– Part 1 –           

“Walk, don’t run as your destiny lies in the journey, and not at the finish line”

Life’s reason and purpose are substantiated in its activities, rather than the results. Orientating your focus and priority toward the course on the present will deliver sustainable success. Events of the past, and plans of the future are affected by actions of the present. Subsequently, the status of past and future circumstances changes proportionally with the extent in action made in the present reality. Progressive action motivated by spiritual intention is key to the harnessing of meaningful experiences which add to life’s value, where chance to creativity, and new discovery will also become favourable.

Like making a sculpture of yourself where the repetitive hand strokes are to reach refinement in the art work in defining the makeup to your identity. The makeup changes with every single stroke of the hand either in the works of filling cavities, or profiling. The definition of your character tomorrow is formed by the experiences acquired today, which essentially means that your personality is always in the making.

Personality is a culmination of indefinite cycles of births, and past life’s experiences all stored in karmic memory, a sub-conscious state to provide you the instinct to act, or react in a natural way that you do. Such is the doctrine of ‘karma’, a virtual reservoir of recollections or experiences, and provision of new ones. Karmic process is perpetually in motion with continuous manifestation of experiences where paths alter at any given moment through the passage of time. The concept even relates to the laws of physics of Newton, and Einstein. It implies the essence of karma being the ‘energy’ is defined by life’s experience which cannot be eliminated. Life’s richness is clung onto the journey of countless unfolding events. Events can transform into many meaningful experiences by making progressive action with reformed perspective and confidence.


– Part 2 –

“Fear will not take you to the place where your soul wishes to be”

To orchestrate new and meaningful events in your life, you must free yourself from the restraining elements of fear. Fear of failing, or failing again. Fear of losing love, and attention or recognition. Fear of getting emotionally hurt, or being alone. Fear of losing something that you’ve grown accustomed to, or loved ones. Until you learn to manage your fears, you’re like a vessel with a draping sail adrift in the vast sea with no land in sight to bound for. Fear will mount as long as the vessel continues to drift. However, an opened sail gives invitation to hope which will diminish the intensity of fear. In any given circumstance, life must proceed in a forward and progressive pattern for hope and opportunity to prevail with a goal in mind.

To manage fear and insecurity, you need to evoke the inner strength of ‘will’ to place yourself at the helm in command of your vessel to negotiate the seas. If you are Captain of the vessel, then the sea is an extension of your awareness, just as the environment is a reflection of your consciousness. ‘Will’ sprouts from the sense of responsibility in an act of returning a favour. ‘Will’ is determined by the level of understanding, and respect in a relationship which you have with your environment. This means that it’s possible to make adjustments to your environment at ‘will’ to draw the emotion needed to perform a certain task.

Fear is a natural phenomenon in human which cannot be eliminated completely, but the sentiment can be transformed. If you choose fear to remain, then you’ve invited apathy into your life. There is no creativity there. But, if you choose fear to change form, then start analysing the process of past events to release the trapped thought that is infecting your conscience with fear. When thought is put into action you have realised an experience. Thoughts are originally stimulated from intention, and they can only affect the conscience. Until thoughts are put into action, they remain an illusion of the mind.

Anything that you wish to do have a motive attach, a quality that you tap on to provide leverage required in the initiation of your actions. Motive is a derivative of karma. Karmic motive is sometimes insufficient to give impetus to your progress. A strong motive derives from the maturity in your relationship with the environment in co-existence. When respect in that relationship grows, a path is cleared for ‘will’ to walk ‘motive’ through to embrace destiny. There, love, respect and unity awaits to receive you, the essential qualities of your soul.


– Part 3 –

“Analysing the process of past actions will develop a present sense of acceptance through understanding”

Effort is required in analysing the process to draw a better understanding of the result. For example, how does Usain Bolt win his races? Though the 100 metre and 200 metre sprint expert bathes in glory race after race, his coach will analyse the race from the moment Usain got off the starting line to the finish. Even though Usain wins most of his races convincingly, yet analysing his run process reveals the possibility closer to Usain crossing the finish line in second place, or even third should he fail to execute the strategy in the acceleration build-up with perfection. The slightest of a mistake within the first 50 metre of the track is all that it takes to lose the race. Mathematically, in a 100 metre dash race Usain has only half a chance of winning. The performance in the run reveals more of Usain as an athlete than what his result can tell.

“Take charge of your life”, is a phrase used too often without giving due consideration. One must realise that it takes effort to be in that commanding position. Karma is the provider to the degree of maturity in the relationship with your environment. It’s the basis for character variation in tenacity, confidence, passion, compassion, courage etc. Therefore, the degree of effort in the initiation of self-awareness vary from one person to another. Taking reference solely from the result is not the answer to a fulfilling living. Evaluation of life’s past events cannot go without the effort in eliciting truth to explain the outcome. Its fate that your state of awareness is destined to grow further, therefore no one is exempted from the responsibility of engaging in the self-realization exercise. When uncertainty is resolved through cultivating understanding in the process analysis, fear will no longer stand in your way.


– Part 4 –

“The God that you believe rest with the motive of your mind”

Living by analysing, and cultivating the processes of life are similar in exercises to any field research, and development. The primary objective in the field of scientific research for instance is looking for dots to connect in the attempt to understand creation. There is nothing new to find when whatever researchers are looking for already exists, ready to be discovered (hence to word ‘existence’). It’s as if the world is made for you to discover, learn and evolve. The purpose of any research is to set a new level in understanding existence. When connecting the dots is successful, the research has aligned with the environment of study as though the gap in the search is bridged to allow new information to flow in. The collation of information is useful in the implementation of further development. This is the commonality that is shared in all aspects of life, from the study of sciences, and arts to the legislation of monetary, and fiscal policies. When a link is established in search together with the environment, the relationship is then nurtured to harness confidence, and faith.

The God that is responsible for your acquired attribute in self-esteem comes from a self-initiated process, and not the entity. Daily routine in prayer, and meditation are processes which help instill self-esteem. Self-esteem is all about having faith in your own assessment, as well as in God’s motive. It’s a divine quality of acceptance derived from a certain understanding cultivated from the environment which provided the base for study. Imagining the form of God will impinge the development of greater awareness, whilst you need only to realise that God’s essence which is His spirit, or love has always been ‘tagged’ on you. Self-esteem provides the resilience in embracing God’s principles where your faith matures. Whatever form, or image that the mind holds has no substance, whereas the process in making the effort brings meaning to your belief.


– Part 5 –

“The distance between you, and God is a separation measured only by ego”

You don’t have to go far in search of God because the distance between you, and Him is only as big as your ego. Life’s events that creation has laid in your path are clues to assist in your search to return home by leaving all forms behind, and take all experiences with you. That, in essence is living beyond the boundaries of the mind. The way forward.