Conscience, the Universal Producer and Director

Conscience can be pictured as a domain filled with infinite likelihood of pure thought. It’s the closest description of the faceless God that you and I are accustomed. It becomes aware when a litany of random thoughts are strung along by its own momentum. An inconceivable force shrouded with mystery which takes hold at any moment in making conscience realising its own presence. As this train of thought is set in motion, emotion erupts giving birth to a complete entity of souls with the motivation to establish recognition in creation. A state of realisation which requires assessment, and measurement that will become the foundation to the essence of time. As time is initiated from intention distilling a timeline, paths opened as guide for destiny to be written differentiating the notion of past, present and future which were once one of the same. The mysterious momentum travelling on the timeline connecting the past and present events paves way to the future ensuring continuity in an arbitrary, but orderly fashion giving birth to form and its ingenious design of revolving duality.

We are integral to the conscience which can allows us to put it to a test. Hold on to a thought, or put a brake on it. Anything? Now, let the brake go. Feel anything? Is it possible or even probable, the force which affect thoughts to transform sits amongst them? If so, wouldn’t be great to be able to cultivate and nurture that force? Why? To know thyself, or realising self to know the intention of the universal producer, and its skill in directing. The fact that you are able put a thought on hold, and let it go means that you’ve the capacity to play a role as an orchestrator to the already evolving existence.

Jesus recited a passage in his last rite which is reverberated today in an announcement kind of way by priests when conducting masses. It’s a statement rather than a prayer uttered during the eucharist segment;

“Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, forever and ever”

“Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit” – we conspire in solemn consultation with the collective conscience…

“…all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, forever and ever” – in giving birth to life with all its magnificence in continuity.

“Father” is used, and not “God” possibly to emphasize the role of a father, and the responsibilities he is entrusted which commands respect.

“Holy Spirit” is believed to be the inconceivable force that moves the conscience tying everything together to create form. The attribute of the spirit can be felt by an overwhelming presence which excites the emotion beyond comprehension.

“Through, “with”, “in” are terms to express that we are all parts of one.

The passage expresses the conscience that only in unity will bring glory to existence as Jesus made his return.

As you see, what has been delineated here is a process of consequence which fermented functionality from a dream state. The portrayal of the conscience discharging its intentions by a ‘thought carrying momentum’ centres on the process of life, or the spirit of things. That momentum is perpetually running carrying our psyche which will linger after death as it did before birth sowing the belief of life everlasting. The perception on living by the spirit makes sense. Likewise, directing our senses of our prayer to the flow of God’s conscience, or the representation of His spirit rather than the image.

As mentioned, conscience is a constant idling state whereby our mind cannot draw familiarity as we are not accustomed to it. A place where we’d find ourselves on unfamiliar ground with absolute stillness – no event, nothing, nada. I ponder why many ardent religious practitioners would hold truth to the thought of returning to the source. It has become a cliche of sort with the absence of further deliberation. Don’t they realised it’s a place where God is sleeping? Where is the fun in that? I can’t imagine anyone would want to experience boredom, after all the idea opposes the process in which is designed for us to play along with the evolving existence in the first place. Besides, there is still excitement, curiosity and amusement about the undiscovered mysteries of this world, and its diverse inhabitants.

I believe it requires diligent preparation in order to enter the door of God, and you will need to drop all “baggages” that have been accumulated before making your way in. The lack in incompatibility of the minds may cause a backlash as beyond that line where the mind of God resides, duality don’t exist. It’s the kind thought that would make anyone crawl into a hole, and hideaway even souls needed ticket passes to enter. Yet, as life progresses the layers of lamination will start to peel allowing light to set upon the shadows of the mind revealing more of the view. A sense of belonging will start to set in. Isn’t that all that matters?
After penning down these thoughts, you are free to crumple it up and throw it out the window (figuratively speaking), or take it as simply good reading.

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