The Contract

“God is created by humans for the practice of devotion”, commented Sadhguru. 

“In India, there were 300 million Gods when the population was 300 million. When invaders arrived, the Indians became shy of creating new gods”

“When everyone is allowed to have their own gods, there is no war. When everyone is behind only one or two gods, people do silly things in the name of their gods” – Sadhguru

Worshipping one God, or many of any gods, the faiths share the same principle in embracing divinity. God has little to do with the construct of our faith which we take to question attempting to find reasons to defend our actions. Huh? Don’t worry, further clarification will surface in the round up of this write up. Onwardly, I am addressing humanity’s psychological construct with its self-afflicting nature. 

Sadhguru alluded to the culture of multiple gods worshipping that encouraged a positive state of affairs. Men who fought in wars to defend religious beliefs laid down their righteous virtues to contest (ie. the holier-than-thou approach). It’s not the objects of god that stood between men and war, it was the contract that they upheld with their virtual protector. The underlying cause for bloodshed was men on both sides of the divide cheated, and broke their own covenant of faith in which they believed was divine. The irony of pledging their faith to God, then backtracked to challenge  its legitimacy is the wavering stance of human feature. Grievance befalls upon men for their misdeeds to which most part of evil treads in the hypocrisy.

We could be forgiven for letting God go from one hand, but the other which held onto the contract would not be as forgiving. Dishonoring the contract of faith has wrath poised on attacking our fragile being. When we choose to think God is not watching, we violate the bond by cheating on our faith that we value with our trust. By a curious twist of fate, our contradictions are a detriment to the conscience which witnessed the desecration of the contract of faith.

Sadhguru reveals mens’ fascination with religious rituals as a profession of faith is in fact a recognition of love’s existence which some equate to God. Devotion is to be mindful of love’s existence, and by existing alone is self-serving. Love needs to be engaged into process to ignite the spirit of the living god within. Whether, or not you believe in God, or His existence is of no consequence because you who questioned it have spoken.