Civility is the pride of humanity that has stood the test of time. It’s code of conduct remains challenged. Social divide is spreading, and the fear of uncertainty is testing our faith in the civil values that we embraced. It would seem the appeal for love is diminishing. Love is a trend which is becoming harder to sell. Hate is breaking into fashion obstructing wisdom in its path. For our civilization to sustain, love must apply to soften the hard stance of hate. A remedy to allow wisdom to shape a better future.

Hate is rigid, as it is hard. It incites anger, and anger has the effect of collateral damage. Not all anger is the same. Anger with a grudge is particularly dark. It distils from hate that has the element of revenge lodged in the mind to serve only to an unending affliction to self, as well as others. Revenge grips the mind, and provokes the emotion by taking the notion to a level more personal than it deserves which lacks content, and meaning. Intemperance will not open doors to wisdom. The idea of kicking down, and breaking doors won’t give the same emotional effect as opening them with a key. When the wisdom door is damaged, so has its purpose. A broken door is useless as it allows effortless entry without trials. The worthy walks through the doorway of wisdom feeling accepted without having to break anything. It’s our life’s purpose to mend doors to resolve resentments. Though the cycle can be repetitive, but in good conscience love will touch our senses to soften our approach to open the door by turning the key. In that given solace, prisoners of conscience that we are will walk away with a breath of relief each time a fractious thought is allowed to be released from its bind. When this thought vacates, love takes its place to free us. Imagine a sponge in its natural form ready to absorb water. Be like that.

Anger is a derivative of hate, and the other is vanity which is born of pride. Both are equally self-defeating. Somehow God’s mind has a conscience of mercy to guide us through mishaps in order to realise our erroneous exploitations. God has contingency to write the wrongs when we have a reroute with insolence. Merciful He is, but God’s patience has limitation. Since the known of time, the process of ageing is designed to negate the affection for vanity in redeeming God’s will. God’s patience runs along our life journey. Ageing will make anyone realise what they think of the undying lust for vanity, do die. As hate will face shame, vanity will face emptiness. The fad for having a complex is transitory, but it’s a make belief that will leave anyone feeling lonely. God’s mercy reliably rides with us throughout our lives, but it will run thin should we continue having repetitive run-ins with mending our wisdom door.

In our peril, religion comes to our aid when we needed a spiritual guide to help build a sense of hope over senseless hype. Somehow, in our credulous nature, believing in a greater power provides comfort. In humility, we re-established our relationship with God, a higher intelligence in exchange for a sense of security, and eternal protection.

The mind of God is framed within the inception of time, and its demise. In this domain, where space, and time spread defines His imagination. God’s imagination is so far reaching that we will always be trailing in its wake. If the idea of God is omnipotent, then He doesn’t need us to defend Him, or do His bidding, or even bribe Him with love. We have dug ourselves so deep in guilt that we would devise a scheme to bribe God with love in exchange for what is conceived as “unobstructed” passes. Obviously, we will fail to take the bluff to God because our mind sits within His. It’s our intimate nature to commit bribes that will ultimately bring deceit upon ourselves. We know God knows our deepest desire because we orchestrate His thoughts. In other words, by offering God with the gift of ‘love’ with the expectation of a reward in return is a deception that will ultimately prove that we’ve mislead ourselves. Why would God accept our gift? Because, it’s a bait to tempt Him. Temptation is the proclivity to indulge in our weakness that we are warned to refrain. In our action without rational thought behind it, we’ve insulted God and succeeded in reducing His Almightiness to a notch lower. If God is supreme, He doesn’t need anything from us.

If any offering to God has no significance, then we must be standing on weak ground. Our fate hangs in a balance should God cannot be appeased with gifts. So, where do we stand?

We stand by each other.

Just as God stands by us with His mercy, we return the favor by standing by our fellow men. The exchange of gifts is different between God, and Man as opposed to Man, and Man. If you think it’s the same, then your God is a corrupt one.

There is place where the ground doesn’t crumble beneath us. A place of meaning where we learn to love from our hearts in appreciation by coexistence within the spread of God’s domain. Here is where self-sacrifice is rendered without condition, or the need for bribes. When we stand by our fellow men, we grow our love from within, and that itself is gratitude for God’s mercy. God is an illusive reality of its own right. Our existence can only relate to the thought that spreads within the boundary of God’s mind. The mind of play is framed on the game of a snooker table which I’d like to use as a similarity to describe life. Directions, and positions of the balls are predictable from a calculated strike demonstrating life’s karmic law of cause, and effect. For love to be widely appreciated, taking a direct approach to the illusive greatness does not have the same effect as harnessing the love from the spirit of the game. Existence is our salvation.

The depiction of God as ‘Yahweh’, ‘Almighty’, or ‘Allah’ carries the idea of infinite possibilities to those terms. Every religion swears to one true God, a universal God no less. In the pride of upholding religious identity, the term “universal” loses its true meaning. Pride grades God. When religious authorities say that we are one in the eyes of God, but how do we explain the growing division that we are in today? I don’t see a sweeping reform in unity throughout two millennium of human history by upholding the tenet of religions. Instead, religious outfits are trying to outdo each other. Which means, the change that all instituted religions want to bring upon its worshippers is superficial. The true path to lift our faith closer to God is by a personal effort that we can make on our own. It starts from within. To an extend, religious societies have lost their way in unifying the greater population by remedying the symptom, but not the cause much like what medicinal drugs do. The cause will be in a state of suppression. Nevertheless, they do have the recipe in their possession to help worshippers exude humility in knowing there is something in creation that is much greater than themselves. Yet, only we can bring ourselves to recognise this opportunity. To accomplish this process, the recognition of God does matter as it paves the way for our humble act in salutation which matters even more. The act in wanting to reform the mind towards a level of quality in wisdom which must match the sincerity of the initiative. This is essential to the change for a united, and peaceful world that we seek.

It’s not my wish to take anything from the institutions of religion. My intention is to assess, and address our action’s misalignment from our natural desire for wisdom. Unless our perception shifts to mitigate the distortion, we will find ourselves remedicating our afflictions. I am addressing the depth of our need for reform. Our sincerity must be assessed, and put to the test every time before we make our entrance through the doors of temples, churches, mosques, or any places of worship. Put on the attitude which fits the idea of not bringing gifts for bribe. Be more of a follower, rather than a worshipper to accomplish more. Your presence in the company with the congregation of your fellow followers is all that matters. Lest we forget, it’s in the spirit of a mass following that gives birth to religious clubs, and memberships, not God.

We don’t need religion to show kindness, or aggression. The feeling of love, or hate is captured from our personality, but chosen to be in disguise by the cover of religion. It’s a case of human weakness in faith to use religion as an excuse to bail out actions which are actually derived from choices personally made. Somehow, we are drawn to the pretext of religion. Religion is like the clothes we wear that we love showing off so much that in the spirit of sharing that love has been sidelined.

To most of our us, actions don’t reflect the true nature of our intention, because we play to the tune of self-deception. This is where our soul stands apart from our conscious body, and mind. The intuitive mind yearns for peace, but the other chooses fear to stay divided. Fear of the unaccustomed change that draws from our natural defence system. To deliver a clear alignment is the reform that requires honesty without fear. It requires a process in deconstruction of our human make-up to accomplish the challenge that is bestowed upon us. The misalignment is our double standard which makes us hypocrites. Lay your cards clean on the table with nothing to be a shame. This process allows the exchange that will broaden the horizon of our understanding measured by the degree of our virtue. The construction of a meaningful life depends on it. If man walks the path of this humble sway, humanity may be thrown a lifeline, and prevail.


“No man walks the Earth is without flaw”

“When the wisdom door opens, the mind reaches a level of thinking that no longer perceive certain elements of life that were once feared, and ashamed, whereby setting the mind on a balance in acceptance to any given condition”


Meditation on the Penis

A friend was angry. I advised him to do meditation by visualising a stark naked woman. “You will soon find all your body parts loosen up except your penis. That’s how to rid of your bad emotion by shifting it from one “head” to another”, I poked. I like to throw silly jibes at friends from time to time. At this point, what you are reading may appear utter hogwash. But, this is a prelude of an article leading to a plausible suggestion in which I hope there is enough writing skill in me to fulfill the curiosity to take you to the finish.

To put it into perspective, presumably one day my wife asked me for a meditation remedy to help relieve her of anger, I would say, “I don’t have one because you don’t have a penis. Not having one makes you special. But, you can rely on me to vent your anger tru’ my ‘chimney’”. It may not be true for all circumstances, but generally women are more emotional than men as they have the proclivity to bottle up their emotion. Whilst, men are good at opening beer bottles. What if it’s true to assume women suffer from emotional trap in absence of the penis, a task given to men. I am not taking reference to the relationship of husband and wife, nor any of the illicit affairs. I am giving reference to a man, and woman without their human makeup. The fact that you are one part of another to share and reverse an emotion which burdens you, and your opposite is a recognition by will. An act to grow old together in achieving a complete sense of satisfaction, and happiness. Be a man to your woman, and a woman to your man, and your relationship will grow infinitely. Without the human makeup as creation originally intended, you will grow to admire the spirit of your opposite. To draw closer to the true you, you will need to leave those human makeup with conditions in the wake of your mind. If you do this, everyday is a new facelift.


Statistically speaking, men are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than women, and that women are likely to be better survivors. I am not sure where does this leave men as better “bottle openers”. Cancer is known to link to either genetics, diet or lifestyle. Medical practitioners also widely acknowledged the prognosis of cancer survivors does show a relationship with how they wear their emotions on their sleeves. People are so quick to work up an aggression, and petty for attention, or human love. I am no exception. I think we need to loosen up, and let go a little.

Like any other situation, anger is born of two opposing values. Say, you are a strong believer in God, and I am not. We don’t know each other, or even met. When you’ve overheard me in poking fun at God, you reacted in defence thinking my remark implies belittling believers like you. Questions:-

Is it justified to lash out your anger at me based on an assumption of abstract?, or

Is your values worth defending with anger?

If God is the Almighty, logically He does not need you to defend Him. You believe in God, but God may not believe in you. You humbled yourself before Him, but not with His human subjects. Placing yourself feverishly in favour before God is an act of proof to sentiment. In doing so, you’ve made your God an emotional one. You’ve succeeded in reversing the concept of God, and made Him in your own image.

“God made man in His own image” is one which cites the commonality in attributes of the mind, rather than the physical structure. Here, I believe man share the same aspiration with God’s conscience. It’s common to see religious advocators used God as an excuse to cover their pride. We may think they are doing service to God, but they are actually prioritizing themselves by taking God’s name in vain. So, if you’d lashed out at me in anger to defend your belief, your reaction would’ve pride imprinted all over. It’s your ego wanting recognition. Almost everyone that you see in the streets wears a mask. Here again, I am no exception. Sometimes, anger is worth defending, but not the values with insidious intent.

My government has decided to impose goods and services tax that brought immediate public outrage. The public are ridiculing the government of mismanagement of the country’s economy. But I’d say, it pays better to respond, rather than react. After all, life’s journey is always making adjustments to series of disruptions. We should adapt by reasoning, and not by blind resistance. Insinuation precipitates anger. Cultivating anger is stupidity by acting to inviting it, even though we are cynical about it. In my observation, anger brought on by jealousy is the most disturbing kind as it has an insatiable appetite to recycle itself in perpetuity. Jealousy is always obscure, and busy with fuelling from one baseless anger to another. It is self defeating.

Dance with Your Anger

Emotion has the power of persuasion to draw energy from your body. In that sense, emotion is connected to energy. As proven in the law of physics, energy is indestructible however, it can change form. We can reverse our emotion by way of visualizing on something pleasurable creating a distraction upon another. It’s a gift to be able to redeveloped the energy, and returned to where it came, thus escaping a possible trap. Imagine taking your emotion on a car ride, changing directions at will. If the emotion is an unpleasant one, then give it some room and time for the mood to gradually mellow. Then, open the car door, and throw it out. So, dance with your anger, give it a spin in the ballroom and then throw it out of the window. This maybe a play in the psyche, but it is as real as acting. The change in mood is self evident. Sometimes it pays dividends to humour life.

Taking the hard line on resisting angry emotion will dilapitate your mettle because it is your reflection that you are actually engaged in confrontation. It’s a consistent struggle that reminds me of a wrestling match. Two egos bashing up each other. Even when the match was over, they still went on demonstrating their anger at each other. Entertainment or not, it has a schizophrenic effect on me. It’s pointless, and futile. Nonetheless, it’s an industry which provides honest living for the wrestlers, and “much ado about nothing” is the name of their game.

The 50-50 Line, and the Human Makeup

If you think this is about sex, you are wrong but only by half. Sex delivers the certainty of pleasure, but the addiction delivers the uncertainty of otherwise. I seek the nuance which centers on the appeal of sex that is recognizing the relationship of opposites to complete the equation.

“Meditation on the penis” unwittingly crops up from wisecracking and teasing with friends, but digging deeper it has validation, or at least passing it as paradoxical. It it as absurd, and even hilarious as I attempt to break down the wall of normal reasoning. The principle that it centers on is the return to basic. On that path, it’s 50-50. Meaning half a chance on everything. It’s a line drawn between certainty, and uncertainty. This is the line you walk with no condition to conform. But, should you fall onto either side, you could nicely set yourself up on a course of probability, and permutation measuring everything around you in giving them definitions shaping the human makeup. We are caught up to the point of obsession in labelling everything, and everybody with numbers, or ratings. When pride has its way, we overstate the differences between opposites by bigotry. Black or white, good or bad, stupid or clever, big or small etc. It appears now that this is no longer good enough. We need to separate the differences further by rating the same color, same aptitude, or same size in numbers! That would only raise the differences between opposites, wouldn’t it? How is mankind to move forward with this discriminatory mindset when it has the influence on human to human? Where does this desperate need for critical conformity comes from? I remember in my innocence of my youth when everything seemed uncomplicated, and straight forward. I could naturally accept someone for who he/she was, rather than not, or something for what it was rather than not. Your opposite is your 50-50. So, bragging about the superiority of your gender, or skin color in opposing the other is a self-invalidation.

The human makeup is designed to engineer societies at large to reach a consistent opinion claimed as acceptable by popular consensus. It has its shortfall, nonetheless one cannot deny its purpose. When I met my woman, I needed to marry her. So, I dressed up, walked down the church aisle, slipped on a ring around my finger, signed on a paper and posed many, many pictures. Imagine all the makeup I had to put on just to declare myself a husband. Before that, I was a simple man with a penis, and still am. Nothing changed. I guess it’s a part of having fun, and fuss in that segment of my life like watching wrestling except without the schizophrenia.

With all the superstitions and oracles that are widely observed and practised by various cultures and societies worldwide, our existence stays unpredictable. I don’t think our destiny is ever certain. What is certain lies along the 50-50 line of your existence. Truth lies in what creation originally intended for mankind in which has a purpose waiting for you to seek it. It may seem obvious that in realizing the need of your opposite is a purpose, but not THE purpose. Realizing the need for interdependence is the breadcrumb trail to guide you to the “promised land”. In getting to the “promised land” will depend on how strong your desire is for the motive, or spirit of creation whilst detaching yourself from the human makeup. Everyone will have their moment in time when yearning for more truth. The thought on opposites unite, and I don’t mean attract, guides your senses back to where the symphony of creation plays the tune to the age of innocence as you watch your human makeup peels away.

I’ve known about a few methods used in meditation by visualisation. They are namely “meditation on the light”, “meditation on the heart” and “meditation on the breath”. You can now add, “meditation on the penis” to the list. “Meditation on the penis” works on the same principle as many known ones. Even praying engages in self reflection, and contemplation has similarity to meditation. They all deliver by intention, through visualisation with love.

The concept of opposites is a grand scheme of creation. It’s the foundation to our existence, and life’s impetus. It’s explicit, and implicit in nature is confounding. If our existence is a fluke of nature, then you think there may not be God. What if the concept of God is like the process of a dream where human subjects are created by His conscience to play in His ‘bedtime’ stories. Then, one day the human subjects that He’d conjured became self-aware, and understood the force called gravity, and the crucial role it plays on existence. Without gravity, nothing would work. In fact, there would be no universe. In this circumstance, is gravity a fluke of nature? Perhaps not, because there appears to be a mind orchestrating the construction of life to an infinite scale, and coming together in a purposeful way which makes our existence possible only in dreams. Coincidences, or flukes call it what you like, one thing is certain and that is we are destined to exist the way we are. Everytime I looked down into my pants, I am reminded of the good of my opposite, and its portrayal which I can only visualized now as it is blocked by the proverbial belly.

Is this travesty?