“GOD exists because you exist”; a view point which will absolutely draw clashes with traditional beliefs. But, if it can initiate a thought process which allows you to glimpse beyond the normal boundaries of the mind, won’t you allow it to see the page turn?

The view stands by reference to co-existence where the moment you think of GOD, GOD is revealed to the mind at the very least. Denying this standpoint would be to defy the rationale of being. Your thoughts of GOD distill HIS existence in yours. Contrary to common beliefs which hold the view that GOD existed prior to everything else, and where the soul’s journey rest solely in GOD’s architectural grandeur are contemporary views widely accepted and relied on by the general population. The implication suggests that you belong in the mind of GOD, that man is created in HIS image. Man has imprints of GOD all over him.

Typical to everything else that must be measured and tangible, man in their nature formulated “contracts” in the effort to validate the bond with GOD. And so, in every structured religion either by virtual prayer or written covenant is drawn between man and the institution which upholds the divine laws, and applying them to every life’s turning events such as baptism, barmitzvah, fraternity initiation, marriage, divorce, and even death. Evidently, the presumable laws of man and GOD coincide in one mind which gives rationale to the concept of co-existence.

If man and GOD are two sides of the same coin, why do the pillars of the two views (ie. co-existence, or GOD existed first) stand apart? They don’t have to be. If your perspective is at a standstill the views will always appear to be separated. But, if your perspective shifts the two pillars can be seen coinciding, implying the once opposite views are in fact unified, and always have been. Separation is only an illusion of the mind. The existence of both man and GOD reciprocates in compliment. The same goes for saying in the situation to justify the conduct of respect towards GOD, you must dignify your actions with self-respect without the exchange of insults. Every moment of your living presence mirrors “HIS”.

“We are many, but a reflection of one”; is another way of addressing the same standpoint. It applies to many life’s aspects may it relate to an object, emotion, a perspective, field study ranging from sciences to humanities where the search for their source or origin always proved to be relevant. Like watching a spider spins its web in reverse. The final destination is the beginning, a “.” or nothing. The spider is just an agent of creation just passing by, where ever conscience leads the ingenuous creature.

When people find themselves in despair and lost, it’s usually a case where the LOVE element is found missing. In response to fill the void, they embark on the journey in search of a suitable “GOD”. They could become a Buddhist one day, and a Christian the next, trivializing GOD to suit their model. The same goes with all religions. Internal factions arise, and the population of followers divides. They imagined what their GOD should be, and disregard the HIS SPIRIT. In retrospect, man has broken the covenant repeatedly with his “casual walk” with GOD. Overstaying HIS welcome has precipitated pride in man to satisfy a selfish indulgence. Therefore, the term GOD is an illusion conceptualized in purpose by the mind. Despite it all, the search for GOD is real because the process manifests coincidences and unity.

The essence of GOD is the SPIRIT. Now, the “SPIRIT of GOD” carries a whole different meaning. It reveals GOD’s extended awareness which mobilizes life by SPIRITUAL LOVE. This is the LIVING GOD constantly on the move, unlike the one held by the mind is a dying one. The SPIRIT nests in LOVE’s domain, the source to life and all that it represents. This single term “GOD” can only be a function to the imagination of the mind, and it has limits to resolve the deepest of pain as memories of time cannot be erased. So, the past lingers in mind and the pain revisits from time to time. On the other hand, LOVE has the function to bring restitution irrespective of time and space where it’s power to resolve life’s sufferings is unlimited.

So, where are we at now? HERE!….”GOD evolves when our awareness evolves”. OH GOD!….. I think I will leave it at that.


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