“Third Eye”

Although our physical reality appears to be three dimensional, any subject matter that draws from it and projected onto the mind is foremost perceived as a two dimensional caption. A subject matter can take the form of anything associating to an object, event or relationship in which our physical reality has to offer. The two dimensional state of any subject matter if not given the attention to alter its form, will either remained unanswered or eventually become the source to most of our anxieties. The main contributing factor to this occurrence is due to our limited perspective to enact a sufficient response for an analysis to develop an adequate understanding of the subject matter. When the process of conceiving is inadequate prior to a failed analysis, the subject matter that comes to mind turns into a ‘rigid’ problem. Two dimensional caption must be altered to a three dimensional form in the mind before any progress is possible.

I refer when a subject matter turns into a problem, as a “two dimensional” contradiction of the mind. Why contradiction? In a situation like this when the subject matter is presented in two dimensions to the mind, we cannot relate to it. Instead, we make it into a problem bigger than we are, by losing our head over it. The behavioural nature of the mind is to refuse and reject, rather than welcome and interact with the problem in order for a solution to be sought. In most cases if not all, problems are self-created. Yet, we reason – Is it possible to lose control over a self-created problem? With that basis of irrationality is where our contradiction lies. If we learn to shift our perceptions just a little bit, we will see that there is depth in every subject matter. Meaning that, there is a solution or multiple solutions to every presented problem. There is no dead end, only the mind tends to think that. When depth is sighted in the realm of the mind, destiny is revealed. In our world of physical reality, the environment is presented in three dimensions with depth being the third measurement. Depth is relevant as it allows us to analyse our choices we wish to make from deciding which route to take in the parking lot to get to our car to a simple task of reaching out with our hand into space to catch a falling ball. Without depth being the third measurement, our physical reality as we know it will appear non-interactive like a film projected onto the cinematic silver screen. Harnessing the concept of flexibility from our physical reality and applying them to the mind will not only alleviate anxieties and emotional stresses, but also reconditioned our being to be more positive and responsive, or rather spontaneous.

The analogy best to help explain this concept is to take any subject matter liking to a closed door. As long as the door remains closed, the view associated to the mind is a two dimensional subject entity without a direction or solution. When visualising the door opening, perspective of the view will begin to change. Now, imagine stepping to one side to view more of the opening from another angle, the view becomes even more revealing. That is because we are able to perceive the third dimension of depth hidden behind the door. The “third eye” becomes more profound as the level of depth grows deeper. The more revealing the depth, the more prevailing our psyche and wisdom will become. The preferred approach in opening the door is to do it without force as if with a key in hand to unlock it. If committed to force, anxiety will surely take hold of us and the effort will be consequently meaningless and futile as decisions made from that source of desperation will prove erroneous. And, anxiety can sometimes lead us to fear through a process of over imagination.

“Third eye” is more of an understanding before the mind adopts it as a skill. It unfolds when the mind is in sync with the spirit, a process sometimes called awakening. The skill to glimpse the future comes from understanding the concept of the spirit. That makes sense because this world is made of all spirit and connected by intention. When we understand the spirit, we can read its intention. It is a process where awareness or perception shifts. This skill can extend to an exercise of fortune telling, though it may not necessarily bring about the expected outcome. Why? Because in the physical reality for instance, just as we can proceed in the direction of our desire does not necessarily mean that we will end up in that place. It is the same case when we choose to take an alternative route in the parking lot thinking it will get us to our car but may end up getting ourselves lost instead.

“Third eye’ is vested in man and, yet our lives hang in balance by a greater force. That is the reason why we should not take to heart the tales of fortune tellers or spiritual translators who can influence our thoughts to over imagine and draw conclusions to our lives. Such approach to interpret or evaluate the laws of God is fallible and the effects to say the least, troubling. Losing perspective on life by dabbling with such practices can lead us to fear which is the common derivative effect. However, the experience of the “third eye” to some of us may extend to love. Regular remark which most of us take for granted such as, “How are you?” may bring a whole different meaning. The words deliver the message of love, instead of just another passing remark which we are so used to hearing. We feel the intention and no longer think it. In this state of mind, feeling lifted happens all the time, sort of little series of epiphanies as the relationships with our environment begin to reveal a common understanding.

Nevertheless, we strive to achieve our desired goals making a difference in every step of the way and leave the interpretation of our lives to the care of God. We may sense the direction of the future, but it is by all means not written.

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