In the Shadow of Time

Yet again, time has allowed us to wake up to another inviting day. This is my tribute to the everlasting time.

Long ago, man needed to establish a connection with the changing pattern of the environment. It required a definitive measure to tell the ageing process of reality, notably life and the engineering aspects of it. Obviously, the measurement of time did not begin with hours, minutes, or seconds. Time’s circular movement was probably realised by the daily repeated appearances of the Sun. After millions of sunrises and sunsets, finally made man smart enough to construct the clock system with the idea of imitating nature’s revolving patterns.

As I am writing about time, let’s challenge yourself with time. Put yourself on the clock with 5 minutes to finish reading this article. Thoughts imparted, formed into words, written by me, and read by you will show a measurement to the intellectual change for which you are about to receive working within the time available. We shall see in 5 minutes that the sacrifice you’ve made by giving your time to read this article will make you a participant to the measurement of time. Change is coming your way.

What is time?

Simply look at your watch, and the contraption will show time revolving. Seconds translate to minutes to hours to days to weeks, months and years. Time is a key attribute to the architect of life as it assisted in providing the necessary space required to the materialisation of life’s grand design. Humanity took many cycles of evolution before waking up to it, along with its attributes that are meant to serve the cause of man’s existence.

I wish to share with you a short bedtime story about time. It would be incomplete if time is spoken without going behind the scene. Before its conception, time has no name. Nevertheless, it has a destiny of sure certainty. Like a human fetus, the unborn ‘time’ rest in a state of absolute potential, waiting for an intervention to free it from its coincidental dream state. Once time comes to mind, it has fulfilled its destiny by shadowing its masters, namely you and me. Our mind, and time shadow each other like mother, and child where thoughts tarry in synchrony with nature’s process, and cycles. Engineering time not only bonded us to it, but also bound us to its unwavering law.

The law of time stands resolutely neutral. It has no conscience, knows not of right or wrong, and itself is without direct value. Uncannily, it has validity to help create value. In that sense its precious. Time doesn’t cheat, but as masters we can choose to cheat ourselves out from it. Time is constantly fair, and repetitive to allow us to take chances that we’d missed again, and again. However, we couldn’t regain the youth that we once had, even if there is a possibility to the suggestion of the Relativity Theory on travelling back in time at the speed of light.

If you needed a favour from time, you will need to go get it. Time is like an obedient servant waiting to please its master. Procrastination will miss opportunities of creating something of value at the expense of time. As “Time, and tide wait for no man”, it’s sensible to make improvements in managing priorities with provision of time available to you whilst mitigating any form of possible regrets that may come your way.

What entails in the management of time?

I quote,

“Walk, don’t run as our destiny lies in the journey, not at the finish line”

Take all matters in our stride with time. Work with time, not against it. Don’t fight time. We will never win, because time never intended a fight with us. It was never our enemy. Amid our hectic schedule, we should occasionally slow our pace down. Take time to smell the roses as the saying goes, not that we owe our time to the presence of beauty, because it simply feels good.

Our past share the same notion as time was, a name no longer has validation whilst the future has many possibilities. No point looking back, and forth. The magic is to put priority on current issues, manage the priorities well, and leave the rest to fate. If we execute this process successfully, time becomes a friend. In synchronising our efforts with time will bring the effect of slowing time down to give our mind the necessary space to organise something important, or even accomplishing something great. In some instances, a sense of space widens to liberate you as if making your escape from the shadow of time. The general consensus of the population prefers the God formulation to approbate spiritual freedom. But, this is an experience that can be cultivated through the power of observation by searching for clues in the behavioral patterns of our environment that are already available to us.

At this point, you are probably running on seconds within the minutes given, and so with a bit of Shakespeare I will bring this to an appropriate conclusion.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite”

This is hope to mankind. In the midst of engineering time which we bound ourselves to, the essence that it once known is missed. The bond with the shadow will be eventually broken, and tears will be shed. Love is our fail-safe to our efforts in the engineering. With love, perhaps time not only slow to reveal the space between frames of our thought, it will stand momentarily still to allow us the experience of what time used to be. Love will be the bridge to get us there at a pace beyond the speed of light – in no time. That’s freedom.