self-sacrifice. In many ways, Jesus walked the path Siddartha encouraged. He embraced perseverance in compassion which led to the sacrifice of his own life in order for God’s love to surface from the souls of Man.

A race with a long history of persecution could have anyone’s faith challenged in many ways. Jesus understood the pain of his people well. So, he taught them how to liberate their mind by sowing the living spirit from within.

“Forgive your fellow men to reflect the forgiving nature of God within you to find yourself forgiven. Through this path will help lift the burden weighing on the mind, and liberate it, so Heaven’s door shall open unto you” – an interpretation from the Lord’s Prayer.

The Jews were not falling short of devotion, but rather their suffering was rooted on the inadequacy of understanding their own faith. Jesus steered his people away from matters of the mind to what matters more, the love of the spirit. Jesus identified the missing link which was to be their salvation.

Just as Siddartha’s transcendence, Jesus’s resurrection returned the promise of freedom made by Moses more than millennia ago, only this time an eternal one from a spiritual context. So, God would be pleased with the message successfully delivered for Man to take with them in their journey of deliberation.

Messenger No. 3

Muhammad was to commit mutiny in his own tribe, the Quraysh by abandoning the customary worship of multiple gods which had been the back bone of his tribe’s pride and dominance. Desert life was harsh, which reflected the very nature of the people who grew up there, unwavering and hard hearted. Muhammad had no choice, but to be on the offensive when driven by Angel Gabriel to do God’s work. When people began renouncing their traditions to embrace the new monotheistic religion in Islam the wave of change which Muhammad had started would seem like that back bone was snatched and snapped in two. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the opposition developed a deep sense of sacrilege, and grudge against Muhammad.

Unlike Jesus who was already preaching to the public since adolescent, Muhammad spiritual revelation in transforming him to assume his assignment came when he was 40. When it came for Muhammad to mount his challenge on the leaders of his tribe, his life was in constant threat. There wasn’t time to relate the wisdom of compassion and peace to the people as a series of bloody battles were looming over the desert horizon. Imagine how Muhammad could convey the message of peace with one hand, yet the other wielding a sword. Muhammad could never take the path which Jesus and Siddartha took. To offer the other cheek, simply could not apply in Muhammad’s situation. The circumstance was uncompromising, and there was no allowance for anything except to defend his life from a premature end. His destiny was to wage bloody confrontations to bring non-believers to their knees, and only then the message of peace could be delivered and inspired. Historical events like these made many regarded Islam a religion of peace by way of violence. Not so, because violence was already in the cards. Violence was in the way of peace, and it had to be cleared. It was an unavoidable circumstance of blood shed which reflected the ways of the people there, and then. Lives slaughtered in great numbers, Qurasyhis as well as Jews. As the messenger of God, only Muhammad could tell you if he had done God’s bidding. But in the end, Muhammad was successful in fortifying Islam and established order among his people.

The prevailing unrests, and scorns within the Muslim fraternity after Muhammad’s passing, would tempt anyone to think that he had won the battles, but not the war. It’s a contestable presumption. Rest assured God was complete with His assignments through Siddartha, Jesus and Muhammad. Nothing was left behind without a purpose. There were no accidents other than that unintentional hiccup.

“There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God”, is testimonial to the fact that Muhammad was the chosen one to do God’s bidding. The prophethood belonged only to none other than Muhammad.

The problem with killing in God’s name is that anyone can claim that as an excuse for their demented disposition. Assuming that they are realising God’s intention, but in all certainty none can claim the prophethood. The violence in the taking of lives was God’s alone passed through Muhammad’s hands. It was never about Muhammad to begin with, it was all about what God wanted which was peace in His sanctity. Today, anyone who imitates that in context by taking the lives of others is plainly an act of contempt to God and His Prophet. Their self-anointment and act can only be regarded as an abomination to humanity.

Man’s milieu and cultural diversity make the road to reach any kind of spiritual resolution complex. These messengers of God deserved to be masters of their own standing, with their gifted abilities designed appropriately to suit their given environment. They couldn’t swap places, it won’t work. The Arabs would never have taken noticed of Siddartha, because they were not in a soul-searching frame of mind. Muhammad was more suited for that role, a protagonist as well as an antagonist to drop a bombshell. Nonetheless, all 3 masters were so influential with their divine traits it stirred the conscience of Man, and ultimately to deliver salvation. Between influence, and salvation Man needed a compass to take with them in their journey. Siddartha was a compass of inspiration, Jesus was love and Muhammad was submission. In salvation, both conscience of God and Man would agree.

“Is your conscience at ease now?”, Mother asked God.

“Good enough”, God replied.

“For now…”, He added.

And so, Man’s journey with God begins, some more intimate than others. Just as much as Man yearns for God’s attention, God wants the same of Man on this plane of existence where both conscience meet and collaborate. The potential of our existence depends on how far Man is willing to collaborate with God, but not to conspire with Him, because in the reality of the conscience – there are no secrets. How far can this partnership go? God knows.

Prayer – A Personal Experience, and Account

It has been a while since I last published an article. 2015 was an eventful year for the world as it was for me. At one point, I had an experience which took a lot out of me, and needed time to recuperate. This write-up will stand apart from the rest of my earlier articles because it ascribes to some degree of spiritual revelation at a personal level. Revelation with a spiritual twist is probably the best way to delineate my story. If there was any other way, the doctor would have diagnosed me for a candidate ready for admission to the “nut” house. They say, there is a strong resemblance between someone who have encountered with the spiritual realm, and someone succumbed to the consumption of marijuana. Both are probably mad. But, madness has different strides. The difference is, one mad man will wake up to an expanded awareness, and the other will cradle within confined thoughts. So, my story may appear ludicrous, but real. I had a harrowing experience which “whipped” me into a cream like state (so to speak) a little more than 6 months back, and it was profoundly frightening to say the least.

Day 1

A “dark” entity is at best I can describe it overwhelmed me at the hour after midnight on a Sunday. I thought death was imminent. The mind was playing up. One minute I was looking forward to a soccer game on TV, and the next I was suddenly thrown into a disposition swirling with uncertainty and confusion. I quivered like a mouse caught in a trap. It was a very lonely and scary feeling. I couldn’t find comfort in lying down to sleep, and had to sleep with the body on a reclined position. My wife got worried that night as I had related my distress which felt like dying. She had interrupted sleep because of my restless condition. Exhausted from the struggle, I fell asleep. Dawn wasn’t the same, although I could still perform my routine duties on this day as well as the days that followed. Nonetheless, it was not without discomfort, and distress.

Day 2

On the following night, I felt the urged to recite the Lord’s Prayer at the fore of alter at home, and later would recite by heart in absolute silence when lying in bed before falling asleep. In spite of all the emotional duress pounding inside me, I realized in an unusual way that my mind was razor sharp in focusing on every word of the prayer. I surmised that in my plight of desperation drew out the sense of survival instinct. My mind was desperately hanging onto the words of the prayer as if for dear life. At this juncture, the Lord’s Prayer took on a new form. A prayer which I’ve recited many, many times since young based on acceptance solely by faith. Now, I was depended on it to provide solutions to my search which had risen from a greater depth of the conscience. In my deliberation, I recognized the prayer was the source of answers to many of my troubling questions. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer in effect was like a Q & A session. Wasn’t this queer? Anyway, my prayer comforted me every night before I slept, and I would jump into bed way before 12 o’clock fearing the recurrence of the unsettling emotion of that first night. I wanted to be asleep quickly before the clock struck twelve. Yes, I admit that I was behaving like a timid child. In fact, it felt just like that.

The Lord’s Prayer helped align my thoughts, and smothered my fears to some extent. With this, I felt that I’ve staved off the “dark” entity, even though I felt it followed me like a shadow everywhere I went. As long as this anomaly kept itself at a distance from me was good enough even when I couldn’t tell that I would recover from this ordeal completely. I couldn’t be absolutely sure, but I felt the anomaly was sapping the life out of me whilst dispelling fear, and distress. My fears became manageable as the entity retreated as I continued to submit to the wisdom of the prayer. I’ve learned that this “dark” force was never to be underestimated. In fact, it was a formidable foe which commanded respect as it knew my witness all too well. My strategy was to continue in reciting the prayer by heart to steady the mind day or night, which was the best way to keep myself feeling safe.

Day 3

I believe it was the third day which I woke up to having a feeling engulfed in awe. That entire day, I was intoxicated with unbias love. It was an incredible change of phase, that one day I was a walking zombie, and the next I was immersed in love’s embrace. How did I know that it was love? I sensed unity at a spiritual level (the emphasis on the word “spiritual” is vital to the description because I don’t believe that I was losing my mind). It was an unmistakable feeling of joy. Everything and everyone around me where ever I went or visited, I could relate to them playing a role in my life as I was in theirs. Strangely, I was actually feeling grateful for a table being a table, and chair being chair for me to sit on. Only yesterday I was in an emotional wreck, today I was overjoyed. I’ve never been so close to anything, or anyone like the way I felt this day. I couldn’t recall relating to anything that vast, or at that level before in living memory except when I first fell in love with a girl who would be my wife today. Unlike the merging of two intimate souls, my perception was not only vast but impersonal as though my environment and I were inseparably one with existence.

Day 4

The fourth day, I’ve returned to the state of anxiety, and distress again. An indescribable sensation of lifelessness overwhelmed me like a “zombie”. Like a veil had cast over my head preventing me from expressing, or receiving feelings. A deathly sensation blanketed me. Something had kidnapped my soul, but still kept my body and mind working like the “walking dead”.

I’ve taken the liberty to visit the doctor on this day to have my blood taken, and analysed. The doctor couldn’t determine anything medically wrong with me except the possibility of an acute anxiety attack. I suspected that my anxiety was not a medical disorder because the pattern of my encounters seemed too sudden, and at the same time articulated. It felt like a mysterious force swept by and “whacked” me pretty good then rewarded me with ice-cream, and candy. It was real shock to the system. I continued the praying routine followed by a session in meditation every night by the bed. It was the only way I knew how to salvage my sanity.

Since the first night, one after another extraordinary experiences unfolded one day to the next. Unable to explain them, I kept to myself. The emotional roller coaster was at its greatest intensity in the first week. Even though the episode is now behind me, I am left with an impression that the “shadow” may return to rekindle the experience, and the feeling is not inviting.


The episode had me experienced two extreme ends of the spectrum. I felt cold fear, and warm love. Picking up these signatures of two extreme opposites left me with a sense hope, or an impression that there was more to the tangible, and definitive world that I felt trapped in.

In the course of my psychological and emotional plight, I’ve found refuge in the Lord’s Prayer. Its messages infused into my mind. All questions which surfaced my fears and insecurities were answered in the prayer. My perception and understanding of the ancient prayer had been altered after I was thrown into the deep end. Even though I was able to extricate myself from the ordeal, nonetheless the experience remained indelible, and sometimes the trauma which still lingers in my mind giving me the chills.

I don’t know God the way most people want. But, I recognized the signature of the spirit of love. I can’t say that I know it. The heart recognizes it, but the mind will fail in the attempt to define it. I believe love’s existence rest with our soul, and that is why we are able to pair it to our mind. I could be wrong, but one thing for sure it felt like I’ve been to hell and back. I had to experience attributes of stark confusion, and fear emanated from an undesirable source before spurring me from the pit of desperation in search for a tool to help dig my way out. That tool as it turned out was the Lord’s Prayer, and quiet moments in meditation inviting the presence of the divine mother were most welcoming to calm my fragile mind. I ran through this process repeatedly for a few days unaware there would be salvation at one end. Even when I’ve recovered from this “roller coaster” ride, I would still carry my prayers asking for “alms” of blessing, and grace for I could never be too sure of anything.

Was my encounter pre-planned? If so, was there a purpose? The sequence of experiences that I was submitted to seemed to indicate a pre-arrangement of a kind. The process was forceful, and blunt which took me through “hell” so that I could feel a bit of what the opposite would be like. In light to all this, I remained steadfast by not to being fooled in thinking I am exceptional. The spiritual experience should only be regarded as a token for our efforts. A token that can be multiple in return to reciprocate the efforts committed. For me, the key falls on the journey in search for a way out to escape fear. In my hour of need, as I recited the Lord’s Prayer in subtle devotion, I’ve engaged in a process of willing submission. I wasn’t aware of that intention, because I was completely overwhelmed by the sense of desperation. The “adversary” was manipulating its powers on me, and I knew that I couldn’t force my way out of its clutches. Whatever that it was feeding from my system, I turned it off. May be I’d turned off the tap on ego, the divider of man, and God.

My encounter was no doubt a spiritual phenomenon which revealed that I can’t wait indefinitely for the arrival of divine succour. Personal effort must take place to prepare myself for that time of divine reception. The passages of the Lord’s Prayer came to life as it was activated by my troubling questions which would otherwise appeared ordinary. The prayer was the full stop to all the lingering questions. I think God might have responded with a favour.

Assessing the Nuance

Jesus demonstrated his disapproval towards the Pharisees because he detected their hypocrisy in playing a mind game to conceal the truth in order to protect their elevated societal positions. On that observation, Jesus didn’t want to be glorified the way devotees did with the Jewish sect. He wanted to motivate, and encourage his followers to walk the path he’d walked. Jesus wanted whoever chose to follow him to be like him.

Jesus arrived at some time in history to point the way towards God with a map inherently printed onto our soul. No map is identical, so the journey to God varies from one individual to the next. We’ve God’s fingerprints on our soul. Our hands are not forced to do anything instead we are given the power of choice, a free hand to choose any direction that we wish to take. If we choose to the direction Jesus pointed, then the approach to heaven’s door must be subtle, and willing. We can’t bang on the door, we knock. We can’t demand, we ask. God has given us due love, tolerance and respect, so why can’t we do the same in return? “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind” implies the effort must be initiated by us to show our reverence to God as well as ourselves. The will of God mirrors the will of man. If good is done, good will come, etc. In that, God’s conscience exists in ours.

Now, here is where I believe the intricacy in the discipline of worship adopted by religious and spiritual orders. The contrast lies in either having faith in God, or faith in ourselves with God. Unravelling this would help us understand the work of Jesus, and the purpose of his existence in history. Worshipping and glorifying God were already a custom existed for millennia before the appearance of Jesus. So, why would Jesus be bothered teaching the obvious? Jesus talked, and walked the talk in order to convince his followers to make the effort to ready themselves to receive God’s love. Why do people always say, “put your trust in God”?, as it implies a lack in self-confidence. How is God to give His trust to someone who is struggling to trust himself? We need to work on trusting ourselves more to give God the appropriate respect for the gift He has bestowed upon us. In other words, the act of self-respect is our tribute to God. We are in every way the image of God’s spirit. So, don’t put ourselves down. Respect ourselves, but be humble in appreciation towards the greatness of God’s spirit with His vast and complex creation. Bullies and murderers desecrate this basic commandment of the holy order.

So, Jesus was a “catalyst” to give his people a push to get on with the celebration on the gift of life by continuing the evolution in creativity. Rather than pursuing blind faith, why not use that map to start a journey with God. Reach in to cultivate our soul, and establish a relationship. It will be an experience far-reaching rather than just hoping in God. Nothing will evolve from hoping, but a dry, and un-lively experiences. Place your trust on the divine love in your heart.

It seems to me, having faith in God resembles the act of worshipping outwardly which has the tendency to measure God’s conscience. This equates to the calling for an expectation from God which our mind thinks He can provide. Isn’t that evaluating God, making judgement whether, or not He can make that provision for us?

On the other hand, having faith in ourselves with God cultivates the soul. We go inward to express our love for God from the heart in tribute to the creator. Then, we avoid having to evaluate God’s intention as He is only definable by our conscience.

Having said all that, there is no hard, or fast rule to which approach brings more benefits because whether it’s the mind or heart, they are all connected. The difference is the heart responds on pure instinct, whilst the mind reacts after filtering it. Make no mistake the path that Jesus took was exceedingly difficult as the mind would encounter profound challenges. Many who chose this path would be overwhelmed with fear at one point in their journey, and turned back. As a result, many opted to take the mind to God rather than the heart, or soul. Don’t get it wrong, everything that we are – mind, and soul will unite with the conscience of God. It’s where we place our priority on love for God either by mind, or heart will have definite impact on the way we live. If the mind dictates, it’s conditional. If the heart dictates, it’s unconditional. To choose the path to God is to love all things in existence unconditionally. The path to unconditional love draws no conclusion, only continuity in existence (the world without end).


At times, we do come across people from steep religious background calling for deliberate submission, and repent our sins to God. The approach in which they adopt to deliver their message can be overtly imposing, and offensive to others. May be so, but they are merely indicating to put aside our obsession on being overly possessive. I’d say, give them the benefit of the doubt. It may help douse the ego, and temptations. We can’t rid of ego as it is sewed onto the fabric of our human DNA, but we can manage it as I did with the prayer which the master left for us.

Emerging from this personal experience, I’ve come to regard the Lord’s Prayer as a scripture embodiment of unity consciousness, and death is not the only option to the union with God.

This has been a long write-up, and I’ve said more than what is needed to be said. My purpose to publish this is to extend assistance to anyone who needs it. Finally, you might ask what were the questions swirling in my head which troubled me to the point of distress? They were typical questions which others have too;

Why do we die, and leave behind a lifetime of human relationships?

Are human lives meaningless?

Where do we go from here after developing a rich sense in awareness of our world? Are all the efforts in vain?

Is the world going to run out of money?

Is there a greater power other than man looking after humanity?

Is there God to orchestrate our destiny, or to depend on?

Why did life on Earth begin at all?

It dawned on me that it was obvious I’ve possessed all the answers to these questions, because they derived from the same mind that asked them. All came down to this, and that I was questioning the motive of existence. This was when the Lord’s Prayer started to play a vital part in my life. This was how I saw the prayer;

From the infinite conscience of Heaven, God and man created in one mind a reality to fulfil a wish. Everything that exists around us has the hand of man on it, and God’s mind behind it. The essence behind the Mind in creating life began with a humble instinct or holy, and so we must expressed our humility, love and respect for all that are created in our humanly possible way to reflect THAT truth. In humility, we ask in one mind with God for assistance to guide our hearts in a journey that we must make ourselves. There is no other path, but one which takes us to unite again with the conscience of God, and that is in our journey to know love by embracing others as ourselves in order to release our own guilt. A liberated mind from the heart will unite with God in good and clear conscience to plan another new game of life, an everlasting one.

Gender Equality


I wrote this article with my daughter, Omisha for her school assignment which was never submitted. We thought rather than letting the effort go to waste, we decided to publish, and share it.

Gender Equality

The Past –

Long ago, women were regarded as the lesser or weaker species of human kind. Pre-dating industrialization or other eras of revolution, the feminine nature of women had confined them to house chores and family care. This was a global trend evident in ancient cultures of the east and western societies as well. The discrimination on women’s physical limitation during the agricultural age was not offensive, and was not intended to cause an outrage as the livelihoods of the population at large was reliant on the masculinity of men to work the land, rather than dependence on intellectual and management abilities. Then was the natural way of life where man was generally accepted as the superior candidate of the two gender. It is however, unfortunate that this perception was not entirely left behind.

The Transition –

The perception is preserved in the fabric of many cultures and managed to weave its way through from one generation to the next. With the many phases of socio-economic/political evolution starting from the era of industrialization to information technology (IT), the perception continues to remain in mind. The unabated perception has transformed into a taboo-like belief which is almost impossible to eradicate. Nonetheless, we’ve witnessed the waves of change in women’s contribution and open participation in the socio-economy/politic which began at the turn of 20th century. They’ve progressed from the confinement of the kitchen walls to the liberty of casting ballots. Opportunity not only grew but has diversified as well along side with progress in modernization which sets new challenges for women.

The Present –

I’ve brought to your attention on the brief past events in order to help readers delineate on the subject of my write-up. The subject of equality between genders does not cross reference to the physical aspect the human form. Having said that, people could still engaged in the antics of being gentlemanly, or lady-like to respect each others differences. “Gender Equality” today refers to the same salaries, benefits and opportunities given to women as men would have received them at workplaces. Women are to be equally graded on intellectual and management qualifications, and not the pretext of physical superiority. Even though human civilization is well into the 21st century, women have yet to attain equal status as men in many workplaces of global status.

During an event on “Women in Computing” held in Phoenix on 16 October 2014, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said this in his response to a question by a woman about pay raise;

“It’s not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along,”

“And that, I think, might be one of the additional superpowers that quite frankly women who don’t ask for raises have.”

“Because that’s good karma,”

“It’ll come back because somebody’s going to know that’s the kind of person that I want to trust. That’s the kind of person that I want to really give more responsibility to.”

It’s probably true what Satya implied that the grace of good karma stems from our actions which initiate a shift in society’s paradigm, but Satya must realised that he too is a proponent to the ’cause and effect’ reality. For millennia, women have proven their worth in existence side-by-side, and hand-in-hand with men assisting in mutual support whilst sharing many, many forms of success. Apart from personal merit, women need not prove themselves further in the way Satya suggested. Second class treatment of women at workplaces should have halted since universities started rolling out women graduates! Nothing good will come out of Satya’s non-doing. He is now eating his words everyday for breakfast.

Sadly, Satya’s statement proves that even in the 21st century, men generally and still bear the notion that women are unequal to men at workplaces. And, should there be discrimination on salaries, are women to be short changed in work benefits as well? Where is that imaginary line drawn between men and women to suggest that the separation is justified?

US census data for 2012 revealed women earned 76.5 cents for every dollar that men earned. CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia) held a conference on” Women in Leadership” over a year ago. It was one of many campaigns to create an awareness in the society on gender gap at workplaces, and the need to put the practice which created the gap to an end. Sarah-Jane Derby, a senior research analyst at CEDA revealed a mild improvement in the gender participation gap over a 10 year spread, and the statistics also showed that the pay gap between genders is resisting change.

A young British talent and goodwill ambassador to the UN, Emma Watson addressed the UN assembly recently in support for women’s right, and to elicit change in the industry’s mind set. I quote;

“I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one I know for certain, it is that this has to stop”

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals”

The Future –

Russell Brand gave reference to one of Albert Einstein’s views during an interview on his newly published book called ‘Revolution’. He said,

“You can’t change a system using the thinking which created it”

He continued to elaborate,

“Which means if you want to change things you’ve to look at alternative ways of thinking. The way things are at the moment, the people who benefit from it, don’t want it to change. They are happy with it the way it is. That is why things like ecological disaster, economic inequality, global meltdown and war are likely ignored because they are serving the purpose of the people in control. If you want change, it won’t come from them”

We need to re-educate our young by making available to them a functional environment which delivers the essence on gender equality to realise a balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. Here, in their personal development they will mature in better understanding of gender equality through friendship, and mutual respect. The term ‘gender equality’ may still be regarded as taboo to some, but as Ms Watson said, “It’s not the word that is important. It’s the idea and the ambition behind it”. Change begins HERE in schools, and the time is NOW.

Living in the Mind with a World of Fear

Don’t run from fear. Running is the reason for fear to give chase, and by avoiding it means allowing fear to wait on you as though someone stands at your door front not wanting to leave – Irritating at the very least. Let’s take this view point further by assuming the context of fear insinuating it to bullying. By nature, a ‘bully’ antagonizes its victim by opposing action, and the victim’s submission gives the ‘bully’ reason to dwell further in its cause of intimidation. If these circumstances of opposite persist means that you are consistently giving fear the recognition of its formidability allowing it to be trapped in the conscience, and stretched by your imagination.

Fear is an emotional response to the thought of losing the sense of control, or protection. It’s virtual, manifests from the conscience where space-time does not exist to control its form of existence. Mind response to restrain fear only proves desirous to its motive, making it even more possible to remind you of it. The mind is accustomed to taking the approach in quantifying the issues of emotion. Confrontation is a measured approach that the mind instinctively engages to neutralize the effects of fear. It applies resistance, “an eye for an eye”, and “a tooth for a tooth” as the saying goes. Fear is a whim, an imagination which cannot be quantitatively confined. So, emotion has no tangible form to confront with making the mindful effort likely to be a make-believe, or an illusion. As the element of fear is virtual, it’s best to adopt an approach which draws close to the heart in releasing fear from the conscience.

Spoken here is a call to effort in reconciling with the internal stumbling block. The ‘bully’ is an external facet acting as a catalyst to arouse a dormant emotion in the sub-conscious mind. It, or any other physical entity for that matter, has no substance. It’s not personal, though the action projects an intention that seemingly implies it. In fact, the ‘bully’ presents a purpose in your life which is to serve you the opportunity not to resolve any of your emotional content, but attend to it. The search within will opened doors.

We lived in a world surrounded by uncertainties. Uncertainties stir the suspicious mind which precipitates the fear within you. Undressing uncertainty is an initiative in search for the truth. When unknown becomes known, the mystery is solved. In the effort to unravel the mystery, and to neutralize the intimidating feeling are signs to show that you are initiating a constructive effort in ‘tuning’ with the natural elements of the environment. In doing so, you’re embracing without resistance the element of fear into your life liking to having a friend rather than enemy, because fear is looking to connect with you. Fear will never go away until you find out why it has surfaced to infect you.

Your action must provide substance with sincere initiative if anything is to be resolved. The intention must be pure, and honest. For instance, where do frustration, and anger come from? When your valued opinion is infringed you get flustered. Your thought and others are not sharing the same wave pattern. Some thoughts raced so far ahead leaving others scampering behind, and some just veered sideways. Beating yourself up about it does not resolve anything because rest within your conscience, you know that to succeed in anything there must be a collective move. Reconciling with your environment requires considerable amount of effort, tolerance and most of all – honesty.

“Fear is what makes us great”

Fear gets its invitation through intimidation. It comes, and goes like your shadow. In knowing that fear is a message to be heeded with adequate respect, an understanding can prevail. Accepting the significance of fear forges a new level of relationship where the emotion is going through a process of transformation. This process sets the foundation of two opposing minds, the environment and yours to coincide in resonance which will take you to places of greatness.

Blind Faith, a Malaysian Story

Definition: “Hudud” is a law in Islam stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes

Although it seems ‘hudud’ law is solely a religious matter advocated by Muslims, but the underlined issue goes beyond that. It’s not a race, nor a religious issue, but a subject matter which takes a shot at human nature. If history had taken another turn with a twist, we could witnessed Christians today making the provocative legislation of rigid laws instead. Some of the rigid measures introduced in ‘hudud’ pre-dates Islam. It’s not racial, neither it’s religion motivated though it seemed to appear like it.

When ‘hudud’ law is put under the microscope, you will be accused of mockery and disrespect. But, it must be made clear that Islam, or other religions have no substance without followers to embrace their teachings. Words of wisdom have no meaning if not taken to tasks to motivate us spiritually. When we are spiritually motivated, only then faith will evolve. Faith has no tangible form, therefore it cannot be quantified or measured by words in any law, and it certainly cannot be justified by purposely disgracing a human subject in the process of criminal punishment because stealing for example is committed by intention, not by the hands. Dismemberment is a physical act which cannot correct the intention which is spiritually connected. It could result in more remorse, or even anger. Hopes of subduing the offender into disgrace by that approach is never a guarantee of deliverance. Righteousness begins with nurturing the spirit within. Is redemption possible to the offender, and loved ones who would be shamed for his offence by losing his physical dexterity, and be reminded of it permanently? Ever heard of Johnny Depp? Take a look at the public record for all the offences he had committed when he was a teenager. He moved on.

At a micro level, it’s to do men with little faith who do not wish to see beyond the veil. But, they championed the words of wisdom in desperate need for conformity to comfort the obsessive mind fixated on nothing but fear, and insecurity. Yet, the authority puts a claim on faith as reason to enact the rigid law, but the hard-line that they’ve taken clearly revealed the absence in humility, God’s grace, and spirit in mind.

Blind faith can be disconcerting because it reflects the incapacity to understand God’s spirit, and inadvertently diminishes the importance of ones role in life. Have you heard some people would say, “God said his law is indeed fair”, or “Leave the past, present and future to God’s care”. If only they knew that it takes only half a mind to make a difference in life, they wouldn’t have made remarks that would invalidate themselves as subjects of God. Taking words of God out of context from holy books can prove to be misleading when you don’t apply yourself to the thought of it. There is no God in any holy book, but you. Given the chance, I or anyone else could have added a trail of words to the phrase, “God said his law is indeed fair only to the limited in mind”. That would greatly shift the perception on faith, and God all over the world today! But, change can be a difficult experience to accept for some. Humanity needed the experience to learn, and evaluate from, in order to lift themselves out of self-pity, and make better of themselves.

At a larger scale of things, it’s about maturity, and sophistication of governance on policy making. It’s about taking the people by the hand going forward as a united nation under a common law.

Thousands of years ago, rigid rules were accustomed to smaller communities, or societies. Public punishment was effective in maintaining peace, harmony and neighbourliness in small clusters of society. Such practices were customary rather than a religious adaptation, and confined to the culture of that community. Then, dishonesty was not to be tolerated. Today, implementation of such rigid practices would reflect an unsophisticated and banal leadership liking to being dictatorial. From Europe to China, imperialism has no positive impact on progress let alone ‘hudud’, simply because over aggression in ruling has no substance in influencing the sophisticated, and creative minds. ‘Hudud’ has no spiritual influence, only religious regime makes it so. It’s a creation by man drawn from insecurity, not God. In the middle ages, the Roman Catholic church employed measures so extreme, and barbaric that could even be termed as acts of atrocity to humanity. The church was unable to accept radical ideas for fear of deviating from mainstream belief. Fear retracted awareness from discovering God’s creation, and mysteries. The church did not know any better, but they made some amendments, and moved on.

‘Hudud’ was never a part of East Asian cultural fabric. In this part of the world rich in cultural diversity, extensive natural rain forest and resources where the indigenous people lived free. Why forced their hand, and contain them by threat? We should nurture their energy through appropriate, and adequate education to help elevate their living status to the next level. ‘Hudud’ goes against the natural grain of our society, so why import something which doesn’t sit well with the people? Peoples of this nation and their ancestors have endured five centuries of colonisation and oppression. We must build our own unique identity to tell that story. This ideology imposes only to the frame of mind which is caught up in the illusion fear. And, fear stems from the incapacity of stretching the conscience closer to the divine. Hence, the lack in understanding brews insecurity. Taking God’s name in vain for ‘this’, and ‘that’ with no facts in hand makes anyone a ‘no brainer’, irresponsible, and misleading.

Why do we need to descent to a despicable display of inhumane aggression, and anger by hurling stones? What’s with the tone of anger? Where is the love and respect? All sinners deserve them even in the face of death. Life’s experiences are compulsory requirement to perceive God’s work. So, life is about continuity, and action without compassion eliminates that opportunity. Don’t disgraced your fellow-man by stoning, and dismemberment for they are who you are not.

It’s undeniable that our environment is continuously evolving, and that we must be in synchrony with it to move creativity forward. Two system ruling sets a stage for double standards, and in effect classifies the people who happened to walk on the same soil, breathe the same air, and share the same livelihood. Double standards would only bring incessant conflict of opinions. You don’t have to go far to find the truth. Make an evaluation in the up-bringing process of your family. Don’t you wish fair treatment, and attention for your children? Don’t you want for them your equal love? Don’t you want them to mature in confidence in an environment conducive for creativity, or rather confined them to an environment subjected to threats and treatments only for the purpose to disgrace? For any form of resolutions to find their way to a compromise and conclusion, there must be a common principle to adhere by, an existing mainstream principle structured unequivocally and comprehensively with the test of time in the modern era.


– Part 1 –           

“Walk, don’t run as your destiny lies in the journey, and not at the finish line”

Life’s reason and purpose are substantiated in its activities, rather than the results. Orientating your focus and priority toward the course on the present will deliver sustainable success. Events of the past, and plans of the future are affected by actions of the present. Subsequently, the status of past and future circumstances changes proportionally with the extent in action made in the present reality. Progressive action motivated by spiritual intention is key to the harnessing of meaningful experiences which add to life’s value, where chance to creativity, and new discovery will also become favourable.

Like making a sculpture of yourself where the repetitive hand strokes are to reach refinement in the art work in defining the makeup to your identity. The makeup changes with every single stroke of the hand either in the works of filling cavities, or profiling. The definition of your character tomorrow is formed by the experiences acquired today, which essentially means that your personality is always in the making.

Personality is a culmination of indefinite cycles of births, and past life’s experiences all stored in karmic memory, a sub-conscious state to provide you the instinct to act, or react in a natural way that you do. Such is the doctrine of ‘karma’, a virtual reservoir of recollections or experiences, and provision of new ones. Karmic process is perpetually in motion with continuous manifestation of experiences where paths alter at any given moment through the passage of time. The concept even relates to the laws of physics of Newton, and Einstein. It implies the essence of karma being the ‘energy’ is defined by life’s experience which cannot be eliminated. Life’s richness is clung onto the journey of countless unfolding events. Events can transform into many meaningful experiences by making progressive action with reformed perspective and confidence.


– Part 2 –

“Fear will not take you to the place where your soul wishes to be”

To orchestrate new and meaningful events in your life, you must free yourself from the restraining elements of fear. Fear of failing, or failing again. Fear of losing love, and attention or recognition. Fear of getting emotionally hurt, or being alone. Fear of losing something that you’ve grown accustomed to, or loved ones. Until you learn to manage your fears, you’re like a vessel with a draping sail adrift in the vast sea with no land in sight to bound for. Fear will mount as long as the vessel continues to drift. However, an opened sail gives invitation to hope which will diminish the intensity of fear. In any given circumstance, life must proceed in a forward and progressive pattern for hope and opportunity to prevail with a goal in mind.

To manage fear and insecurity, you need to evoke the inner strength of ‘will’ to place yourself at the helm in command of your vessel to negotiate the seas. If you are Captain of the vessel, then the sea is an extension of your awareness, just as the environment is a reflection of your consciousness. ‘Will’ sprouts from the sense of responsibility in an act of returning a favour. ‘Will’ is determined by the level of understanding, and respect in a relationship which you have with your environment. This means that it’s possible to make adjustments to your environment at ‘will’ to draw the emotion needed to perform a certain task.

Fear is a natural phenomenon in human which cannot be eliminated completely, but the sentiment can be transformed. If you choose fear to remain, then you’ve invited apathy into your life. There is no creativity there. But, if you choose fear to change form, then start analysing the process of past events to release the trapped thought that is infecting your conscience with fear. When thought is put into action you have realised an experience. Thoughts are originally stimulated from intention, and they can only affect the conscience. Until thoughts are put into action, they remain an illusion of the mind.

Anything that you wish to do have a motive attach, a quality that you tap on to provide leverage required in the initiation of your actions. Motive is a derivative of karma. Karmic motive is sometimes insufficient to give impetus to your progress. A strong motive derives from the maturity in your relationship with the environment in co-existence. When respect in that relationship grows, a path is cleared for ‘will’ to walk ‘motive’ through to embrace destiny. There, love, respect and unity awaits to receive you, the essential qualities of your soul.


– Part 3 –

“Analysing the process of past actions will develop a present sense of acceptance through understanding”

Effort is required in analysing the process to draw a better understanding of the result. For example, how does Usain Bolt win his races? Though the 100 metre and 200 metre sprint expert bathes in glory race after race, his coach will analyse the race from the moment Usain got off the starting line to the finish. Even though Usain wins most of his races convincingly, yet analysing his run process reveals the possibility closer to Usain crossing the finish line in second place, or even third should he fail to execute the strategy in the acceleration build-up with perfection. The slightest of a mistake within the first 50 metre of the track is all that it takes to lose the race. Mathematically, in a 100 metre dash race Usain has only half a chance of winning. The performance in the run reveals more of Usain as an athlete than what his result can tell.

“Take charge of your life”, is a phrase used too often without giving due consideration. One must realise that it takes effort to be in that commanding position. Karma is the provider to the degree of maturity in the relationship with your environment. It’s the basis for character variation in tenacity, confidence, passion, compassion, courage etc. Therefore, the degree of effort in the initiation of self-awareness vary from one person to another. Taking reference solely from the result is not the answer to a fulfilling living. Evaluation of life’s past events cannot go without the effort in eliciting truth to explain the outcome. Its fate that your state of awareness is destined to grow further, therefore no one is exempted from the responsibility of engaging in the self-realization exercise. When uncertainty is resolved through cultivating understanding in the process analysis, fear will no longer stand in your way.


– Part 4 –

“The God that you believe rest with the motive of your mind”

Living by analysing, and cultivating the processes of life are similar in exercises to any field research, and development. The primary objective in the field of scientific research for instance is looking for dots to connect in the attempt to understand creation. There is nothing new to find when whatever researchers are looking for already exists, ready to be discovered (hence to word ‘existence’). It’s as if the world is made for you to discover, learn and evolve. The purpose of any research is to set a new level in understanding existence. When connecting the dots is successful, the research has aligned with the environment of study as though the gap in the search is bridged to allow new information to flow in. The collation of information is useful in the implementation of further development. This is the commonality that is shared in all aspects of life, from the study of sciences, and arts to the legislation of monetary, and fiscal policies. When a link is established in search together with the environment, the relationship is then nurtured to harness confidence, and faith.

The God that is responsible for your acquired attribute in self-esteem comes from a self-initiated process, and not the entity. Daily routine in prayer, and meditation are processes which help instill self-esteem. Self-esteem is all about having faith in your own assessment, as well as in God’s motive. It’s a divine quality of acceptance derived from a certain understanding cultivated from the environment which provided the base for study. Imagining the form of God will impinge the development of greater awareness, whilst you need only to realise that God’s essence which is His spirit, or love has always been ‘tagged’ on you. Self-esteem provides the resilience in embracing God’s principles where your faith matures. Whatever form, or image that the mind holds has no substance, whereas the process in making the effort brings meaning to your belief.


– Part 5 –

“The distance between you, and God is a separation measured only by ego”

You don’t have to go far in search of God because the distance between you, and Him is only as big as your ego. Life’s events that creation has laid in your path are clues to assist in your search to return home by leaving all forms behind, and take all experiences with you. That, in essence is living beyond the boundaries of the mind. The way forward.