Food for Thought – Faith vs Fate

As the US presidential race draws closer to the polls, mainstream media are intensifying their coverage on Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Like most Americans who supported Trump, I liked the idea of his promises he has made to rid of Islamic terrorists, putting up a wall to stop illegal migrants crossing over from Mexico, and to lift corporate America back to its prime again. He has promised to make good the wrongs that he claimed only himself could execute. On that basis, I would give him the job, and the chance to prove himself worthy of those promises that he made. However, a large number of US citizens have indicated the temptation to throw their support behind Trump, but seemed prevented by his eccentric rhetorical remarks which deemed derogatory, and racist. His obsession with women and sex has associated him as a self-professed sex predator, a trait exudes obscenity which has the greatest propensity to erase the qualities of what is expected from an upright leader, the nation’s exemplar. Caught up in the fervor of denigrating, and character bashing of Hillary, with hindsight Trump has in fact demonstrating the presidential material that he is grossly lacking.

Yet, I’d like to see what he could actually do to bring order, and prosperity to the people of United States as we know words aren’t worth anything without rational action. But, to give Trump the support would also mean to bring the value down on what it means to be a father, and husband. To me, the emergence of such an unorthodox character to the political platform such as Donald Trump has brought us a relevant case study. On one side, people are feeling uneasy because of the unpredictable threat, and deadly terror attack of Islamic terrorists. The other is a character overtly lacking in moral values making promises that he would resolve terror attacks, and make the country great again. Without a doubt, this is a challenge to the integrity of faith for all Americans as well as people in other parts of the world who are also caught up in the entertainment which Donald Trump has brought to their living rooms.

Nonetheless, the question remains would America compromise the integrity of their Christian faith by oppressing the rights of others of different religious beliefs, or race to give comfort to the mind? Liking to the biblical story of Moses who led his people away from the Egyptian captivity, and roamed the desert for 40 years carrying the belief that there was the promised land awaiting for their arrival. Their long, and unending journey unfolded in submission to the belief that the promised land had always been a distant away in mind. It was this foundation where the idea of “freedom” was fortified, which could only be fulfilled from within the heart. The promised land would have been meaningless without the people worthy of the Ten Commandment. The events of divine intervention which took place in the epic journey of Moses, and his people were probably scripted, and such was their fate as Moses walked in the mind of God.

I’ve shared my opinion on the “Trump Factor” with family, and friends. There those who relate Donald Trump liking to Moses, but his “commandments” are contrary to that presumption. I am sure many have that inclination as I do. Incidentally, a friend replied that there is too much to think about Trump in which implies the impossibility for the mind to resolve, or even conceive the conundrum to the diverse thinking which Trump hoped to institutionalized. It is a statement I am in complete agreement even if a president is already elected, the conundrum would still linger. So, I chose to depict the story of Moses, and the exodus that he’d led to illustrate a personal inspiration. Moses and his people were fixated on the idea of the promised land which was their impetus to keep looking. Instead, God gave them the Ten Commandment. Imagine, wouldn’t that be a big let down to anyone? Like my father promised me candies, instead he gave me a lecture on the harm they could bring. Over thinking has the effect of diminishing faith. So, don’t think too much, or you’ll missed the view of the promised land which can only be seen from the heart. When the heart is peaceful, the mind is free.


“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her” – Jesus