“Busy Body”

We know that stress is primarily generated from the mind through an evaluation process of what our physical senses picked up from the environment. When plans don’t come together or something unexpected just “crops” up, the mind prompts for an immediate response. That is the general line of thought that our mind takes, but where along that line becomes our difficulties? It is when we choose to jump to conclusion in any given situation without engaging in a fair thought process and analysis. A case when the urge to create factions is very inviting. Putting it mildly, this is commonly known as being a “Busy Body”. “Busy Body” is an attitude more than anything else in which the impetus behind the behavioural response is the need to be critical. Every situation with uncertainties will give opportunity for “BB” to fill itself in, and leave its mark. The arena of politics is a great nesting place for “BB”.

Curiously, “BB” is a trait which sits quite comfortably with many people, except with the difference in the degree of assertiveness. What a “BB” does other than the simple term that it implies, it has the tendency to interpret a situation more than necessary leaving behind traces of emotional elements. Truth is then “twisted”, and became a lie. “BB” is grossly irritating, and that is the extend of its impact in normal circumstances. But, if “BB” shifts into “over-drive” well, it can get pretty ugly. Lies will be flipped over, and confusion takes centre stage. It is like watching a play with a curtain wall in the background. Behind the curtain wall hidden from our eyes are secrets to the play. How do we remedy this? Easy, mind your own business. No participation, no gloating. Simple, yes? Not quite! There is a bit of “BB” in all of us. Before making any denial, allow our thoughts to expand by engaging in a “self-recognition” exercise in attempt to acquire an understanding about ourselves. Experience needed to be harnessed in order for an understanding to be developed that is real enough that can be felt from the heart. Experience and understanding go hand in hand, nurturing each other in no particular order on which comes first. Humanity offers this opportunity for we are blessed.

“Self-recognition” takes us through an observation exercise by first reflecting upon ourselves. Then move our observation on to our environment starting from the home, neighbourhood and then to the workplace. For example, I recognised my wife defines me as her husband. My children define me as their father. My parents define me as their son. My brother and sisters define me as their sibling. My neighbours define me as their friends. My staffs define me as their employer. My garden plants and trees define me as their planter. My dog defines me as his reluctant walking companion, and so on. Current events too play a crucial part in our lives. Be it pleasant or not, they contain purpose. Life’s events are invitations without the cards, don’t dismiss them. Take them in our stride and grow by experiencing the good and bad that comes with them. And to grow, we need to nurture all that relationships.

Husband, father, son, sibling, friend, employer, planter and an undependable pet companion are confluence of relationships which suit me up and empower me to act in accordance to my given definition. In many ways, we are definition of a product like “ironman” from the comics. When we see the connection between ourselves, and those entities around us, we are realising our existence with its purpose. If we appreciate our existence, then we will understand due respect is to be given. That is key, “love thy neighbour as thyself” refers to respect but it also carries this message, “see yourself from the eyes of the other”. “BB” has a one track view with a handicap of not able to reciprocate the perception, much less understanding respect. Should we take the trouble to nurture every relationship, the greater our lives fulfilment will become and we grow richer at heart.

Ignoring these relationships eliminate our opportunity to grow. The effect is a proportional one as growth stuns in the absence of relationships or dependencies. When someone commits a murder, the murderer effectively destroys a part of himself, as the wrath of the commandments reveals, “thou shalt not kill”. Taking a life leaves a void. The same goes with someone who beats up his victim. The single act of aggression to vent his anger from within plotted his downfall. Unknowingly, he deprived himself of the chance where he could nurture himself from the emotional illness, rather than exorcising it. Losing the base that he needed to depend on to grow has tipped the balance. The balance will return in time, only time is limited. People harbor such emotion will continue to live in grudging bitterness. And, their emotional cycle perpetuates for as long as they remained obstinate in their narrow and selfish view.

Quite often we get all caught up with our appearances until we forget that our residence is not permanent. Our escape from this mind trap is through the reconditioning of our mind to enable perception to extend beyond the limit of our physical senses to realise purpose and meaning. It helps to set aside “BB” with the distorted and selfish thoughts to pave way for understanding and compassion. That is how we draw comfort upon ourselves and no longer allowing fear and insecurity to tear us apart. The sense of belonging and purpose unfold when it is realised that, they are us in defining our role in theirs. Emphasis must be given on the relationships and events to nurture our souls to bring recovery to our “imbalance” and in moving forward united.

Deciphering Ego with Love, a Poetry in Motion

Love is mysteriously delicate like the wind, sweeping in and out of our mind and heart with little warning. Some simply described it as an approximation to nothing as it is conceptually difficult to grasp firmly. Though not difficult to know what love is, but still difficult enough to harness its overwhelming effect and make it stick. What most of us claimed to know about love is useless if it remains stasis. Like the wind, no longer a wind when still.

Being aware of love is simply not good enough. It is like anything sighted from afar remains separated unless a pathway is cleared to allow for an approach. The spirit is an eternal emanating source of love where its sole purpose is to unite. That pathway will put love into motion channelling it straight to the heart without allowing ego to take notice. Only then, love reveals itself, pure and untainted with a fulfilling acceptance through knowing first of its existence.

So, true love evolved from spirit and unfiltered by ego. For love to be felt fulfilling, our mind must submit itself to a process of thought transformation. Begin with relieving our mind from making deductions. Our human senses of sight and hearing are ‘tools’ of the mind that feeds the framework created by ego which constantly needs satisfying. Search within for that invisible quality that places no importance on definition and discrimination. In doing so, we effectively displaced ego to channel love through. In time, we will come to realise that we are a reflection of our environment which defines us, a creation amongst creation. Thence, a process will follow to develop a deeper sense in understanding of ‘existence’. This realisation is essential to take with us in moving forward.

Our ego-base mind subjects us to live in ‘definition’ by conjuring structures to confine love. Within the walls of the structure, love is imprisoned and weighed on a tipping scale. Under these terms, love is bartered to serve ego’s single purpose, segregation. Normal circumstance in our reality requires us to relate to a quantitative measure in everything that we do. Thus, the love we often speak of is at best a mechanical kind, very much a conditional one.

Much is said about the dark force of ego, but nonetheless ego has a valid presence in our lives which we can’t rid of. It is a permanent part of our human fabric. Ego defines our human form and without it would only invalidate the meaning to creation and ultimately our existence. Ego is like fungus, when it is exposed to sunlight, it diminished and without sunlight, it will resurfaced from its ‘sleep’ and thrived on the living again.

This analogy of ego reminds me of the epic battle which Jesus fought against Satan. The sudden burst of light emitted from the body of Christ shrunk Satan to its bones which ended the wager made between good and evil. A Jewish prophecy seemingly fulfilled which redeemed the faith of the colony, but when Jesus chose not to end the battle with the execution of Satan is baffling. After all, wasn’t Satan the most destructive force known to man? This part of the saga was conveniently dismissed and left unquestioned. Contrary to the unobservant mind, the reprieve that Jesus handed to Satan is regarded as an act of deliverance of the most profound. It is the ultimate act of sacrifice which will serve mankind in their journey to true fulfilment. Ego embodies Satan, and it is not an imagination but more of a reflection of the ugly truth of ego. So, Satan is real. If we dwell in ego’s intention long enough, Satan will manifest itself in us. We become it. Satan’s existence is just as real as we profess to the reality of ego. If the conclusion of the battle was to take another path where Jesus slain Satan, then spirit consumes ego and becomes it. If that is at all possible, then creation becomes mundane without purpose and hope. Surely, our existence would cease to evolve. Jesus understood existence, and recognised that Satan was part of creation and the role it played in existence defined his.

Even though ego tends to manifests separation by demanding identity and recognition, but ironically it is a force of its own which brings balance to our total form. Ego feeds on fear just as fungus draws from a living host for sustenance. There must be a constant interaction with ego to serve as a platform to guide our spirit to emerge. The idea is not to oppose ego forcefully as if to engage in a crusade to end its existence. No, I am subtly proposing to tame the ‘beast’ by transcending above it. If we are to accomplish that feat, ego must become part of the spirit. In a crude sense, make ego our ‘tool’ to build a bridge to lure our spirit to come forth. The scripture states, “knock and the door will be opened” and “ask and it will be given to you” are validations to the ever readiness of the spirit in making the approach to unite. The question is, are we ready to allow it? If we are, then we need to tame our fears. Fears of failure, under achievement or losing loved ones etc. We would not be stricken with lives issues as fears are only ‘tools’ at our disposal to help our spirit to awaken, as it did Jesus. Jesus do not need to put up with Satan again because in our own accord inspired by the revelation of the intricate wisdom that Jesus bestowed on us, we can transcend through him, in him, with him and in one with the spirit.