Disruption of Rationale

Recent events with the new Trump Administration has fired up a global response when the President executed an outright, and sudden revoke on travel visas from 7 mideast countries (ie. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). Considered as a preemptive measure to protect the country from probable terror attacks, instead found itself being attacked by its own measure. Executive order which circumvented normal channels showed the legal consultation, and coordination were poor in essence which ultimately drew revolt. The flak that it drew was consequential to the laws of physics in which not even the President of United States was exempted. All three principles of Newton were tested with one stroke of a pen. Tact wouldn’t hurt to avoid detection of any political undertone, unless public ratings have anything to do with it. Nonetheless, the constitutional law is intolerant to infringement of any component on human rights. If liberty is dismissed as a whim will reveal inconsistency in passing of the law that compromises the integrity of the judiciary system, the nation’s pride which stood for ages.

If I wanted to feel safe like Americans do who’ve rooted for President Trump to deliver his promise to make America safe, then peoples across the globe should also call their respective governments to follow Trump’s immigration, and travel ban order. However, that strategy is lacking certain quality of substance which is needed to take it to the next level of the rationale. What can the 90-day temporary travel ban accomplished? “Thinking”, and “knowing” about the comfort of being safe are two different realities. Terrorism is not an unfamiliar crime in our human history. However, the likelihood today of a terrorist living amongst us has never been so apparent because its work of influence and penetration are exceptionally obscure where border security has little effect in countering it. Terrorists today don’t need to cross borders.

Notion of terrorism should be played down by treating it like other crimes. The trouble with recycling, or repeating news on terror develops paranoia which only assures its continuation. President Trump has succeeded in his last campaign embedding fear into the hearts, and minds of his people to gain political leverage, and mileage. Even as I write, President Trump now is blaming the media for “under-reporting” militant incidences across Europe. The unsolicited public disclosure is anything but productive as it shows a lack in self-restraint, and maturity. Is sacrificing nation’s confidence worthwhile in gaining a sense of comfort? It’s times like this, we must stay calm, clever and bold.
The President spreads news of impending terror strikes upon the nation in a period of uncertainty is his way of taking advantage to effectively impose his ideas. The scare tactic is something which I take offence. Human beings possess sentient qualities so great that it’s a shame to see them stoop, and cower behind the veil of fear put there by others. Courage must be nurtured instead to open a path for the people to cultivate a constructive and meaningful life. Every individual has God’s given right to live his/her own destiny without being influenced, or taken the advantage of. Guidance is an acquired trait in leadership. It would be welcoming to see the President in his leadership guide his people to the path where the people can unite, learn and grow in maturity without the obstruction of the notion of fear. Terrorism is not a case of “their” problem, it’s ours. It’s everybody’s problem. A humanity’s problem, and that we must rise above the fear of it to stand tall.

Playing up the negativity of “Islamic extremism” is politicising the religion and connecting it to terror, the same as what Islamic fundamentalists are doing to conceal their political goal. Politicising religion allows the mind to drift from rational thinking. The irony is, religion becomes the target of ridicule rather than the intellect who embraces it. That link must be severed as religion has no conscience, except man. Religious terrorism is just another form of crime where man is responsible, not the religion. A criminal can reasoned his/her act to any influences may it be linked to a religious indoctrination, cultural or gender persecution. But, the act which precipitated from a failed rationale is what must be brought to judgement where the mind of the criminal is assessed, and the criminal is judged. However, the circumstance to which inspired the crime to be committed is not admissible.

Today, crimes of terror carry the same principle as of the past which is to unleash chaos to dismantle order. It can assume many guises of the nomenclature notably jihad, crusade, martyrdom, nationalism, fundamentalism etc. As the law of the land serves its cause with justice so must the President’s executive actions do the same to give the statute the respect in which it deserves. Whatever the cost, the law of man must prevail if order, peace and integrity are to be preserved, and for humanity to have a brighter future. If Jesus or Prophet Muhammad was living today, their approach to bring order would have been entirely different. The term crusade, and jihad would’ve taken a different form of interpretation which no longer require the neccessity of bloody battles. Rules of engagement can change in conflicts just as the law requires adjustments every now and then for the judiciary system to remain relevant in order to preserve the core principle of unity. For now, as fate has it ISIS and President Trump will live out their story.

Life’s experiences are always changing which helps us broaden our horizons with our constant evolving state of mind. Experience brings understanding, understanding brings acceptance, and acceptance brings self-realisation in union with existence. As you can see, it’s a journey which takes the awareness into a state of constant expansion, pushing the boundary of the mind each time perception shifts. When boundaries of minds overlap, a comprehension to a new reality is upon us. That is our destiny, and the destruction of our environment which has a mind of its own will eliminate the opportunities to experience a perfect cycle. Afterall, the view to the reality of the after-life is only as clear as the conscience which we’ve made here.