Monocle of Life’s Anecdote

A friend once said to me that we are all prisoners of this world. I didn’t fully agree with him at that time, but I now think he isn’t wrong. Jesus, Buddha or even Ghandi are inmates who were giving their best shot in rolling the dice to get us out of jail free. All we need to do is repent. It’s that simple, but don’t leave the sincerity behind. Respected, revered and even regarded as heroes to many, preachers of the free got themselves shot, probably poisoned and hung on the cross for the cause they fervently believed in, and championed. That’s how it is if we want to be a hero, we need to be dramatic. Heroes die from death so tragic that their dramas are planted in our minds, repeated even for them to be remembered for a long, long time. The pain, and distance heroes endured in order to convince us of the pathway to a reality free from the gravity of our sins speaks plainly of their intention in the betterment of mankind is genuinely sincere. Somehow, we played along to the righteous tune, but only pretending to accept that this prison world isn’t paradise. Strangely, there is still doubt even with the sacrifices our heroes made for us.

And so, stuck in this planetary gravitation that literally glued us to the floor we immersed ourselves in its natural glory of multi-colored trees, vegetation, vast blue oceans, artistic skies and snowy mountains. Caressing the surfaces of our skin with the wind, rain, and warmth of the Sun to tease our senses. Surely, a paradise where the sway of temptation is uncontrollably irresistible. But never mind, the prison warden reveals pretenders are heading to the gallows when death frames paradise into a memory, and the lingering silence is finally broken to bear the doubt of the illusion.