Meditation is a “process” to harness a calming effect to the function of your body by synchronizing all parts of you with one mind in one spirit. The objective is to help feel the peace within you from the reconciliation developed between you, and your environment. When you feel that peace, questions that swirls around your mind quite so often about life with that desperate sense of cynicism will matter less. A new priority in kindred spirit is recognised, and takes precedence. When you have peace, naturally you become more controlled, focused and less critical toward your fellow humankind as to reveal your accomplishment of unlocking the potential of your mind.

It has become a cliche when some would say, “empty your mind” or “don’t think” when meditating. Though they are intended to avoid distraction, but it is misleading. Contrarily, others would say observe the flow of your thoughts go by as you gradually relaxed into a meditative mood. It is more precise to expound the features of meditation by articulating the processes involved, and where its purpose will allude to, rather than relying on a unskilled rhetorics that could confuse someone who wanted to see more of the mind through the window of meditation. The art of meditation may seemed arcane, but is simplicity itself.

What is the referred distraction in this context? Distraction is thought that triggers an emotional reaction. Thought alone is not a distraction, but thought conspiring with emotion is. The lifestyle you choose has a connection to the effectiveness of your meditation. For example, giving into temptation by indulgence of guilty pleasures of life develops a habit that will mock emotion. Lesser of such cravings, the lesser you struggle with contradiction and affliction during meditation. If you managed thought well, emotion is avoided. But, thought cannot be rid of as we are sentient beings with an inherited conscience with the liability of emotion. Moreover, conscience is thought on the move with time. Meaning that life is riding its existence on the essence of time. All of that comes to, thinking is existing.

Meditation is ancient art, and still being practised more and more today. It’s not only a management of thought, and reconditioning of the mind. It correlates your conscience with the rhythm of the spiritual realm, and to embrace its vastness. When your mind, and God’s resonate, you can materialize what is only known as pure potential from the spiritual realm into your material or physical reality.

Consider meditation as a conversation with someone with a PHD which requires your undivided attention, and respect. Prepare yourself for clarity of mind with a firm desire ready to receive wisdom. Mantra is the chosen topic. Maintain focus on the spirit of the topic, and don’t stray, or allow anyone walking into the room to interrupt your conversation with the Professor. So, closed all access doors. Now, should you want a constructive conservation avoid putting emotion into contention by allowing thoughts, or any images go by like watching a movie. Don’t bring yourself to connect with them. The meaning that thought has is only as real as being observed, and not imposed by any form of assessment or judgement.

If you choose a mantra like, “Aum Mani Padme Hum” which carries the message of love, then channel the spirit of love into your meditation. Your intention must invariably ride on the spirit of “Aum”, or Existence. It’s worth mentioning here that the underlying message in which the Lord’s prayer encompasses is the spirit of existence. Emphasizing “spirit” to any cause relates to the process. By phrasing “spirit of Aum”, and not just “Aum” or “spirit of love” and not just “love” steers meditation away from the anticipation of an event that has lesser in meaning than the present.

Meditation is a communion of the soul, an original image of creation that must be worthy of trust. Whatever guilty pleasures committed in the past, the inborn goodness inherited from the hand of God buried beneath the human exterior must surface. The trust in God, and His love is what must ensue in the communion of souls. So, have a little faith, and trust yourself even though how minuscule love is that you think you have. The process of meditation grows on you. What matters in meditation is the journey, and not the destination. When all goes well, the connection between thought and emotion will lose its hold on you. Correlation takes place, and you are destined for peace.

Peace be you.