The Lineage of God

God awoke from His infinite calmness interrupted by a hiccup.

“What the devil was that!”, a hasty thought ran through God’s mind.

That instinct of a thought set in motion to a formation of an expanse anchored onto the cycle of time, and with all opposing qualities to His nature laid the foundation to existence of life.

Mother appeared before God in assurance to calm Him back to repose where He’d left a cosmos unfolding in the wake of His dream.

Moments later, God was rudely awakened by the horror of what He saw in His dream.

“Mercy…”, a solemn thought dashed passed God’s mind when He witnessed images from His dream where men drew swords against each other induced by will of self-righteous proclamation, senseless engagements in violence from a confused state of mind, all to a lost cause.

“What’s with fear that is so dire to Man in orchestrating chaos only to shake Me out of my peaceful slumber? It’s not the fault of any man to be a part of Me together in existence with my conscience”, God pondered. All that happened was an involuntary hiccup, and the thought of “devil” blurted out from His mind. But, that was enough to give definition to mankind what life’s hiccup meant. So, it became apparent to man that life’s hiccups carry God’s inadvertent devilish impression. The Devil must have raised the sense insecurity in Man by intensifying their fear.

“It’s only a dream”, Mother of God consoled.

“Yes, but my dream affects Me. I am now conscious of it. It no longer carries meaningless notions, but with intention pervading my conscience. I am responsible”, determined God.

“If you care so much, then respond you must to bring order to your conscience, and return to dream ecstasy”, counselled Mother.

As the unfolding existence was framed within God’s conscience meant that only He could view what man did, but Man couldn’t do the same. So, within God’s conscience He set out a plan to send these messages to Man;

The first message would imbue the minds and hearts of all men, women and child of His presence to seal Man’s belief in God that they are one part of each other.

The second message would make known to mankind of the embrace of co-existence by way of love, so Man would mature in wisdom to honour God’s wish in returning Him His solace.

The third, should all these messages fail to redeem Man from the travesty that they’ve committed, to prioritizing their desire first before God, then remorse would beset upon Man only to realise on the rebound the urge for peace by bowing before God in compliance. Peace would be returned to God’s inner sanctum.

Messages must involve messengers in human form so that Man could conceive, and believe what would be brought to their attention. The first message was assigned to Siddartha, second to Jesus, and Muhammad held the third card as God’s insurance. God sent forth these prominent souls to show cause and proof to mankind of God’s reality, and they would be the three stalwarts to protect, and preserve His ordinance which was to return peace to God’s mind.

Messenger No. 1

Siddartha revealed to mankind their existence was within the confine of God’s conscience, therefore His essence was embedded in every living soul. So, Man could take comfort in taking this line, and trace it back to the origin of soul’s birth.

Siddartha’s enlightenment was an engagement in union with God’s conscience. His innate ability to achieve self-enlightenment was an exemplar which would give hope to mankind in the understanding of the unlimited powers that had bestowed upon them. From Siddartha’s transcendence gave demonstration to Man which had faith altered its course. The belief in the existence of a supreme creator was never a doubt in the minds of the community where Siddartha grew up. Man’s belief now lies on believing in themself. Evidently, this was an accomplishment in Siddartha’s assignment to God, and God would be pleased. In his wisdom, Siddartha taught the precept of perseverance in compassion to develop clarity in the conscience in order to open a path to see through the eyes of God.

Messenger No. 2

When Jesus stepped into the scene, he knew all too well that living among the most persecuted people in human history would eventually see blood drawn from his own. Jesus had the greatest order of challenge to the assignment that he was destined to complete – self-sacrifice. In many ways, Jesus walked the path Siddartha encouraged. He embraced perseverance in compassion which led to the sacrifice of his own life in order for God’s love to surface from the souls of Man.

A race with a long history of persecution could have anyone’s faith challenged in many ways. Jesus understood the pain of his people well. So, he taught them how to liberate their mind by sowing the living spirit from within.

“Forgive your fellow men to reflect the forgiving nature of God within you to find yourself forgiven. Through this path will help lift the burden weighing on the mind, and liberate it, so Heaven’s door shall open unto you” – an interpretation from the Lord’s Prayer.

The Jews were not falling short of devotion, but rather their suffering was rooted on the inadequacy of understanding their own faith. Jesus steered his people away from matters of the mind to what matters more, the love of the spirit. Jesus identified the missing link which was to be their salvation.

Just as Siddartha’s transcendence, Jesus’s resurrection returned the promise of freedom made by Moses more than millennia ago, only this time an eternal one from a spiritual context. So, God would be pleased with the message successfully delivered for Man to take with them in their journey of deliberation.

Messenger No. 3

Muhammad was to commit mutiny in his own tribe, the Quraysh by abandoning the customary worship of multiple gods which had been the back bone of his tribe’s pride and dominance. Desert life was harsh, which reflected the very nature of the people who grew up there, unwavering and hard hearted. Muhammad had no choice, but to be on the offensive when driven by Angel Gabriel to do God’s work. When people began renouncing their traditions to embrace the new monotheistic religion in Islam the wave of change which Muhammad had started would seem like that back bone was snatched and snapped in two. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the opposition developed a deep sense of sacrilege, and grudge against Muhammad.

Unlike Jesus who was already preaching to the public since adolescent, Muhammad spiritual revelation in transforming him to assume his assignment came when he was 40. When it came for Muhammad to mount his challenge on the leaders of his tribe, his life was in constant threat. There wasn’t time to relate the wisdom of compassion and peace to the people as a series of bloody battles were looming over the desert horizon. Imagine how Muhammad could convey the message of peace with one hand, yet the other wielding a sword. Muhammad could never take the path which Jesus and Siddartha took. To offer the other cheek, simply could not apply in Muhammad’s situation. The circumstance was uncompromising, and there was no allowance for anything except to defend his life from a premature end. His destiny was to wage bloody confrontations to bring non-believers to their knees, and only then the message of peace could be delivered and inspired. Historical events like these made many regarded Islam a religion of peace by way of violence. Not so, because violence was already in the cards. Violence was in the way of peace, and it had to be cleared. It was an unavoidable circumstance of blood shed which reflected the ways of the people there, and then. Lives slaughtered in great numbers, Qurasyhis as well as Jews. As the messenger of God, only Muhammad could tell you if he had done God’s bidding. But in the end, Muhammad was successful in fortifying Islam and established order among his people.

The prevailing unrests, and scorns within the Muslim fraternity after Muhammad’s passing, would tempt anyone to think that he had won the battles, but not the war. It’s a contestable presumption. Rest assured God was complete with His assignments through Siddartha, Jesus and Muhammad. Nothing was left behind without a purpose. There were no accidents other than that unintentional hiccup.

“There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God”, is testimonial to the fact that Muhammad was the chosen one to do God’s bidding. The prophethood belonged only to none other than Muhammad.

The problem with killing in God’s name is that anyone can claim that as an excuse for their demented disposition. Assuming that they are realising God’s intention, but in all certainty none can claim the prophethood. The violence in the taking of lives was God’s alone passed through Muhammad’s hands. It was never about Muhammad to begin with, it was all about what God wanted which was peace in His sanctity. Today, anyone who imitates that in context by taking the lives of others is plainly an act of contempt to God and His Prophet. Their self-anointment and act can only be regarded as an abomination to humanity.

Man’s milieu and cultural diversity make the road to reach any kind of spiritual resolution complex. These messengers of God deserved to be masters of their own standing, with their gifted abilities designed appropriately to suit their given environment. They couldn’t swap places, it won’t work. The Arabs would never have taken noticed of Siddartha, because they were not in a soul-searching frame of mind. Muhammad was more suited for that role, a protagonist as well as an antagonist to drop a bombshell. Nonetheless, all 3 masters were so influential with their divine traits it stirred the conscience of Man, and ultimately to deliver salvation. Between influence, and salvation Man needed a compass to take with them in their journey. Siddartha was a compass of inspiration, Jesus was love and Muhammad was submission. In salvation, both conscience of God and Man would agree.

“Is your conscience at ease now?”, Mother asked God.

“Good enough”, God replied.

“For now…”, He added.

And so, Man’s journey with God begins, some more intimate than others. Just as much as Man yearns for God’s attention, God wants the same of Man on this plane of existence where both conscience meet and collaborate. The potential of our existence depends on how far Man is willing to collaborate with God, but not to conspire with Him, because in the reality of the conscience – there are no secrets. How far can this partnership go? God knows.