A Jesus Story

I had a dream of myself having a light conversation with Jesus while walking on an easy going Sunday morning. Off the top of my head I swiftly suggested that we go fishing, but Jesus declined because he had a duty in attending a mass to grace his followers with blessing to forgive them for their sins.

“Why remove their sins?”, I asked curiously.

“So that they will be consciously free from guilt, and ready to embrace heaven”, Jesus firmly replied.

“I mean, aren’t we all supposed to have sin for us to work on in the search to know ourselves?”, I reasoned

“By excising sins you are depriving the people of the experience they needed from their journey of life. Such an act is intervening in the design of divinity that concluded its fate prematurely. Will heaven not be loitering with unskilled, lazy, and complacent souls? Master, kindly enlighten me on where would be the evidence of this wisdom?”, I expounded.

Momentarily Jesus looked sharply right at me, took a deep breath, lifted his shoulders, then bolted. “The hell with them. Let’s go fishing!”, Jesus called out.

Those who still struggle in reconciling with the conscience, just you know Jesus went fishing.