Where’s the Worth of God? – A Soliloquy Unravelling the Emptiness

Often people asked about the underlying reason or purpose of life, which inadvertently allude to God’s ultimate intention of mankind. But, what if I say that God is also looking for the same thing, in search for the answer through His own creation in you? What would God’s reason be other than from a curious point of view by conjuring life only to discover a perpetuation of nagging mystery? If that is the case, as far as our rationale can take us by consistently pushing its boundaries, can we accept the unambiguous explanation of some sages’ in saying, “life’s purpose is to experience itself”? Afterall, isn’t God the all-encompassing ‘seer’ looking through our eyes and quietly making observations from them? A belief which is universally accepted by most religious practices. Somehow, in many aspects this paradox doesn’t seem so flawed because of it’s uncharacteristically simple and a indisputably straightforward!

I would draw reference to the many passages which Jesus made in his time. Always well analysed from all corners of view that even dissenters had little ground to contradict. To state a couple, “knock and the door shall be opened” and “ask and you shall receive”. Isn’t it obvious if you don’t initiate the act of “knocking” or “asking”, how would you expect any opportunities to come by? Technically, there is little spiritual content in these sayings, and we should not be mistaken that they were intended for a manifestation of miracles. However, they are simply words of wisdom to help us work on our personal development to get us closer to the great ‘seer’ in order to cultivate the sense of togetherness and belonging. In that, work is needed to transform wisdom into a spiritual epiphany.

From our innocence and humility, we asked about the wonders of our existence to our limited understanding and ignorance, we questioned life’s purpose. Arriving at this point, the door has opened as I’ve knocked and now I am asking, will I chance to see through the eyes of the great seer as He does with mine? Or, to be in solemn consultation in respectful silence with Him in search of answers to the purpose of our existence in oneness? If so, what purpose is God to me if both are looking for the same thing?

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