My Soul in Transit

My soul takes flight from a rest,

To seek out the noise that draws me to existence,

To take the stage play,

I take pleasure in transit.


My soul lands on existence plain,

To study that noise of deception,

To witness the tantrums that it plays,

I take my number with a motive in transit.


My soul searches on existence plain, 

To take no joy from the fantasy, 

To gain nothing from its fallacy,

I am inadequate in unraveling the complexity of the play in transit. 


My soul rides the swing, seesaw, slide and merry-go-round in existence plain,

To enjoy a scriptless play,

To bow before the “hand behind it all”, 

I discard the motive, and all its secrets in transit.


My soul walks with existence plain,

To realise originality is to be embraced,

To love the subtle beauty that transpires from it,

I take nothing, but understanding and acceptance in transit.


My soul lifts from existence plain,

To leave as light as I come, 

To take only the noise acquainted by privilege,

I pass it on to souls who wait in transit.


My soul tires from the cycles of scripted plays,

To find the noise repeating, slowly reducing into silence,

To accept the invitation from the “hand behind it all”,

I return to my place of rest.


My soul closes its eyes, 

To see the colors of existence fade, 

To reveal only shades without the guises,

I take comfort in the “hand behind it all” with its radiating warmth caresses me back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “My Soul in Transit

  1. Hi David, you have commented on my blog before. I have a quick question, so this guy has a crush on me, and when asked if I like him, all I said was IDK. they took that as “I like him and want to date him” but I really don’t. He is nice and caring and all that but I’m uncomfortable now when around him and I feel like if I say no I’m disappointing my friends who want us to date. I am also in a bad place in life, and I don’t think getting together with anyone would all of a sudden make me feel better. I am depressed and this whole situation is making it worse. I know this sounds childish but not too many other people will help me out. I was thinking about sending him a P.M. but I don’t know if that would do anything.

    • Peer Pressure?

      Hi (I don’t know your name), and I am guessing you are around 15 years old? I am not an expert, but I will do my best to help you by sharing my experience, and observation from a sibling, and parent stand point.

      Be Aware:
      The ‘crush’ is a compliment on you. You can take pride in that, but don’t over indulge.

      First, stay calm.

      What you are going through at this stage in life is not a new experience for millions who have been through it. So, it’s not worth the panic and frenzy simply because of peer pressure. The fad will pass over, and it’s definitely not a ‘life or death’ situation kind of thing. Handle the matter gradually as they come along (don’t chase it) as if you are in command, and not the situation commanding you. Afterall, this is your life, and you know better than your peers. So, don’t be hasty. Take it easy. Ooo, it rhymes.

      It seems that you’ve sensed the danger of a circumstance that could lead you into trouble, or subsequent troubles. Your natural defence mechanism is on high alert. So, pay close attention to it. You’ve recognised the fact you are not ready for a serious relationship, and decided not to pursue in that direction. The tool to choose to act belongs to you. It will help you build the character of the person that you will become. Be sure you know that your space belongs to you. You command its borders whether you wish to share it or not, and it must be appropriately respected by your peers.

      Now that we have established some facts on your predicament, this should widen your perspective of the situation with a better understanding, and confidence that you will need to help you confront your fears. My advice is musn’t be afraid to mingle with your admirer. Don’t succumb to fear. Speak up, and let him know that you are not interested in developing a serious relationship, and a casual friendship is good enough for now. You can expect disappointment from him, but you would have saved him from serious hurt from indulging in dishonesty that might later unfold. This is important in your personal development as you demonstrate maturity, and spiritual strength, the quality that you need in your future endeavours.

      Don’t hide yourself, be thankful for the experience that has come your way. Experience can only be gained by actions made. With it, look forward to the better person that you will be. Don’t allow peer pressure to influence your better judgement because your peers are “fooling” around with the aesthetics of relationship. They are not bothered with the responsibilities that attach to it. Peers have no accountability to you, or your admirer. Should the situation turn awry, your peers are likely to run away from the blame.

      Confronting your fear is not as difficult as you think. I hope this somewhat long assessment, and advice have imbued some confidence to help you cross over the hurdle. Action gets easier after your first.

      Be strong, and sure not to fall prey to temptation. Carry yourself with respect, and dignity. Remember, that is your God given right.

      By the way, be careful with the body language that you may accidentally give out. The last thing you want is sending the wrong signal.

      So, is it to be, or not to be?

      • Thank you so very much. I read this last night and he also messaged me a while after I finished. I took all of this into consideration and explained to him how I felt and what I wanted to say, not what he heard from other people. I also reached out to a few of my friends and told them what I said and what was going to happen. They were upset for a little bit but understood where I was coming from. This also gave me a bit more confidence and I didn’t run away from scary situations afterward. I feel better about myself now, and I’m also going to try to focus on just me for a while and see if I can attempt to feel better about myself.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. Don’t worry about your friends, they will eventually come around. Life is about managing problems to cultivate the confidence that makes you feel better. Something to be grateful about.

    As you progress further, you might want to be more spiritually connected. Try meditation. There is a meditation guide called “Head Space”. Google it. Try it out, and you will understand why it’s called that.

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