In Disunity to Unite in a New Order

As Earth completes its journey around the Sun, we witnessed another tumultuous year nearing to close the cycle, and then to make another. Schism at all levels of humanity, from people in politics to businesses to the streets clashing in opinions. Rebuke in the degree which have never been so forthright, and fervently taken to challenge. Despite the furore, one thing is certain where history repeats to indicate a new order that will established itself. Much like the study in financial economics to find the relationship between numbers which involves the process of collating, deciphering and adjusting to bring a balanced account in order to serve, and maintain social consensus. Despite the rising in dissent, humanity born of the spirit will ultimately return to it. In spirit is the source where the sense of belonging is brewing. This is love.

There is clear resemblance in nature between the external, and internal facets of existence to which our environment adopts to change much like how we live. I’ve come to understand the study in psychology that the frontal lobe of our brain is designed for reasoning where it’s responsible in effecting change, and the rear lobe is responsible for countering that change to return the mind to where it was accustomed. The fact that the rear lobe is much larger in size means it is the greater influencer. For example, should a shift is engaged to start a change in smoking, the mind tends to shift back from that departure. There will come a time when the departure from the norm will arrive at a new one. In this situation smoking is the new habit, and the cycle returns when a shift is engaged to stop smoking.

Change is everywhere, an unavoidable circumstance of life’s immutable law. It is the foundation to diversity, but Earth is no longer changing in a pace that is natural as man stands guilty to its rapid pollution. Somehow, the idea of what adverse effects that change can bring desperately binds man to address its entropic nature. A better working relationship between, man and his environment is urgently called upon in order to secure, and protect the foundation of continuity. The friendship of a symbiotic kind that both man, and his planet are destined to embrace. Friendship is established when the relationship matures. It takes a more than connectivity and understanding to create context, and meaning to our existential lives. When friendship of dependency is embraced, love will flow. Peace, and creativity will then unfold to fulfill meaningful a life.

Rhetorical innuendo with sentiment of grudge intended to divide the populous is a common tactic to ignite the fuel of dissent to spread the fire of violence. It seems there are powerful factions that want to see a divided world. Even though love is an inherent quality of Man, but there is a price to pay when we deviate from it. The price is our arrogance, and cost is the separation of our allegiance from the union. Much like an overstretched spring that will be hard to recoil, signifying the costly price that we end up paying.