Echoes of Silence (A Tribute to Nelson Mandela)

This article was written prior to the passing of Nelson Mandela. Nonetheless, it is fitting to dedicate this write-up to the man with a great spirit.

I thought at first of mirroring the topic title with a blank article, but on second thought that would not amuse. So, I’ve decided to elucidate on the topic because it has too much content worthy to be left unsaid. It’s not meant to be esoteric. Each selected word is relevant without any intended obscurity, or vagueness. In fact, it’s plain and simple. “Echoes” refers to “Resound”, and “Silence” is “Peace”, “Love” or “Joy”. Rephrasing it simply, “Repeat the Sounding Joy”, or “Resonating Peace and Love”.

Why coined it as “Echoes of Silence”, you might ask? Our spirit resides in silence, and when the spirit resonates, it manifests the feelings of love through our mind. As intricate and sensitive as love is, the topic title is in reference to the expression of spiritual love. When we feel love, or in love, the following attributes will emerge;

1.         You experience closure from all kinds of emotional and mental distractions,
2.         You feel an invisible force of attraction to be one with another with a powerful sense of belonging, where separation does not linger in mind, and
3.         You have no trouble in putting your pride aside at the expense of unity. The process is unconditional in that you don’t ask for anything in exchange.

These attributes give nuance to the term “silence” as everything in mind is blocked out, and your focus has never been so narrowed in the course of romance. To sum it all, it is a process of surrendering to the power of what true love is as though we are subsumed by it.

Drawing closer to observing the mechanics of spiritual love reveals the exchanging of potentials. This means either a catalyst is involved, or two or more parties in participation to trigger the exchange of infinite possibilities. To dwell further in the engineering of spiritual love has the tendency to drive romance away. I faced the same circumstance when I was undergoing my bachelor studies in engineering. I used to think the thrill was gradually taken away as my cup kept filling up with answers during the course of my learning. But, the thrill never ends because I constantly have a date with destiny, the unknown. With a question answered, came another question. In time I realized, to conclude on anything is to draw a line at the finish, but the line is imaginary as life’s journey goes on and on. The thrill actually lies in the search. The underlying concept of spiritual love is subtle. Just as you think you found it, you found not! Just as you think you know it, you know not! The love for knowledge or someone, even God is thrilling. Nonetheless, the process of spiritual love deserves an aphoristic assist to give that subtle effect, “tickle the spirit and love comes laughing and kicking”. And, the experience of true love is best described by saying, “we don’t know what we’ve committed ourselves to, and whatever that may bring, but it feels right!” Facing the infinite possibilities in the company of spiritual love makes you feel protected and safe. Contrary to embracing material love where there is the element of pride is a lonely affair, and in facing uncertainty brings anxiety.

Everyone has a chance to experience the vested “gift” and as incredible as it may seem, humanity possessed that ability and the capacity for it. It is our inheritance from the divine, hence spiritual love does not discriminate. The love suffuses the hearts of “do-gooders” and criminals alike. So, why do we see incessant conflicts everywhere? When the state of our environment is divisive, it is because we allowed pride to distort the true meaning to spiritual love in order to cover the lack in foresight and tolerance which has reciprocated with the failure in reverberating true love.

All situations will eventually arrive at a common end that there will be consequences to be confronted from the choices we make. Life has casts a curse for those who opposes spiritual love. It warns those who takes spiritual love for granted, and suffer they will from the deprivation of it. “OUCH!” That is the effect of the curse. Being deprived of spiritual love is really painful. Metaphorically speaking, it’s more profound than any kind of physical pain you know because it leaves behind traces of lingering pain and bad taste. Continuing that path will see the quality of the mind deteriorate, in a psychological and emotional state of denial where the need of the conscience unable to reconcile with the demand of the environment for pride and material returns. If you are hard headed and don’t believe it, try it. After all, we are empowered with choice. But, before you tempt your fate, make sure that you have an escape route to return to the source. Otherwise, it’s “ADIOS” and “SAYONARA!”

In general, humanity faces difficulty in coming to terms with the differences between the needs of the spirit and mind. Only through reconciliation, a path can be cleared with “silence” for true love to channel through uninterrupted. At this juncture, humanity will be ready to evolve to face the next level of life’s challenge and new experience. This sounds like life is a game, doesn’t it? It is.

Have you ever felt impatient and agitated, and then the emotion escalates and turns into frustration when nothing seems to go your way? When we are caught in such untimely circumstance, we are tempted to “twisting” the truth. Thence, true love is adulterated. Sincerity and genuineness are compromised. Matters of the mind are threaded with complexity. Matters of the heart though sometimes uneasy, but the path is always clear.

I have given a description of true or spiritual love in my earlier article noticing it like the wind, and I would like to bring it up again. True love fades just as quickly as it reveals itself unannounced and unpredictable like the wind blowing in from any directions. Though true love sweeps in and out of our minds, it does not disappear forever. The experience clings onto our human fabric where its essence is embedded in our DNA, verifying true love is a function.

The spiritually adept have their unique way in “catalyzing” the spirit to harness true love either by the repetitive process in prayer or meditation. The techniques are strikingly different, but they share a common platform that the intention is the same. They evoke a subtle invitation to the spirit. By fervent and consistent practice, the magic of silence will echo.

The perpetuity of life’s journey nests in true love’s reward…

“Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure. This frail vessel thou emptiest again and again, and fillest it ever with fresh life”

“At the immortal touch of thy hands my little heart loses its limit in joy and gives birth to utterance ineffable” – R. Tagore


Function of true love has two parts, a noun and verb;

1.         True love is glue, and
2.         True love is a process where pride is sacrificed to give comfort to others, including one self in harmonizing co-existence or partnerships. It’s a process which cannot be subjected to duress. It must be waited out until the bond of the glue completes its natural curing cycle to give its maximum effect.

*A Merry Christmas to all. May peace fills your hearts, and love of the spirit moves you to show it.