The Paradox of “Karma”

“Karma” is a closet where our old wears are stored. It keeps memories of the past, with causes which explain our present joy and despair. The concept of “karma” can be postulated where the extract of our past lives moulds and shapes our present. Nonetheless, the purpose of “karma” is meant to serve humanity with abstract reasons, and not by serving the cause on a platter. The reason behind the cause is what we should seek in cultivating the will to change, so our lives could continue in meaningful and forward motion. Focusing on the cause has the intention on only looking for an excuse which is static. However, focusing on the reason will bring process and mobility. Life with all its intent and purposes, is to look for that reason which is hidden behind the cause. The search for the reason will unfold a path where the journey into eternity begins.

Some chance on the process of hypnotism or psychological regression to reveal the source or cause to their karmic afflictions. An interesting method no doubt, but the answer is not guaranteed because the reason to why they suffer the affliction lies hidden in their pride. Others chose to embrace the gift of life, and gracefully lived it with conviction. They don’t look back, but “karma’ stays in their stride nonetheless.

Pondering on the past and future are like “what was” and “what could be”.

* What joy will it bring emphasizing “was’ and “could be”?

* Do you think in regression of your subconscious mind will bring reconciliation, and alleviate your present dilemma or short fall? If so, are you ready to know “why” rather than “what”, and be accountable for the mistakes of past lives? If not, then what’s with the hypocrisy?

* If you believe in the concept of past lives, then do you accept the same trait in the character that you were, in the one that you are now? Should you discover that you were once a cheat and murderer, could you accept that same moral values in you now? After all, wasn’t that the very reason in looking back to the past to find the connection of who you are?

There is validity in the hocus pocus of “karma” and its connection of past lives to the present. But, walking that path strictly as a belief in order to resolve any part of life’s issues intuitively feels rather restrain and dubious. Personally, I find the process of searching for the cause of our afflictions in “karma” is rather mechanical which lacks love and appreciation for life and existence. How is extracting from one scene in previous life event be an absolute answer to a problem when our present definition is a series of compounded lives of many? If the tenets of “karma” holds true, then it’s reasonable to ask “why” are we subjected to so many rebirths, as if we are being punished over and over again for the same wrong doing? Is humanity so ignorant? The cause is “what” afflicted us, but the reason “why” do we suffer from it, is the next level of engagement in thought where we bring ourselves closer to being truthful. “Why” assists in the process of admission to our flaws.

So, the search for the cause in “karma” must provide a deeper sense of purpose. It must provide impetus to the desire to change in order to resolve the real problem that causes the pain, and not simply to cover it. For instance, should you discover the fact that you were once a thief in one of your past life, do you sacrifice the wealth and comfort in your possession of this life time to charity in the belief that the act will return balance? Not only the past and present are set in different time line, each era holds different set of circumstances. “Then” and “now” may have a connection, but is there any correlation or relationship left in the past event to effect the present? The past is an absence of relationships, where correlations of events no longer occur. The past has no substance anymore, and therefore no future. The connection between the past and present is merely a reflection.

The reality is the present. The certainty is the way. Our future is marked now in every living moment by the way we act in making life-altering choices. There is more than meets the eye in the process of regression into the past in search for explanation. The past is our shadow where the reality is already gone and lost, there is no truth to be found. Yes, it may lead you to an explanation of the present or even the future in which you may think it’s the answer, but the answer is far from the truth. Truth and explanation do not share the same stage. Truth is always hidden from our senses, but eternally in our presence. Truth reveals itself when you place emphasis on the present in what you make of it, a task which requires a reality to perform. Truth is you.

The life-altering choice that is spoken here does not relate to this mechanical act of giving from the mind. It refers to a spiritual transformation in giving from the heart, the act none other than to disavow pride. Pride is the source to all our misgivings and misdeeds. That is the reason we should ask “why” to “what”. Should we choose to focus on “what”, then we are trapped in an impairing frame of thought that will remain unchanged which goes round and round in circles, similar to a dog pleasuring itself by chasing its tail. ‘Why’ stretches our thought beyond the curiosity of the mind, pointing to pride as the source to our afflictions. Naturally, the mind will respond by cultivating love to arrest pride. On the other hand, “what” takes us only to the point of nursing the wound by covering it with a band aid, and should the question to “why are we wounded” remain unanswered will continue to see truth stands apart.

Fate of existence is uncertain, so nothing is definite. Which means, change is a constant in existence as the complexity of fluctuating variables is causing change to our environment and the continuing expansion of the universe, through a sense of correlation where our destiny changes with it. So, the future is an open end which remains uncertain. The future is what we make of it now. Certainty lies only in the process or journey, and not in our concocted prediction. When we make life-altering decisions, we are certain to change directions of our journey and progress becomes imminent leading towards the future where our destiny awaits, whatever that may be.

Jesus has a saying, “He killed who you were, so that who you are can be born”. This single line sums it all. Jesus irrefutably spoke of love. Love by forgiving, and letting go of pride. Only love can dissolve “karma”, and that power rest resolute on this plane of reality, in our hands.

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