In the Shadow of Time

Yet again, time has allowed us to wake up to another inviting day. This is my tribute to the everlasting time.

Long ago, man needed to establish a connection with the changing pattern of the environment. It required a definitive measure to tell the ageing process of reality, notably life and the engineering aspects of it. Obviously, the measurement of time did not begin with hours, minutes, or seconds. Time’s circular movement was probably realised by the daily repeated appearances of the Sun. After millions of sunrises and sunsets, finally made man smart enough to construct the clock system with the idea of imitating nature’s revolving patterns.

As I am writing about time, let’s challenge yourself with time. Put yourself on the clock with 5 minutes to finish reading this article. Thoughts imparted, formed into words, written by me, and read by you will show a measurement to the intellectual change for which you are about to receive working within the time available. We shall see in 5 minutes that the sacrifice you’ve made by giving your time to read this article will make you a participant to the measurement of time. Change is coming your way.

What is time?

Simply look at your watch, and the contraption will show time revolving. Seconds translate to minutes to hours to days to weeks, months and years. Time is a key attribute to the architect of life as it assisted in providing the necessary space required to the materialisation of life’s grand design. Humanity took many cycles of evolution before waking up to it, along with its attributes that are meant to serve the cause of man’s existence.

I wish to share with you a short bedtime story about time. It would be incomplete if time is spoken without going behind the scene. Before its conception, time has no name. Nevertheless, it has a destiny of sure certainty. Like a human fetus, the unborn ‘time’ rest in a state of absolute potential, waiting for an intervention to free it from its coincidental dream state. Once time comes to mind, it has fulfilled its destiny by shadowing its masters, namely you and me. Our mind, and time shadow each other like mother, and child where thoughts tarry in synchrony with nature’s process, and cycles. Engineering time not only bonded us to it, but also bound us to its unwavering law.

The law of time stands resolutely neutral. It has no conscience, knows not of right or wrong, and itself is without direct value. Uncannily, it has validity to help create value. In that sense its precious. Time doesn’t cheat, but as masters we can choose to cheat ourselves out from it. Time is constantly fair, and repetitive to allow us to take chances that we’d missed again, and again. However, we couldn’t regain the youth that we once had, even if there is a possibility to the suggestion of the Relativity Theory on travelling back in time at the speed of light.

If you needed a favour from time, you will need to go get it. Time is like an obedient servant waiting to please its master. Procrastination will miss opportunities of creating something of value at the expense of time. As “Time, and tide wait for no man”, it’s sensible to make improvements in managing priorities with provision of time available to you whilst mitigating any form of possible regrets that may come your way.

What entails in the management of time?

I quote,

“Walk, don’t run as our destiny lies in the journey, not at the finish line”

Take all matters in our stride with time. Work with time, not against it. Don’t fight time. We will never win, because time never intended a fight with us. It was never our enemy. Amid our hectic schedule, we should occasionally slow our pace down. Take time to smell the roses as the saying goes, not that we owe our time to the presence of beauty, because it simply feels good.

Our past share the same notion as time was, a name no longer has validation whilst the future has many possibilities. No point looking back, and forth. The magic is to put priority on current issues, manage the priorities well, and leave the rest to fate. If we execute this process successfully, time becomes a friend. In synchronising our efforts with time will bring the effect of slowing time down to give our mind the necessary space to organise something important, or even accomplishing something great. In some instances, a sense of space widens to liberate you as if making your escape from the shadow of time. The general consensus of the population prefers the God formulation to approbate spiritual freedom. But, this is an experience that can be cultivated through the power of observation by searching for clues in the behavioral patterns of our environment that are already available to us.

At this point, you are probably running on seconds within the minutes given, and so with a bit of Shakespeare I will bring this to an appropriate conclusion.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite”

This is hope to mankind. In the midst of engineering time which we bound ourselves to, the essence that it once known is missed. The bond with the shadow will be eventually broken, and tears will be shed. Love is our fail-safe to our efforts in the engineering. With love, perhaps time not only slow to reveal the space between frames of our thought, it will stand momentarily still to allow us the experience of what time used to be. Love will be the bridge to get us there at a pace beyond the speed of light – in no time. That’s freedom.

The “Cloak-and-Dagger” of Fallacy

Knowing my interest in life’s subjects on explaining the unexplainable, my daughter recently shared with me there are as many as 20 classifications of fallacy in her study of critical thinking. She referred Ad Hominem Fallacy, Strawman Argument, Appeal to Ignorance, Red Herring Fallacy, to name a few. The Ad Hominem Fallacy vilifies, Strawman Argument put words into the mouth of others, Appeal to Ignorance employs “can be because it’s maybe”, and Red Herring Fallacy is insidious. It’s a subject preferably conducted in a classroom condition, and best that I leave the details to the pursuit of academia. There are many tactics used in fallacy, but they share a common desire of deception with the purpose to gain admiration, and support. Some fallacies obfuscate the truth with the intention of alluding to a supposition.

I am not sure how the thought on this will unfold. So, I am winging it.

Fallacy is employed by almost all politicians to overshadow their opponents, and to draw out a crowd, garnering the support they needed to stay relevant. The arena of politics adopts competition by opposing to establish the superior view. Objecting supposedly says there is an alternative view. Naturally, this invites audiences that are waiting for a reason to give their approval. If the fallacy is convincing enough then the candidates will get to keep their jobs which pays them a living.

Humanity are sentient beings with the power of conscience to conjure anything to keep the perspective of life interesting. The mind is immensely influential in its art in rendering life as a fallacy. This “proclamation” is not entirely false. It has validation from the spiritual, and scientific standpoint. Zen speaks of our physical appearances, and experiences perceived by our 5 basic senses (ie. sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) are merely illusions with the understanding that our conscience is orchestrating them. Science claims that the perception of life’s solidity, and continuity are only limited by the cognitive frequency indicating that there is more to our appearance than meets the eye.

Fallacy is typical of life. It’s in our nature to use fallacy on any circumstances to cover the many representations of life. Disguising love, hate, bravery, fear, forgiving, unforgiving, success and failure are circumstantial acts of deception. Dressing up, or down our image on how we wish to portray ourselves following the different roles we choose to epitomise, be they celebrities in entertainment, political leaders, military, religious leaders, a highly respected family member, and any successful working civilians are archetypal deceptions. We create a paradox of fallacy to hypothesize life to give it context, meaning and hope.

In that, God, religion, karma, and “feng Shui” are highly subjective topics. Some would say, winning a lottery is luck, but it’s a blessing too because God moves in mysterious ways. If God is such a mystery then coincidence, luck and miracles are all the same. Can anyone claim on having experienced the presence of God, or divinity be a fallacy? Sure, it’s their reality against yours, and their words against yours. Is spring possible without going through the cycle of winter first? Can we see the significance of 3 if 2 is skipped? Is virgin birth possible? Did Jesus walk on water? It’s difficult to process miracles, let alone circumstances that don’t follow the natural order that existence which is designed to do. If cheese was squeezed straight out of a cow, people would still doubt. If more trust is needed, and less doubt, perhaps we go back to basics, and deconstruct the thinking to the way once innocence play when anything, and everything are possible. Realistically, that may not be such a good thing from a grown up perspective.

Fallacy, lies, half lies, and half truth. Where is the truth? Is there an absolute truth? Can we handle the truth?

Fallacy creates a world of fantasy seized by pride that will never allow the truth to prevail. Truth lies in the firm hold of pride which confined beliefs, and fantasies to its lair. Having pride in God and religion, or money and power, or success and failure or being gay or vegan is about disguising fear. Truth diminishes when pride tightens its grip on principles, and beliefs. When the grip is loosen, truth releases. Ego has its way with pride to over turn love into lust. We need to constantly pull pride back to be close with the spirit of creation. Only then, God, religion, money, power, success, failure, being gay, or vegan will no longer carry the burden pride, and losing the love for their recognition will make our existence meaningfully real.

So, truth is a matter of pride. With fallacy plays its cards well, truth will have many faces. This is the reason for the growing presence in strife which sets humanity apart. It’s not because of our differences in ethnicity, culture or beliefs, but inflated pride. If pride is managed with humility, our existence will become unquestionably agreeable, and acceptable. Not by lots of noise and arguments, but with silence where fallacy submits.

Truth  ∝ 1/Pride

Truth is inversely proportional to pride. As pride increases in its intensity, truth diminishes. If this mathematical equation has anything to go by, to achieve absolute truth suggests pride equals zero. Is it possible for love to completely replace pride? This means humanity will be completely cured from ignorance. Historically, life doesn’t seem to suggest that because more often than not, it takes pride to love, and forgive. If this attitude persists, mankind cannot go the distance. Perhaps, we can only draw ourselves closer to the infinite, but never arriving at ground zero.

The equation also suggest with lesser pride in God, the greater meaning in God will become. I’ve just realised that I’ve correlated the domain of science, and spiritual with a mathematical equation where the 2 realities are famously known for their incompatibilities. The virtual will invariably remain a fallacy as any attempt to measure them within the purview of our physical laws are inadequate. Unless, we accept to believe, fallacy stands triumphant.

Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I understand that he didn’t coin the phrase, nonetheless he spoke it from a place of wisdom. It suggests a shift in perception to have existence be compatible with our expectations. But, we still seek satisfaction that must be full. This is a fallacy. We must see our existence is an invitation to serve by fitting in with the world that we are born into. This is acceptance with a full stop.

Much of what we do dwells in the process of self-assessment to determine whether our decisions, and actions justify the direction that we are taking in which serves us best. Most of us would rather choose the easy way out, and live beneath the guise of lies to escape persecution. Few would have the guts to live by the truth.  The reality is we are characters of pride with many faces of truth, and absolute truth remains a point too far to see, too close to find.

Flawless Flak – Episode 2: The Pebble Awakens

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” – Confucius (孔子, Kǒngzǐ)

…I have not quite finished writing the last article yet. Oddly, I find myself in need to regurgitate more. Not doing any justice to the pebble, I am compelled to give a more balanced view between the diamond, and pebble as neither can deny the other. What can I say, Confucius had more in mind than it seemed. The single keyword in his short phrase is “flaw” which subsequently differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary by which points the way to guide mankind to better prepare them self. To state “flaw”, is to recognise that everyone has one. To know it, is the awareness playing. To recognise flaw, and the desire to make amend is proof to the requisite of awareness as a gift to mankind.

Awareness by itself is not enough if there is anything to gain from. You need to exploit awareness by coupling with the desire, and action to effect change. The change will expose the flaw to see the ‘diamond’ in you. Or, would you rather choose to turn a blind eye, and not act, and remain ordinary like a ‘pebble’ amongst the infinitely many? To be aware of flaw is the first step in realizing that your worth is more than the ordinary, and that stupidity of the pebble is your motivator.

If you believe fundamentally that we are an entity of two (2) halves (ie. spirit, and physical), then it can only be true that destiny cannot be fulfilled by spiritual will alone. The physical part of you must act on the will to effect the change intended. “It takes two to tango”, taking awareness by the hand, and dance to the tune of your desire to realise it. No action means no life experience. No experience means no relationship with existence. No relationship means no life story. No story means no validation of your existence. Thus, like a pebble lying on the bottom of the river bed amongst the infinitely many with no future, no destiny.

Neale Donald Walsch said in his recent tweet, “You will return to Heaven whether you have loved God in the right way or not. There is no place else to go”. And I tweeted, “We better not return empty handed”.

Character flaws are deceptions. They are not the primary target to the cause of our “crusade”. Deceptions are undefeatable as they will survive under the perpetual protection of pride. Pride is the main target, and enemy within that we must defeat. Confucius saw that by mentioning the flawless pebble which makes the reference to man who sees himself too perfect to realise that he is only a “pebble”. Blinded by the shroud of pride. Infact, the pebble, and diamond are the same entity wherein the quality they each hold is separated only by ego.

The diamond is the wake of a convergence that unveils the expanse of awareness when existence looks back upon you as you are doing the same to have a better view of it from lowering the pride window. How little Confucius had say about something that has so much lingering meaning. He must have woken up from an epiphany. Yet, not devoid from a subtle conundrum hidden between the words is the inevitable role of pride. The unsaid is for man to contemplate in his search for answers. After two (2) long, and a rather exhausting write-up, I’ve come to this;

“Do the bidding of your spirit without pride protecting the deception of your flaw”

“Don’t allow emotion to stray. Nurture it with love to prevent build up, and invasion of character flaw. Without flaw to deceive you, cyclical mistakes will end, and heaven’s gate will open unto you”

“The distance between you, and God is a separation measured only by ego”

Flawless Flak

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without” – Confucius (孔子, Kǒngzǐ)

Knowing a character flaw is in realising the afflictive nature thus causing us to hobble our way with the pain to progress. The emotional injury slows the process of a healthy engagement with existence in which we naturally desire. Indicative to the fact by acknowledging a trait that is flawed is a positive response to move closer to finding a way that will take us forward to embracing our existence with opened arms.

Equally important is that we stay consistent with our character, and remain true to ourselves. We can’t make the changes we desire to ourselves when we are not ready for it. When we are not prepared, and be ready for change, we are bound to face a head wind of resistance. In contradicting self is a form of deception which deceives not only ourselves, but others as well. Standing by who we are not, makes us a selfish hypocrite. Isn’t it better to freely coexist with the worthy flaw, rather to hide it as a lie to be unworthy instead? Flaw is a package deal. With, or without it is a matter of acceptance that makes it unique. After all, who can claim perfection, and free of any wrong doings.

The approach by teaching alone to alter a character habit is unlikely to be effective. “Brain washing” invites doubt. Like all organic forms, sustainable transformation is a process which involves nurturing. It needs the stewardship of meticulous guidance to sow the desired values into the mind. Like students need a guru, and children need parents. A positive transformation takes place with voluntary exchanges where understanding meets acceptance through witnessing the revelation in life’s events. We often asked about the purpose of life. Well, there it is. To seek the revelation, to raise awareness, to draw closer to oneness.

Today, we bear witness to the pillar of integrity of the Catholic Church shaken by sex scandals involving nuns, alter boys and paedophilic cardinals. I hope it stops there. Trouble was coming when scandals of children sexually abused by parishioners appeared on the news. Double trouble arrived when the Vatican knew, but covered them up. Realising the cover up is an act of transgression as well as an unfolding revelation, the Church finds itself reaching out for wisdom in the Lord’s prayer.

Despite the self inflicted predicament, and mounting pressure from the media in spreading the ‘dark’ unspoken secrets within the walls of the Vatican, the Church will survive the tumult. Trust will be restored, as well as the integrity that was once the institution’s center of excellence. Through the stewardship, the pontiff is mending the past errors. Standing by his loyalty to all Christians providing security, and confidence is the quality of stewardship. Unlike leadership which emphasizes rigidly on image. As the Church opens up to reveal their “perfect imperfection” (even John wrote a love song to appreciate life flaws), it will be mending their ways to draw the institution closer to the devotion that was once noble. Lest forget, the virtue of the Catholic Church cradles in the effort of an emperor uniting his people without a bible in hand, but by capturing the spirit in the stewardship of Christ. Unity is the acceptance of differences inspired by the pervading spirit to return into the common fold.

Fundamentally, lies keep people apart, and truth will bring them closer. Lies are toxic particularly when there is an engagement to deceive. To avoid exposure of the poison, do not engage others into the deception. Secrets kept in relationships have insidious feature. Keeping them by choice is meant to betray the engagement of trust to cause hurt. However, a secret without the engagement is not a lie simply because there is no invitation to participate. Therefore, it’s not a deception. This secret is classified as, “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. But, I am afraid there is no exemption of “NYOB” for the Catholic Church, because as we are aware Christians are devotees in common to the church’s cause. Hence, there is confirmation of engagement, and deception is at play.

Undeniably, the Catholic Church is a force with great influence. Establishing parishes across the globe in the movement to bring all peoples to unite in one belief. And in each parish designates a priest to deliver the traits of stewardship that the Church has in mind. In my reckoning, the outcome in exhibiting stewardship has been a poor success. The Vatican should address its subjects in all its churches to emphasize more on the man in the robe, rather the man of it to realise more of God, and not the Church.

So, the journey of healing begins where the Church has placed itself in an unaccustomed position, yet not that unfamiliar only that the table has turned. The teacher is now the student. In realising the administrative flaw in covering up the shame will draw the Church towards humble acceptance in the principle to serve as a subject in God, and not to abuse God’s power by being the subject of it. And, for the many who remained steadfast to the faith, and covenant with the Church and despite the shambles, will be rewarded with the recognition of a diamond with a flaw.

The “Divide”

Renown intellect Deepak Chopra recently made a short video broadcast on the internet. He spoke of the basis of existence is not existence, but the awareness of it. Awareness of existence gives birth to perceptions, and senses that manifest the reality of space, and time – the makeup of the universe as we know it.

Existence, and the awareness of it operate as one, but with a “divide” that has on one side a representation of a mind with definitive form, and the other without. In the analysis of what said, existence is a reflection of awareness which is orchestrated from the basis of potentiality to all possibilities of perception to support the definition of existence that is initially intended. This is arguably the foundation to our being. “Descendants” of Abraham would not concur. They believe in the entity of God as the source of life. A Taoist will have you convinced when thoughts are put in reverse, senses carrying all information will return to a point of origin known as emptiness, or nothing. That is to say, from nothing we came, to nothing we return. From dust we came, to dust we return. It’s all in the interpretation. Despite the differences in views and beliefs, there is one thing all can agree with, and that is the basis of existence began in a virtual realm.

If the basis of existence is awareness, where lies the basis of awareness? Are we intellectually capable enough to go further? If we can’t, do we submit our search to rest solely on acceptance, or faith in ‘there is no God, but Allah’, or without reservation in accepting “nothingness” as the point of origin of thought? Unlike the concept of awareness or God, nothingness supposedly carry no intention, no motivation, no ego and so no reason, nor excuse to bring itself into existence. Cradling from possibly a ‘divine’ inspiration, nothingness (as the word implies) has no motive. And, if words could describe it would likely be adulterated, and misinterpreted as no words made by man could describe the spirit of God. The “divide” has placed us in that position of intellectual limitation, unless the two (2) minds coalesced.

To start from nothing is to suggest the possibility of life’s chapters will one day conclude. Words will be erased from the pages of every book ever written on existence. All will cease to exist. This is hard to decipher, simply because contrary to the purpose, life’s construction is dressed up with stories to provide it support. Story that is constructed by conscience with intention to distil awareness of memories. Meaning to say, awareness, and existence correspond with one another to give each other purpose. Even though the posit of nothingness has its credit, but it’s hard to put a finger on as its implication alone lacks substance to support the argument on the fundamentals of existence that we still grapple to understand. So, nothingness is a paradox which is meant to be conceivably incomprehensible¿

I love to watch the superhero movies that Marvel produces. The storey is compelling with well written script. Super villain, Thanos in the ‘Avengers’ franchise halved the living population of the universe by snapping his fingers with six (6) infinity stones secured on a custom made gauntlet. The stones are a symbolic representation of the source of existence that materialized in once upon a time. Ancient Chinese martial arts too spoke, and taught of five basic (5) elements. By combining the five (5) elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water will bring harmony as opposed to the destructive outcome of the infinity stones of space, reality, time, mind, power and soul. Even if half of life in the universe vaporized by Thanos, the awareness of relationships that once existed is still connected tarrying in the minds of the living. Nothing is forgotten.

Coming to terms with what I had encountered three (3) years ago (which I wrote about last 14 articles ago, “Prayer – A Personal Experience, and Account”) that it’s clear, wisdom lies in acceptance. In our limitation, humbly calls to that compromise. Jolted by the dark, as well as the light, I am guided to embrace the representation of existence. Embracing is not about condoning to the deed of the bad, or even the good. It’s not about the power of human choices, nor about the destruction of bad, nor construction of good to brew self righteousness, and condescension. It’s not about conformity to the prerequisite of life’s status. It’s about accepting the balance of what was, is, then, and not to challenge it. In the state where the soul meets the eye, there is no distinction between what we think is correct, or incorrect. However, to exist means right given to serve the need of awareness, and provide answers to its cause. But, the right is not ours to reject.

Possibly Jesus’s final words of wisdom delivered to mankind, “resist not evil” is about embracing existence, and not to reject. It’s a validation to the wisdom of love for all things which is synonymous to Buddha’s walk the middle path to appreciate the balance in which existence offers. To be aware of existence means living constantly in every moment of its development validated by new births. This is what I am bringing home. It’s the presence state of mind in complete acceptance of the pursuit of awareness which gives birth to life’s context, and meaning.

Again, to exist is testament of the right given by awareness to attend to its need, and that Yahweh, God or Allah is awareness expressing itself. Deepak’s view on awareness is referencing the eternal soul that is not a subject to time, nor space. Essentially, we are beings with timeless souls – time travellers if you like. In that sense, all can agree that awareness is key to the manifestation of existence, and its perpetual development. It’s also recognised as the source of intelligence provoked by an awakening to unravel the enigma of awareness, and its reflection that run along the “divide”.

Judge Only Stand to be Judged

With the advent of Easter, and in the spirit of its celebration, this article which I am posting is a timely message. Recently, I’ve posted a comment in response to a blog which wrote about the celebrity college scandal that has just surfaced from the news. It was well written with good coverage of views from different angles, and I felt needed to share my thoughts on that as well. My comment was short, and precise but I’d like to expound further for my readers’ benefit.

First, I wish to discourage anyone who is already thinking of playing a role in the gossip of the celebrity’s misdemeanour. That is to say, pay no mind on the news reporting on cases like the recent celebrity college scam. The hype the media has created is tempting me to pass judgement on fellow human-beings in thinking I am better. Being overly critical of other people’s affairs is a troubling disposition. Personally, I don’t like to go there as it’s not my business. It’s a trap which lures me to protect, and cover up my ego.

Celebrities who are caught bending the rules are mothers, and they did what any responsible mother would do in their given capacity to provide the best for their children. Who are we to judge them on the moral platform? It’s complicated. But, they did take a shortcut that eventually met with a detour. That’s life’s way of implying something that is not quite right, and fair, and a correction is needed. If anything that comes out good from this transaction is more money for the college that can be put to good use that benefits students, and teachers.

Do good, we to enter heaven. Do the bad, we enter hell. That is the general belief. Can we determine what is good, or bad without knowing the intention of the person who has committed the act in question? Like Jesus who stood facing the crowd that judged him over Barabbas. Barabbas the murderer was freed, Jesus was sentenced to death. So, who enters heaven, and who enters hell when death knocks? We have Jesus, Barabbas and the crowd of freelance “judges” to match them to heaven, and hell. You may think Jesus steps into heaven, Barabbas has to pay his debt in hell, and the “judges” will be dancing in limbo. Let’s pause here for moment, and think about what you are thinking now. See what I’ve just made you do? I’ve persuaded you to pass judgement on others that you don’t even know. We are so quick to prejudice that it has become a habit of second nature. Public judgement is detrimental to that effect. I think it’s wise to observe the red line. Stay on your side unless you are invited over, or defend the right to your space when it has been violated. We need to respect the space of others that they deserve by allowing them with that space to grow as you have been given that same opportunity. If the affair of others does not concern you, learn to control the urge to pass judgment, and remain tight lip. In short and subtle, mind your own beeswax.

The idea of heaven, and hell lies in the conscience. We are beings of conscience. There is no way by force to free ourselves from this invisible bind that God has woven into the human canvas. We need to pay our “dues” for freedom. Where death will eventually take us, is a “place” only as good as our conscience that we have prepared ourselves for. It’s an intimate affair. No one knows better than you of yourself. That is why we can pass judgement only upon ourselves, and not by others.

The development of self-awareness is something that all must take part by making an effort to make it happen. Thought must be put into action if we want to live in a better circumstance. If everyone tunes in to love, and tune out differentiating them self with others, we would live with more honest pleasures, rather than succumbing to suspicious mind. So, is your conscience clear of guilt?

Thank you for tuning in. Happy Easter.


Civility is the pride of humanity that has stood the test of time. It’s code of conduct remains challenged. Social divide is spreading, and the fear of uncertainty is testing our faith in the civil values that we embraced. It would seem the appeal for love is diminishing. Love is a trend which is becoming harder to sell. Hate is breaking into fashion obstructing wisdom in its path. For our civilization to sustain, love must apply to soften the hard stance of hate. A remedy to allow wisdom to shape a better future.

Hate is rigid, as it is hard. It incites anger, and anger has the effect of collateral damage. Not all anger is the same. Anger with a grudge is particularly dark. It distils from hate that has the element of revenge lodged in the mind to serve only to an unending affliction to self, as well as others. Revenge grips the mind, and provokes the emotion by taking the notion to a level more personal than it deserves which lacks content, and meaning. Intemperance will not open doors to wisdom. The idea of kicking down, and breaking doors won’t give the same emotional effect as opening them with a key. When the wisdom door is damaged, so has its purpose. A broken door is useless as it allows effortless entry without trials. The worthy walks through the doorway of wisdom feeling accepted without having to break anything. It’s our life’s purpose to mend doors to resolve resentments. Though the cycle can be repetitive, but in good conscience love will touch our senses to soften our approach to open the door by turning the key. In that given solace, prisoners of conscience that we are will walk away with a breath of relief each time a fractious thought is allowed to be released from its bind. When this thought vacates, love takes its place to free us. Imagine a sponge in its natural form ready to absorb water. Be like that.

Anger is a derivative of hate, and the other is vanity which is born of pride. Both are equally self-defeating. Somehow God’s mind has a conscience of mercy to guide us through mishaps in order to realise our erroneous exploitations. God has contingency to write the wrongs when we have a reroute with insolence. Merciful He is, but God’s patience has limitation. Since the known of time, the process of ageing is designed to negate the affection for vanity in redeeming God’s will. God’s patience runs along our life journey. Ageing will make anyone realise what they think of the undying lust for vanity, do die. As hate will face shame, vanity will face emptiness. The fad for having a complex is transitory, but it’s a make belief that will leave anyone feeling lonely. God’s mercy reliably rides with us throughout our lives, but it will run thin should we continue having repetitive run-ins with mending our wisdom door.

In our peril, religion comes to our aid when we needed a spiritual guide to help build a sense of hope over senseless hype. Somehow, in our credulous nature, believing in a greater power provides comfort. In humility, we re-established our relationship with God, a higher intelligence in exchange for a sense of security, and eternal protection.

The mind of God is framed within the inception of time, and its demise. In this domain, where space, and time spread defines His imagination. God’s imagination is so far reaching that we will always be trailing in its wake. If the idea of God is omnipotent, then He doesn’t need us to defend Him, or do His bidding, or even bribe Him with love. We have dug ourselves so deep in guilt that we would devise a scheme to bribe God with love in exchange for what is conceived as “unobstructed” passes. Obviously, we will fail to take the bluff to God because our mind sits within His. It’s our intimate nature to commit bribes that will ultimately bring deceit upon ourselves. We know God knows our deepest desire because we orchestrate His thoughts. In other words, by offering God with the gift of ‘love’ with the expectation of a reward in return is a deception that will ultimately prove that we’ve mislead ourselves. Why would God accept our gift? Because, it’s a bait to tempt Him. Temptation is the proclivity to indulge in our weakness that we are warned to refrain. In our action without rational thought behind it, we’ve insulted God and succeeded in reducing His Almightiness to a notch lower. If God is supreme, He doesn’t need anything from us.

If any offering to God has no significance, then we must be standing on weak ground. Our fate hangs in a balance should God cannot be appeased with gifts. So, where do we stand?

We stand by each other.

Just as God stands by us with His mercy, we return the favor by standing by our fellow men. The exchange of gifts is different between God, and Man as opposed to Man, and Man. If you think it’s the same, then your God is a corrupt one.

There is place where the ground doesn’t crumble beneath us. A place of meaning where we learn to love from our hearts in appreciation by coexistence within the spread of God’s domain. Here is where self-sacrifice is rendered without condition, or the need for bribes. When we stand by our fellow men, we grow our love from within, and that itself is gratitude for God’s mercy. God is an illusive reality of its own right. Our existence can only relate to the thought that spreads within the boundary of God’s mind. The mind of play is framed on the game of a snooker table which I’d like to use as a similarity to describe life. Directions, and positions of the balls are predictable from a calculated strike demonstrating life’s karmic law of cause, and effect. For love to be widely appreciated, taking a direct approach to the illusive greatness does not have the same effect as harnessing the love from the spirit of the game. Existence is our salvation.

The depiction of God as ‘Yahweh’, ‘Almighty’, or ‘Allah’ carries the idea of infinite possibilities to those terms. Every religion swears to one true God, a universal God no less. In the pride of upholding religious identity, the term “universal” loses its true meaning. Pride grades God. When religious authorities say that we are one in the eyes of God, but how do we explain the growing division that we are in today? I don’t see a sweeping reform in unity throughout two millennium of human history by upholding the tenet of religions. Instead, religious outfits are trying to outdo each other. Which means, the change that all instituted religions want to bring upon its worshippers is superficial. The true path to lift our faith closer to God is by a personal effort that we can make on our own. It starts from within. To an extend, religious societies have lost their way in unifying the greater population by remedying the symptom, but not the cause much like what medicinal drugs do. The cause will be in a state of suppression. Nevertheless, they do have the recipe in their possession to help worshippers exude humility in knowing there is something in creation that is much greater than themselves. Yet, only we can bring ourselves to recognise this opportunity. To accomplish this process, the recognition of God does matter as it paves the way for our humble act in salutation which matters even more. The act in wanting to reform the mind towards a level of quality in wisdom which must match the sincerity of the initiative. This is essential to the change for a united, and peaceful world that we seek.

It’s not my wish to take anything from the institutions of religion. My intention is to assess, and address our action’s misalignment from our natural desire for wisdom. Unless our perception shifts to mitigate the distortion, we will find ourselves remedicating our afflictions. I am addressing the depth of our need for reform. Our sincerity must be assessed, and put to the test every time before we make our entrance through the doors of temples, churches, mosques, or any places of worship. Put on the attitude which fits the idea of not bringing gifts for bribe. Be more of a follower, rather than a worshipper to accomplish more. Your presence in the company with the congregation of your fellow followers is all that matters. Lest we forget, it’s in the spirit of a mass following that gives birth to religious clubs, and memberships, not God.

We don’t need religion to show kindness, or aggression. The feeling of love, or hate is captured from our personality, but chosen to be in disguise by the cover of religion. It’s a case of human weakness in faith to use religion as an excuse to bail out actions which are actually derived from choices personally made. Somehow, we are drawn to the pretext of religion. Religion is like the clothes we wear that we love showing off so much that in the spirit of sharing that love has been sidelined.

To most of our us, actions don’t reflect the true nature of our intention, because we play to the tune of self-deception. This is where our soul stands apart from our conscious body, and mind. The intuitive mind yearns for peace, but the other chooses fear to stay divided. Fear of the unaccustomed change that draws from our natural defence system. To deliver a clear alignment is the reform that requires honesty without fear. It requires a process in deconstruction of our human make-up to accomplish the challenge that is bestowed upon us. The misalignment is our double standard which makes us hypocrites. Lay your cards clean on the table with nothing to be a shame. This process allows the exchange that will broaden the horizon of our understanding measured by the degree of our virtue. The construction of a meaningful life depends on it. If man walks the path of this humble sway, humanity may be thrown a lifeline, and prevail.


“No man walks the Earth is without flaw”

“When the wisdom door opens, the mind reaches a level of thinking that no longer perceive certain elements of life that were once feared, and ashamed, whereby setting the mind on a balance in acceptance to any given condition”

Battery of God

Man lives by the trail of his thoughts branching out decisions that chart the future of humanity with time. The facade of our tangible reality is a manifestation of thought. Thought is like a word which can be composed into a paragraph arrangement, and with a multitude of it would’ve a novel written. Life’s grand design would appear to be made in that order of logic. Thoughts transforms our existence, and ultimately defines it. Where does thought come from? The delivery of thought has a pattern which flows like a river just as the way I am now methodically writing down my thoughts in order for you to grasp my meaning. A string of thought is a trail with a point of origin, a source where intention is stored. Tracing on the trail of thought backwards may lead us to that source where thoughts are induced, and regurgitated. I reference the notion of the movement of thought to the design of a battery. When the battery’s two opposing terminals make contact with a conductor, energy is harnessed from its system, and electric current starts to flow distributing energy throughout the closed loop circuitry. Without bridging the terminals, the battery will remain in its chemistry as pure potential ever ready to be tapped, and converted. Our reality exhibits similar fashion as to how a battery works where thought is identified as the electric current, and prior to that is a mixture of chemicals, or electrolyte ready to express itself through intention.

So it would seem that our physical existence is engineered by thoughtful planning although some may argue that life began by chance. That may be, but it can be counter argued that life is engineered to give chance a go. Like the wonder of a battery which is engineered to give a light bulb energy to glow, and generate electromotive force (emf) to turn motors. Akin the battery to God-like will invite sceptics to debunk the proof to the existence of a greater intelligence. Even though a battery demonstrates that it has the capacity to precipitate elements of life, but as long as there is still the slightest of chance to claim that life is an evolution through a sequence of coincidences, God will never be absolute. Yet, we return to this point of decourse time, and time again because it’s intuitively hard to accept the intricate complexity of a perfectly functional life could’ve happened by chance. Imagine Earth as a gigantic battery. A fully functional space vessel engineered to support life. It has two opposing magnetic poles generating a magnetic field which envelopes the entire planet. The magnetic field is known to serve as a protective shield, and possibly the cause that put our planet on a perpetual spin on its axis to centrifuge gravity. Without gravity, the laws of physic as we know it cannot apply. Nothing works without the element of gravity. Someone knew something about gravity, and decided to add it into the ingredient of our existence. I am inclined to think that our lives started from the drawing board. Then, skillfully crafted, and shaped by a higher hand of greater intelligence.

Life’s manifestation is engineered by a concocted chemistry of conscience much like in a battery. How does this collective, or mixture of chemicals come about? Who made the battery? Battery is a god to the God that made it. Who made God? Is it GOD? So, GOD made God who made god who made the battery. God’s ancestral list can be a long one which goes to show when the subject of God is opened to debate it appends possibilities to all probabilities, and improbabilities of a greater intelligence. If this keeps up, extraterrestrial beings could well end up in that list. Here is the talking point which turn the corner. It’s meaningless to think of God. In many occasions apart from what is stated in holy books, God is conveniently mentioned in the attempt to bridge the gap in our inability to explain the unexplainable, and rightly so. If our focus is so intense on the idea of God, we could easily missed the picture of life. Standing too close to anything takes away the greater view from sight. Life is an expression of intention once stood united as a collective conscience. Sensibly, life’s credo should mirror the ecstacy of unity consciousness by inviting, and expressing peace in living along with existence without fear of the ending.

As mentioned, God is not absolute as long as the thinnest slice of possibility is given to chance. The slightest of doubt can deposed the idea of God. Ironically, God frequently return to the discussions making itself valid by riding on that doubt as a hidden notion which could bring balance to the equation of existence. However, the plot can easily flipped over to the side of the argument. Should the notion that life is remotely close to being engineered, then the ambiguity would turn to favour the existence of God in setting up humanity on a measured path with untold destiny. Doubt is standing on weak ground. Much like the conservation of energy that must be respected in the fundamental law of physic. God is the doubtful undetectable latent energy that has inexplicably disappeared, but we know it’s there. The Higgs boson story, also known as ‘The God particle’ travels on similar path. Doubtful in mind, but intuitively they knew it was there in order to complete the mathematical model to the foundation of existence that we stand by. The God that is spoken here is not outward bound. It lies between paragraphs. It lurks in the background between thoughts. It’s without form, but a whimsical spirit that ignites life.

Anything that is engineered as we know has a limited life span, and so is life. The energy that once gave life a start will gradually dissipate from it, and draws back to its source. A 100% redemption would be ideal to maintain the law of God in a healthy balance with sustainability. How efficient every man manages his inherent life is known by the degree of peace that he brings to his existence with himself. The energy in which he fails to convert fully to the love for God will be left behind to serve as remnants of entropy. As life has a given time, so as the battery of God that will one day dry up. Unless, it’s rechargeable. For God to recharge his ambition for humanity, man must return that love.

Meditation on the Penis

A friend was angry. I advised him to do meditation by visualising a stark naked woman. “You will soon find all your body parts loosen up except your penis. That’s how to rid of your bad emotion by shifting it from one “head” to another”, I poked. I like to throw silly jibes at friends from time to time. At this point, what you are reading may appear utter hogwash. But, this is a prelude of an article leading to a plausible suggestion in which I hope there is enough writing skill in me to fulfill the curiosity to take you to the finish.

To put it into perspective, presumably one day my wife asked me for a meditation remedy to help relieve her of anger, I would say, “I don’t have one because you don’t have a penis. Not having one makes you special. But, you can rely on me to vent your anger tru’ my ‘chimney’”. It may not be true for all circumstances, but generally women are more emotional than men as they have the proclivity to bottle up their emotion. Whilst, men are good at opening beer bottles. What if it’s true to assume women suffer from emotional trap in absence of the penis, a task given to men. I am not taking reference to the relationship of husband and wife, nor any of the illicit affairs. I am giving reference to a man, and woman without their human makeup. The fact that you are one part of another to share and reverse an emotion which burdens you, and your opposite is a recognition by will. An act to grow old together in achieving a complete sense of satisfaction, and happiness. Be a man to your woman, and a woman to your man, and your relationship will grow infinitely. Without the human makeup as creation originally intended, you will grow to admire the spirit of your opposite. To draw closer to the true you, you will need to leave those human makeup with conditions in the wake of your mind. If you do this, everyday is a new facelift.


Statistically speaking, men are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than women, and that women are likely to be better survivors. I am not sure where does this leave men as better “bottle openers”. Cancer is known to link to either genetics, diet or lifestyle. Medical practitioners also widely acknowledged the prognosis of cancer survivors does show a relationship with how they wear their emotions on their sleeves. People are so quick to work up an aggression, and petty for attention, or human love. I am no exception. I think we need to loosen up, and let go a little.

Like any other situation, anger is born of two opposing values. Say, you are a strong believer in God, and I am not. We don’t know each other, or even met. When you’ve overheard me in poking fun at God, you reacted in defence thinking my remark implies belittling believers like you. Questions:-

Is it justified to lash out your anger at me based on an assumption of abstract?, or

Is your values worth defending with anger?

If God is the Almighty, logically He does not need you to defend Him. You believe in God, but God may not believe in you. You humbled yourself before Him, but not with His human subjects. Placing yourself feverishly in favour before God is an act of proof to sentiment. In doing so, you’ve made your God an emotional one. You’ve succeeded in reversing the concept of God, and made Him in your own image.

“God made man in His own image” is one which cites the commonality in attributes of the mind, rather than the physical structure. Here, I believe man share the same aspiration with God’s conscience. It’s common to see religious advocators used God as an excuse to cover their pride. We may think they are doing service to God, but they are actually prioritizing themselves by taking God’s name in vain. So, if you’d lashed out at me in anger to defend your belief, your reaction would’ve pride imprinted all over. It’s your ego wanting recognition. Almost everyone that you see in the streets wears a mask. Here again, I am no exception. Sometimes, anger is worth defending, but not the values with insidious intent.

My government has decided to impose goods and services tax that brought immediate public outrage. The public are ridiculing the government of mismanagement of the country’s economy. But I’d say, it pays better to respond, rather than react. After all, life’s journey is always making adjustments to series of disruptions. We should adapt by reasoning, and not by blind resistance. Insinuation precipitates anger. Cultivating anger is stupidity by acting to inviting it, even though we are cynical about it. In my observation, anger brought on by jealousy is the most disturbing kind as it has an insatiable appetite to recycle itself in perpetuity. Jealousy is always obscure, and busy with fuelling from one baseless anger to another. It is self defeating.

Dance with Your Anger

Emotion has the power of persuasion to draw energy from your body. In that sense, emotion is connected to energy. As proven in the law of physics, energy is indestructible however, it can change form. We can reverse our emotion by way of visualizing on something pleasurable creating a distraction upon another. It’s a gift to be able to redeveloped the energy, and returned to where it came, thus escaping a possible trap. Imagine taking your emotion on a car ride, changing directions at will. If the emotion is an unpleasant one, then give it some room and time for the mood to gradually mellow. Then, open the car door, and throw it out. So, dance with your anger, give it a spin in the ballroom and then throw it out of the window. This maybe a play in the psyche, but it is as real as acting. The change in mood is self evident. Sometimes it pays dividends to humour life.

Taking the hard line on resisting angry emotion will dilapitate your mettle because it is your reflection that you are actually engaged in confrontation. It’s a consistent struggle that reminds me of a wrestling match. Two egos bashing up each other. Even when the match was over, they still went on demonstrating their anger at each other. Entertainment or not, it has a schizophrenic effect on me. It’s pointless, and futile. Nonetheless, it’s an industry which provides honest living for the wrestlers, and “much ado about nothing” is the name of their game.

The 50-50 Line, and the Human Makeup

If you think this is about sex, you are wrong but only by half. Sex delivers the certainty of pleasure, but the addiction delivers the uncertainty of otherwise. I seek the nuance which centers on the appeal of sex that is recognizing the relationship of opposites to complete the equation.

“Meditation on the penis” unwittingly crops up from wisecracking and teasing with friends, but digging deeper it has validation, or at least passing it as paradoxical. It it as absurd, and even hilarious as I attempt to break down the wall of normal reasoning. The principle that it centers on is the return to basic. On that path, it’s 50-50. Meaning half a chance on everything. It’s a line drawn between certainty, and uncertainty. This is the line you walk with no condition to conform. But, should you fall onto either side, you could nicely set yourself up on a course of probability, and permutation measuring everything around you in giving them definitions shaping the human makeup. We are caught up to the point of obsession in labelling everything, and everybody with numbers, or ratings. When pride has its way, we overstate the differences between opposites by bigotry. Black or white, good or bad, stupid or clever, big or small etc. It appears now that this is no longer good enough. We need to separate the differences further by rating the same color, same aptitude, or same size in numbers! That would only raise the differences between opposites, wouldn’t it? How is mankind to move forward with this discriminatory mindset when it has the influence on human to human? Where does this desperate need for critical conformity comes from? I remember in my innocence of my youth when everything seemed uncomplicated, and straight forward. I could naturally accept someone for who he/she was, rather than not, or something for what it was rather than not. Your opposite is your 50-50. So, bragging about the superiority of your gender, or skin color in opposing the other is a self-invalidation.

The human makeup is designed to engineer societies at large to reach a consistent opinion claimed as acceptable by popular consensus. It has its shortfall, nonetheless one cannot deny its purpose. When I met my woman, I needed to marry her. So, I dressed up, walked down the church aisle, slipped on a ring around my finger, signed on a paper and posed many, many pictures. Imagine all the makeup I had to put on just to declare myself a husband. Before that, I was a simple man with a penis, and still am. Nothing changed. I guess it’s a part of having fun, and fuss in that segment of my life like watching wrestling except without the schizophrenia.

With all the superstitions and oracles that are widely observed and practised by various cultures and societies worldwide, our existence stays unpredictable. I don’t think our destiny is ever certain. What is certain lies along the 50-50 line of your existence. Truth lies in what creation originally intended for mankind in which has a purpose waiting for you to seek it. It may seem obvious that in realizing the need of your opposite is a purpose, but not THE purpose. Realizing the need for interdependence is the breadcrumb trail to guide you to the “promised land”. In getting to the “promised land” will depend on how strong your desire is for the motive, or spirit of creation whilst detaching yourself from the human makeup. Everyone will have their moment in time when yearning for more truth. The thought on opposites unite, and I don’t mean attract, guides your senses back to where the symphony of creation plays the tune to the age of innocence as you watch your human makeup peels away.

I’ve known about a few methods used in meditation by visualisation. They are namely “meditation on the light”, “meditation on the heart” and “meditation on the breath”. You can now add, “meditation on the penis” to the list. “Meditation on the penis” works on the same principle as many known ones. Even praying engages in self reflection, and contemplation has similarity to meditation. They all deliver by intention, through visualisation with love.

The concept of opposites is a grand scheme of creation. It’s the foundation to our existence, and life’s impetus. It’s explicit, and implicit in nature is confounding. If our existence is a fluke of nature, then you think there may not be God. What if the concept of God is like the process of a dream where human subjects are created by His conscience to play in His ‘bedtime’ stories. Then, one day the human subjects that He’d conjured became self-aware, and understood the force called gravity, and the crucial role it plays on existence. Without gravity, nothing would work. In fact, there would be no universe. In this circumstance, is gravity a fluke of nature? Perhaps not, because there appears to be a mind orchestrating the construction of life to an infinite scale, and coming together in a purposeful way which makes our existence possible only in dreams. Coincidences, or flukes call it what you like, one thing is certain and that is we are destined to exist the way we are. Everytime I looked down into my pants, I am reminded of the good of my opposite, and its portrayal which I can only visualized now as it is blocked by the proverbial belly.

Is this travesty?


Meditation is a “process” to harness a calming effect to the function of your body by synchronizing all parts of you with one mind in one spirit. The objective is to help feel the peace within you from the reconciliation developed between you, and your environment. When you feel that peace, questions that swirls around your mind quite so often about life with that desperate sense of cynicism will matter less. A new priority in kindred spirit is recognised, and takes precedence. When you have peace, naturally you become more controlled, focused and less critical toward your fellow humankind as to reveal your accomplishment of unlocking the potential of your mind.

It has become a cliche when some would say, “empty your mind” or “don’t think” when meditating. Though they are intended to avoid distraction, but it is misleading. Contrarily, others would say observe the flow of your thoughts go by as you gradually relaxed into a meditative mood. It is more precise to expound the features of meditation by articulating the processes involved, and where its purpose will allude to, rather than relying on a unskilled rhetorics that could confuse someone who wanted to see more of the mind through the window of meditation. The art of meditation may seemed arcane, but is simplicity itself.

What is the referred distraction in this context? Distraction is thought that triggers an emotional reaction. Thought alone is not a distraction, but thought conspiring with emotion is. The lifestyle you choose has a connection to the effectiveness of your meditation. For example, giving into temptation by indulgence of guilty pleasures of life develops a habit that will mock emotion. Lesser of such cravings, the lesser you struggle with contradiction and affliction during meditation. If you managed thought well, emotion is avoided. But, thought cannot be rid of as we are sentient beings with an inherited conscience with the liability of emotion. Moreover, conscience is thought on the move with time. Meaning that life is riding its existence on the essence of time. All of that comes to, thinking is existing.

Meditation is ancient art, and still being practised more and more today. It’s not only a management of thought, and reconditioning of the mind. It correlates your conscience with the rhythm of the spiritual realm, and to embrace its vastness. When your mind, and God’s resonate, you can materialize what is only known as pure potential from the spiritual realm into your material or physical reality.

Consider meditation as a conversation with someone with a PHD which requires your undivided attention, and respect. Prepare yourself for clarity of mind with a firm desire ready to receive wisdom. Mantra is the chosen topic. Maintain focus on the spirit of the topic, and don’t stray, or allow anyone walking into the room to interrupt your conversation with the Professor. So, closed all access doors. Now, should you want a constructive conservation avoid putting emotion into contention by allowing thoughts, or any images go by like watching a movie. Don’t bring yourself to connect with them. The meaning that thought has is only as real as being observed, and not imposed by any form of assessment or judgement.

If you choose a mantra like, “Aum Mani Padme Hum” which carries the message of love, then channel the spirit of love into your meditation. Your intention must invariably ride on the spirit of “Aum”, or Existence. It’s worth mentioning here that the underlying message in which the Lord’s prayer encompasses is the spirit of existence. Emphasizing “spirit” to any cause relates to the process. By phrasing “spirit of Aum”, and not just “Aum” or “spirit of love” and not just “love” steers meditation away from the anticipation of an event that has lesser in meaning than the present.

Meditation is a communion of the soul, an original image of creation that must be worthy of trust. Whatever guilty pleasures committed in the past, the inborn goodness inherited from the hand of God buried beneath the human exterior must surface. The trust in God, and His love is what must ensue in the communion of souls. So, have a little faith, and trust yourself even though how minuscule love is that you think you have. The process of meditation grows on you. What matters in meditation is the journey, and not the destination. When all goes well, the connection between thought and emotion will lose its hold on you. Correlation takes place, and you are destined for peace.

Peace be you.